Poland | Europe’s Most Underrated Travel Destination?

Poland | Europe’s Most Underrated Travel Destination?

What’s up everybody? I’m Alex a.k.a .AlexTheVagabond, and you are watching Vagabrothers. In this video series I’ll be exploring Poland, specifically the regions of Warmia and Masseria in collaboration with the Polish Tourism Organization. For those of you who are subscribers, you may be wondering where Marko is. He’s taken a little vacation back in California. So I’m bringing my fiance Carrie Rad to explore this beautiful country with me. Let’s get started. Good morning everybody. It is a beautiful day in Warsaw in the capital of Poland. Today we’re going to be leaving the city and heading out into the countryside to the lake district of Warmia and Masseria. It’s going to be super beautiful, super fun. We have a lot to do, but we also have a lot of ground to cover So it’s time to grab our bags, hop in the car, and head north. Let’s do this. Ladies and gentlemen, we are at our first destination of the trip. We’re going to be taking a cruise down the Elblaski Canal. it’s an old historic canal. It’s got a very unique setup that does not exist anywhere else in the world. The canals were connected at certain points by a train track- like situation, which we’re going to find out more about when we ride. Hello. Sorry. I came into this activity not really knowing what we were doing, and now I’m like…what the? Extremely confused. It’s really cool. It’s a boat; it’s a train.. it’s Superman Well, this is a cool way to start things off here in Poland checking out this canal. It was built in 1844 until 1860. It took 16 years to complete, and at the time it was the world’s most advanced hydraulic project, and all together it connects over 150 kilometers of waterways. This very eccentric, innovative system of canals was a workaround through which they could get their products to market without having to pay exorbitant taxes. So it’s cool. Nowadays, it’s really just used for tourism. But it’s an interesting way to kind of get a feel of.. of an earlier age here in Poland. Anyways, let’s hop in the car, head to the next spot. Our next destination is a little unusual, a little unexpected. Right now we are at Snail Garden, and it is an organic farm that produces snails primarily for export to France and Spain. So if you know anything about French or Spanish gastronomy, you’ll know that the catechol or as the French call it “escargot,” It’s a delicacy and here at this farm at the Snail Garden it’s all organic and we’re finding out a little bit more about how snails are farmed and end up on plates at fancy restaurants in France and Spain. This is a snail a large, very large four year old snail that is checking the pH level of my skin to see if he finds it to be a comfortable spot to come out of his shell. He’s a little apprehensive. You know, I understand. Once he comes out he’ll be cute.. That bad guy’s all the way out. We’ve got a one year old. It’s got a little bit more bravery This is the biggest snail in the world from Zanzibar, quite large. This is his little cousin from mainland Tanzania, not quite as large, but that is a big, big snail. Pretty interesting little story about how he got involved with snails. He read an article in a farming magazine about snails and decided to start raising snails and now he’s the leading authority on snail farming in Poland. I didn’t even know that snail farming was a thing. And there’s also a bistro back there that has snail snacks. What are you eating Carrie? This is snail caviar. It smells like garlic bread, honesty. Let’s see. It’s actually great. Well, we have had snails. We’ve stopped for a delicious ice cream, and now we’re going to burn off those calories by taking a little walk through the Taborska Pine Reservation. Taborska pines are native here to Poland, and they were very highly prized because they’re extremely straight and the branches only really grow at the top third of the tree. So they made great masts for ships back in the day. Hence the canal to get the timber out to the Baltic Sea and then onwards to the rest of the world. But walking through here now, there’s something very interesting happening. The pine trees are starting to be out competed. The beech, another type of tree, the beech tree is better suited to the soil and it’s kind of like a succession. The pines were here. They’re still here, but there’s not a lot of young pines growing, and that’s because the forest floor is being populated by young beech trees. So who knows? In a hundred years, maybe this pine forest won’t be pine anymore. It’ll just be a beech forest. But this is just so relaxing to be in a forest like this. Every breath you take is just filling you up with fresh clean oxygen and It’s just nice to be in the forest. I think that nowadays in our modern culture, we forget about the importance of forests and trees. These living creatures are actually giving us oxygen and they’re taking away carbon dioxide, which as we all know with climate change, the more carbon that’s in the environment and in the atmosphere the worse we all do, the hotter it gets. The importance of forests and forest preserves like this one can’t be understated because forest is home to all sorts of animals: foxes, badgers, pine marten, deer. It’s really nice to just kind of start things off with a nice mellow walk in the woods like that Bill Bryson book Walk in the Woods. I’m liking the way that this trip is starting off. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, it’s a beautiful day in Ostroda. We had a super relaxing evening here last night watching the sunset over the lake But today we’re going to be heading to another town Olsztyn. It’s one of the major cities here in the region and we’re going to be checking out Ukiel Lake which is one of the biggest and most beautiful lakes in the Lake Region. After that, we’ll be heading to a thermal hot spring for a little bit of relaxation at the spa So we have a big day ahead of us. Let’s get into it. Alright everyone we’ve just arrived to Olsztyn It’s the capital of this region, and it’s famous for its medieval old town and some really interesting architecture So we’re going to pop inside and see what’s up. Let’s go The city of Olsztyn was founded in 1353 by the Teutonic Knights. Teutonic Knights were a religious military order originally founded to protect pilgrims in the Holy Land. But once the Holy Land fell, the Teutonic Knights moved northwards, and they made their way to the Prussia region on the Baltic Sea. It was reverted to Polish control in the mid 1400s, but statues like this were the reason the Teutonic Knights came here. This statue is from pre- Christianity. It was built by pagan people, and that was kind of the excuse that the Teutonic Knights had to come to this region to try to Christianize the people in this Polish- Lithuania area. Right now we are in Olsztyn Castle, and in the 1500s a very important person lived here. But at the time he wasn’t all that important. From 1516 to 1521 Nicolaus Copernicus lived here and worked as an administrator for the town of Olsztyn. During his free time he was practicing astronomy and on his death he would release a theory that would upend what was believed about the heavens… The Heliocentric Theory.. that the planets revolved around the sun and not the earth. We have arrived to Sloneczna Polana, a beautiful little restaurant right here above the local yacht club. This is where people learn to sail. It’s on the opposite side of the lake from where we began. So had a nice little scenic cruise to get here, and we’re starting things off with a local craft beer. Poland is a beer drinking nation. That means I am a fan because I’m also a beer drinker. Ordered some fresh seafood. I had a Zander, which is a local freshwater fish. It’s going to be super delicious. I’m excited and I’m extremely hungry. But first beer. Well, it has been a super fun day exploring all of the natural beauty, but we’re going to take things down a notch. We’re going to just start to chill a little bit more. We’re here at Termy Warminskie. It’s a natural thermal hot spring swimming complex and spa. So we’re going dive in the waters, rejuvenate, relax, luxuriate all of those things. Let’s get in the water. Well yesterday was super fun, but not only fun, it was extremely relaxing. This part of Poland Warmia and Masseria it’s really well known for relaxation. It’s kind of where people go on vacation to enjoy nature and just wind things down, and that’s exactly what we did yesterday. We did the hot spring We had a super relaxing couples massage, and then we came and we stayed at Hotel Krasicki, which is a four-star refurbished castle. Yes last night, we slept ,in a castle. No Dracula’s, no problems no ghosts surprisingly, but it was a super fun evening. And if you enjoyed this video as much as we enjoyed making it then please give us a big thumbs- up, share this video with your travel buddies, the people you’d like to come and visit with, and if you’re not already, hit that subscribe button with notifications enabled. Once again a huge thank you to the Polish Tourism Organization for making this video series possible. If you’re interested in checking out the places that we visited in this video, make sure you head over to the Polish Tourism Organization website. It’s linked down there in the description box. And as we always say, stay curious, keep exploring, and we will see you on the road. Peace

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  1. True, Warsaw will be the coolest capital to live in in the upcoming years in Europe, it's growing crazy fast, I love the feel and the skyscrapers

  2. Poland is a shame on map of Europe. It is still under the rule of Vatican, and people are brainwashed by catholic church. Also it is very xenophobic and racist nation because of poor nationalistic nation. Fortunately it is changing for better.

  3. Thank you for clogging this travel destination which happened to be in my country:) thank you. Great editing!!

  4. i’m half polish & fluent in polish and i love how you try to pronounce all the names right but it’s still completely wrong (no offence)!! there are still a lot more things (even more beautiful in my opinion) that poland has to offer !

  5. Wow ! Alex you were in POLAND ! So nice because it is my country where I live 🙂 And Warsaw..I just went back from Warsaw today when I was 4 days ..Are you going to make a video from Warsaw soon?

  6. Yeah bro explore while you can. Mr Kaczyński will soon close borders and exit European Union. Situation in Poland is terrible.

  7. Poland is without a doubt the best country I visited. my first time i asked the hotel lady, after she said restuarant was open i asked if they had kielbasa and saurkraut, they said no. twenty minutes later they called my room and told me they went out and bought kielbasa and cooked it. It was awesome and second time they went out of their way everytime to make me feel welcome. ALSO I'm Irish so no bias but if in Poland expext great hospitality

  8. Thank you so much for visiting my beloved Warmia-Mazuria and for telling people around the world about this hidden gem! I am glad that you guys liked it. If you ever wanted to come back, I can assure you that there are still a lot of amazing things in the region that you haven't seen or done 🙂
    P.S. The lake in Olsztyn is definitely not one of the biggest in the region, not sure who told you that.

  9. This content is so professional, original, innovative, informative and off-mainstream that it cannot get any better, really. Not a single second was boring or repeated, we are just left wishing we were there. You just give a little taste and move forward. If you were paid by polish tourism organisation to promote poland, you did an awesome job!

  10. Poznań and the Morasko Meteorite Reserve with one of the largest groups of craters on the planet awaits!! ♡ Beautiful video, keep coming back to Poland, it's breathtaking. Check out Rusinowa Polana, Stawa Młyny, Sokolica, Słowiński Park, Szklarki, Piekło Niekłańskie, Ojcowski Park…the list is loooong 🙂

  11. About the trees
    Nowadays people trying to fight somehow will global warming protesting against CO2 is just a waste of energy because we consume too much anyway, we contribute to it. But there is simple solution and everyone can really make it.
    Plant a tree.
    Forests are decreasing rapidly but we have to remember they are cooling the climate.

  12. All guests from all over the world, especially from the USA are welcome in Poland. You must remember that we also have beautiful mountains and the coast 🙂 If anyone needs help, let me know

  13. I just return from Krakow . So underestimated town ! People if you like Praque and Budapest you will also love Krakow as much !!!

    What I noticed is something that may sound stupid but important. The lighting of the buildings . Nothing ! In Budapest in the night it’s magical . Mainly of the lights . I believe if they give attention to the buildings lighting the city in the night will look as magical as Praque and Budapest.

  14. Thank you for showing the Elblag Canal! The cruise is great! Our Polish Delight tour participants say it's a very unique experience.

  15. Bullshit you never been on Masurian Lake District. You was in Warmia and Upper Prussia. Mazury is something different and far east from Warmia and Upper Prussia. Learn it. Sorry but I'm very negative about your vlog now. I'm from Masurian Lake District so… again Bullshit.

  16. This is also the country of Poland. Turow's Polish mine was supposed to end in 2020 but they want to mine by 2043. There are low-quality coal lignite and coal is burned in one of the largest Turow power plants that emit a lot of co2 into the air.
    Stop TURÓW.

  17. It is good that someone finally made a film about Poland and say something about Warmian and Masurian region because everyone has forgotten this region which has very high tourist potential especially in summer. By the way Joanna Jedrzejczyk from UFC is from Olsztyn capital of Warmia and Mazury :))

  18. Just random pick a video about travling but so supprise about the content and the quality of it. It's really nice, quality content and message. I think it must be invest a lot. Great video and helpful for me. Thank

  19. Beautiful places. Definitely is on my bucket list .great video , so glad you shared this video.👍👍👍🎉

  20. Alex, thank you for visiting and video in Poland👌 I am proud that we can hear Vagabrothers our beautiful country🖖 When I watched your destinations I missed Poland🏰 We invite you again.
    My TOP5 locations in Poland: 1. Krakow, 2. Gdańsk, 3. Bieszczady, 4. Lublin, 5. Wroclaw.
    Stay curios & keep exploring. We will see you on the road✌️

  21. To all who haven't been to Poland yet – That, There is almost exactly how we all live here!
    Except maybe.. We eat better fish and drive better boats.
    Other then that, Grreat review Bud!!

  22. I came back to Poland after 15years in UK to find work life balance here in motherland and I have to say although I never regretted living and working in the UK, I find it more natural and relaxing to live back in Poland where turbo capitalism is still at its beginning and people haven't gone crazy as much about the money yet…..just hope it will last…..

  23. Krasicki was Poet Archbishop Prince of Varmia. What vampir you need in hotel organized in place named after the Archbishop.

  24. 5:46 OK, now, since you entered the woods, here's a Polish saying that is rarely spoken, and almost no foreigner knows about it: "Nie było nas, był las. Nie będzie nas, będzie las." Which translates as "There was none of us there, but the forest WAS THERE. There will be none of us here, but the forest WILL BE."

  25. Poland notoriously practice xenophobic culture in their households. ONLY AMERICANS (ESPECIALLY HIGH CLASS) are welcome in Poland…

  26. Hmm, Poland is an enemy country now of cause but intreresting anyway, well I just like Anjey Sapkovsky books) They all translated into Russian already, it seems:) "Ведьмак", "Башня Шутов", то сё:)

  27. Well, I have to say that there i s good time for Poland if people vlogging from in the middle of nowhere. Show me some Montana and North Dakota

  28. Is Poland underrated? Absolutely! I hope that it stays that way:))) Joking. Everyone is welcome to Poland. Polish people are very genuine and friendly. Also, food is good and nature is beautiful.

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