P&O Caribbean Cruise | Britannia | March 2019 | Buffet Breakfast | Beach House

P&O Caribbean Cruise | Britannia | March 2019 | Buffet Breakfast | Beach House

this is the buffet area 380 quiet okay these have other tables out already you know self-serve it's nice also one in some companies we make teas coffees fine juice and then this is one food so you have like fruits so fresh young Haley he played some trades or your kobritz love them cold meats these bees nuts and dried fruit right but their smoothies fresh fruit here as well as cereals and over the side and put it out yet it will like bacon tomorrow's sausages fried eggs all that sort of stuff and then here is section where they make pressure ominous switches us you just tell them what you want and then kick them up it ready for you fresh dating here some pancakes as well alright I also have porridge danishes and pastries reference I saw so stretcher then cakes me cake now so what Israel you can hang cakes with such it is huge also have area special Gartside sugar-free great afraid that's a female with milks okay so if you're not sure around in here what's in that stuff – just ask he'll always a surprise witness for your take it's got sugar in it and that they're very helpful and if you don't know before the food everything to you according to attire requirements so that's good as well this is the quality of each crews sales area seek if you want to book the crews on board you can have all the brushes have for staff I think that doesn't sales and little boosting that you get extra special deals on board as well when you book cruises that's just spending money glow deposits they do the special offers as well this is where you do is focus and all the facts you have time for you go to these screens you log in with your cabin number in your name and you can just pick all the photos out on there put them into the book and then you can go later on you can either pay for them on their how you get something to help you there's some stuff in there to help you out a little section up here as well you can buy cameras and tripods and accessories some pieces as well it's quite a big section it gets really busy as we have towards the end of the cruise everyone's moving their eyes just getting to try and the beach house that make you so full more night tonight we treat ourselves but we don't know if I'll get a table ha all right let's walk thank you nice doesn't it amazing on it don't see there's a table have a look at this a four one six three hundred and a represents and for employment system thank you it's lovely thanks very much thank you see what we're gonna get chicken thighs start over net your burgers chicken girls I've got the same thank you yeah but whenever you go okay thank you thank you very much sizzler it started it already go family key lime pie Sunday it's really nice he's got a new your paint cheesecake with a berry compote

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  1. Great video – loved the tour. Food looked yum. Hope I don't put too much weight on when I go in July haha! 😂💕

  2. Such a beautiful ship, thanks for showing us around the ship. We’ve cruised 21 times I may have mentioned to you before. We’ve never cruised the English P. & O. before though. Seeing your videos has certainly encouraged us to check out the lovely ships you’ve cruised on. Keep up the good work. Happy cruising!!

  3. Blimey Matt, couldn't you sleep?! Never seen a breakfast buffet that quiet! LOL! Sizzling dishes looked great, afrad we always go for the Lava steak!

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