Porsche 911 GT3 Touring | How Much Does a Manual Transmission Slow You Down?

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  1. As a BRZ manual owner – ya I know only “200” hp, finally someone has described the feeling that I feel when I’m ripping gears through back roads that makes me smile! Well done sir!

    And when I save/make enough with investing, I’m buying this exact car! Blue GT3 touring manual!

  2. And what about traffic? the PDK is much more comfortable. I've owned 991s with both transmissions and the PDK is, by far, my favorite.

  3. About the launch control. If you have traction control on and stomp on the gas pedal with first gear and the clutch pedal pressed (like in the video), you can just dump the clutch. The electronics will take care of the rest. No need to manage the clutch. It's in the instructions book. (y)

  4. Hmmmmm. just noticed ya lifted OFF THE GAS when ya shifted from first to second. actually DO NOT need to do that in this new GT3. little known secret. shifts ballistically quicker and VERY smoothly because of this…..

  5. Touring. look at me i'm afraid to stop and talk to car guys at gas stations and red lights when they see the wing and get amped. Touring. dont look at me, i'm afraid of attention and want my car to look like a base 911. Meh. looking. but manual all day every day.

  6. There's a key point to be aware of regarding the 991.2 GT3 Touring that is not mentioned in the video. The Touring is only available with the manual transmission discussed in this video. The GT3 (non-Touring) comes with either the manual or PDK transmission. If someone knows why the PDK is not an option for the Touring edition, I'm interested in understanding Porsche's rationale for that decision. I like the Touring because of the increased rear visibility as a result of the spoiler delete and because the toned down look makes it appear to be slightly more of a sleeper 911, but also feel the PDK option is more necessary than ever with the Touring because of the loss of downforce as a result of the spoiler delete, while still needing to effectively manage a 4.0L 500hp engine. The PDK would make the Touring the ideal 991.2 911 for my taste. I'll be interested to see if Porsche adds the PDK option for the 992 Touring, if the Touring edition continues.

  7. Can you not see EDMUNS get Carlos as your main presenter for your channel and you will get the attention you guys lack, NEVER ever click on any of your videos but since I see Carlos in the THUMBNAIL I click right away.

  8. In a perfect world, I'd have both a manual and PDK version of the GT3. However, to put this manual vs automatic debate into perspective, even if the manual is "slower", it's still going to be faster than probably 95% of the sport cars you'll encounter on an everyday basis. So in the real world of driving, not only will you be faster than most anyone else, but you'll also be in control of your input at the same time.

    That's a win-win-win-win everytime!

  9. Saw one of these in the Wild 2 days ago in Flagstaff, owner was staying at our hotel. Drop Dead Gorgeous car. I had parked my Macan directly behind him without knowing his car was there. All of my Porsche Pride immediately evaporated when I saw the GT3 🙁

  10. I am disappointed I thought you were comparing lap times, who cares about 0 to 100 acceleration… the difference in a lap time shows the true difference between those gearbox

  11. And this is why I have a manual e36M3 and 996.
    They depend on me to be fast.
    And I can keep trying and failing to be so.

  12. aUtoMaatic iS fAstEr. damm i hate that. Difference is so small that in the end it comes down can you push your car to the limits in the track or not. Also i dont like how with automatic you cant cut the power to the wheels if you want to! With manual just put clutch in, make some corrections in middle of the drift and go on power again.

  13. Only thing slow about a manual transmission is the pussy behind the wheel. One stroke to many carlos your dad left it in one stroke to many and screwed the rest of us.

  14. Modern automatics might be faster, but you simply aren't doing a great part of the job, you are not fully challenging yourself.

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