PLAYING AS CAMPING BALDI! (Let's go camping....) | Baldi's Basics Roblox Roleplay

PLAYING AS CAMPING BALDI! (Let's go camping….) | Baldi's Basics Roblox Roleplay

want to make sure you never miss a kindly Keon video again be sure to subscribe and hit that bell to turn on notifications let's go camping here I'll put away the ruler I know that can be a little intimidating you want you wanna go camping no that's incredibly rude hello everybody I am kindly Keon and welcome back to roblox baldies basics roleplay as you guys probably can tell right off the bat things are a little bit different we used to start up in the clouds in the sky well now we actually start in like a classroom sort of place but there's also another really cool update as you guys already know the new baldies basics demo came out with Camping Baldy well guess what we can play as camping Baldy in this update so I'm very excited about that so this is pretty stinkin cool let's just check this out here update board new Baldy emote principal voice lines increased volume on baldies new voice lines interesting also I never noticed I guess usable items I guess some of these items you can actually pick up and use I don't think I've ever done that I kind of want to play around with the anti hearing tape see if that really does work I guess it would make that really annoying noise that happens that makes Baldy like confused we still have our mega VIP access so we can play around with like the playtime with the weird hair that like fuzz is all over the place and she has a moving jump rope amazing and then there's also principal of course these people really want to get inside this door someone's standing in front of like a grocery store door you know those automatic doors it's like if they're just standing there just laying the thing open and close open and close I'm sorry that you guys can't come in you need elite VIP access to get into that room but here are the beautiful morphs all of them in all of their glory but we need to be baldie and I was thinking let's see how do we do this we have new camp outfit that's it oh-ho I'm ready to go camping let's go I need bear traps I don't need bear traps I have a ruler Baldy has a ruler he can destroy bears with his ruler so as camping Baldy we need to see how many students we can collect and convince to go on a camping trip with us and the only thing we can say is this that's pretty much all we got we can give them instructions but I think that's a little overwhelming he's he's just gonna keep going he's here he goes she's gonna tell you the whole story we know go for it where's Wow I really want that one Wow anyways we are now officially camping Baldy which is awesome so how do we how do we get into the school hello school though there it is teleport to map room of youtubers what oh oh that makes me happy Alida m– baldies I don't know who that is I know video game news that's awesome thanks so much for adding me to the game very cool alright let's move along let's go to the map let's do this of course we can go swimming there's already a camping Baldy in the pool he's going for a dip here let's join him that's this we love swimming oh man you you guys you want to go camping I love how it's just this only this is showing so we're kind of actually drowning right now I think like is your nose above the water there Baldy or are you are you suffocating is there someone underneath me there is what wouldn't she say she said something well let's at least do some some laps here with our ruler can i I can actually slap my ruler while I swim around in circles this is probably one of the happiest days of my life which is actually kind of sad but anyways let's move along and just enjoy our life as camping Baldy is so ridiculous now I wonder if the bus is here that would be pretty cool there's a sweepin times room I hear the principal hey jacksepticeye of OG a voyage hey let's go camping come on let's go camping here I'll put away the ruler I know that can be a little intimidating you want you wanna go camping no that's incredibly rude who doesn't want to go camping actually I can't be real with you guys I don't really like camping all that much we used to go camping once a year when I was growing up and I did enjoy it but now I just I don't know maybe I'm kind of not very cool maybe that's why I don't like camping or maybe I just haven't experienced a proper enjoyable camping experience I don't know I would like to find my camping bus though where's my camping bus there's playtime with a ruler that's weird are you are you okay there playtime you can just magically float rulers in front of you who needs hands play time you got superpowers you want to tell us about your superpowers I thought your superpower was to never run out of jump ropes but apparently there's a bit more to it than meets the eye uh there is something over there I don't know about that stuff porygon is gone which is kind of sad oh no no no Baldy camping Baldy don't jump off the ledge what is that it's a robot that guy is a straight-up robot that is a really cool skin very cool very cool let's uh no I don't I want to turn into camping Baldy again reset character that yep this is the choice I've made turn into a billion different pieces okay Baldy there you are I want to become you yes now turn me into camping Baldy aha it's magic all right we need to convince some children to go camping it'll be fun I promise you won't get eaten by bears you might get mistaken for bears and then hit with a ruler by Baldy but you won't get eaten by bears that's something that may I can sort of kind of slightly not guaranteed so far haven't found any students then wanna go camping dolphin hello students any camping students any any students interested in camping we're gonna make a fire it's gonna be awesome it's gonna be a big dangerous fire I promise eyebrows might get singed off although cow but notice Baldy has no eyebrows what happened to ball these eyebrows they're underneath the Hat we know yes eyebrows he's got three eyebrows he's got these two and then the one that just sticks out the top of his head where are all the students I can't find any students what happened to this school porygon badge is gone sad but that's okay it'll come back one day I'm sure if there's no students to go camping I'm gonna be very very sick are you eating a burger where did you get that burger from where where did you get that burger from please show me the way to the burger I am very hungry I'm following you you're where are you going please show me the burger there's no burgers over here you lied to me where are the burgers you child come here let's go camping Cesar Ito let's go camping camping come on fire they'll be fire though there'll be bear traps there possibly you getting lost in the forest that seems pretty cool right come on come on okay clearly he does not want to go camping fine why don't these kids want to go camping it's very disappointing I'm gonna pick this up how do I pick it up oh I I have the scissors I have the scissors where's playtime let's go cut her jump rope playtime where are you I'm taking out my aggression on playtime because I can't get any students to go camping hello camping go camping you wanna go camping come on let's go camping little little Jimmy is that his name little Jimmy he died Baldy you killed the only student in this school what is wrong with you well I'm glad you're so happy about I hope you're happy killing students off instead of taking them camping it's terrible bully bully let's go camping come on you want go camping come on let's go you've done that bully you can do bullying to trees and maybe bears you can bully the Bears whoa whoa big update coming whenever the expansion from all these basics comes out so I guess in at some point in the future they'll add in the whole like camping thing that would be really cool I would love that make it happen porygon where are you add camping and a bus we need a bus we need to we need to take the students camping they won't get eaten by bears but maybe they will there are no students here everybody is role playing a character from baldies basics and you know honestly I can't really blame them it's kind of Awesome also what is this thing can I this thing is but can I actually like use it you think is my inventory full is that the problem how do you drop items in roblox Wow okay I can't pick up the timer that's okay we do want the anti noise something or other anti hearing tape or whatever where is that there you are can I pick you up please tell me I can pick you up why can't I pick it up I fail as a camping instructor and I fail as a guy who can pick up tapes this is very depressing hit it with a ruler well why did that work anyways let's go put it in the tape recorder thing tape player but it also records let's go well that's awesome I did not realize that that actually works that's very cool I hate that noise though it's weird hey you roblox or 64 I have a question for you I know it's not really a question it's more like a statement but I'm treating it like a question yeah yeah oh we have a camper come on no no this way they sweat roblox horror no don't follow that Baldy follow this Baldy okay Bing camping oh he's just gonna eat I promise you camping is more fun than eating maybe most of the time what about eating and camping how's that sound yeah pretty good right roblox 464 please I seriously don't want to go camping by myself standing out there in the woods alone with a fire be a very sad situation I'm just gonna stand with my twin here hey you should put on the camping get up stop walking around with quarter you weirdo come on but I'll put it on let's go camping okay the only other person who's gonna go camping with me is another Baldy who won't even put on his camping gear oh come on put on the camping gear you're standing in the perfect position let's go just click the button that puts on the camping gear yes thank you for joining me this is amazing but you're missing one thing just one thing the cool hat in the cool backpack just click the he's not clicking the button it's not camping with Baldy if you're not in the camping suit which is technically just a hat and a backpack it's not that hard I'm gonna keep doing this no no you're explaining the instructions but you're not wearing the gear you are not you are not qualified for this camping trip I refuse to go camping with this guy I'm leaving I'm I'm leaving I hope you're happy you've made me very very sad goodbye alright let's go find some more victims students hey what's up you wanna long go camping yeah come on this way come on you yeah yeah this way okay you I know the way I will show you the way to camping you are fully prepared for camping you even have a ruler roblox horror 64 you're a disappointment you take your Jurassic Park backpack and you go the other way baldy baldy what what is him roblox whore 64 is blocking my new Baldy friend my twin from going camping with me so not only will he not go camping with me but he takes away the only friends that I have which are me which is weird nobody wants to go camping with Baldy principal you want to go camping I mean you're just staring at a wall you wanna go camping that'd be pretty cool right principal and Baldy go camping together yeah I don't know what you said cuz your heads in the way but yeah yeah yeah he's so excited let's go me and principal camping together here let me give you the instructions it's only gonna take about 45 minutes okay so just listen to please don't leave okay yeah you're collecting firewood principal yep the fire what is he saying I can't see what he says cuz his head's in the way all right go for it look at him he's collecting firewood it's magnificent it's so good thank you thank you principal you're the best principal ever I love it it's collecting all the firewood yes all right okay how are you holding all that firewood that is a lot of firewood that you're carrying you are very strong I'm impressed principals is very strong okay are you done are you just you already done yes yes come back come back yeah no you okay he's he's very very determined to collect more firewood than any other human being has ever collected on the face of the earth try called Guinness World Records you you're Wow he is a marathon wood collector unbelievable here that is amazing we got principal to go camping with us thank you sir good one great job you got it and also yes and I mean all of it principle all right I'm done camping he's still standing there he's like wait what do I do now no you did it you did everything you needed to do now that we have this roaring fire in the backyard of the school we're just gonna leave because technically we're not legally allowed to start fires in the backyard of the school so don't tell anybody okay and then the principal's gonna get in trouble for for starting that fire that's what's gonna happen poor guy anybody anybody I know so Cerrito doesn't want to go camping what about div two two three go camping you wanna go camping come on come on No oh I'm so sad I'm gonna be angry Baljeet yeah L am angry Baldy with a ruler you don't want to go camping yeah you're gonna get beat with this ruler come here you've made Baldy mad that is a turkey this man is a turkey I love this role play it's always a fun time to run around kind of trolling people I love the new update Baldy looking good in his camping gear but guys I think that's gonna do it for this episode I hope that you enjoyed it if you did be sure to hit that like button and of course if you'd like to see more you can subscribe to my channel by clicking on that little circle with my logo in it right below this window you can also watch more of my videos by clicking on the sides of the screen but thank you so much for watching and I will see you guys next time

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  1. I played this game but i said playing as camping i said lets go camping and the player said no

  2. kindly, I like your videos, your channel is amazing!
    but can you please do high school and camping in roblox!!
    I would love to see you do both! they both are pretty scary..!

  3. I love this video but the thing on top of it have it's not a eyebrow it's actually a piece of a special are so I think you'll like to know that please check this I like your videos

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