Preparing for the vacation in Spain | Spanish lesson

Preparing for the vacation in Spain | Spanish lesson

Where are you going on vacations? I do not know yet but I would like to go to the spanish beach because I love the sea nevertheless I would love to go to the mountains of Austria because I love the nature Where are you going to stay? I’m looking for an accommodation near the beach and If I look out the window I can see the sea It is important that the accommodation is clean the well-equipped room quiet and cheap be wifi and air conditioning If I chose the mountains then I would go to a place where you can walk a lot and the air is cool the forest is visible from the room How do you travel there? By plane because it’s faster so I got there sooner normally the trip is fatiguing then I travel by train How long was the trip? It was more than 1 hour then I took a taxi and occupied the accommodation I was satisfied with the room on the day of arrival I rested a little a few hours later I went around the streets of the city What monuments did you see? I went to visit the National Museum The Prado, the Royal Palace, the Cathedral the next day I woke up early I went down to the beach to sunbathe The water was cold rather I walked on the beach I met the local people who invited me to lunch I tried the local specialties then we went on tour the next day I was bitten by insects and mosquitoes in the forest so we could not stay for a long time since I had allergic rashes they promised me next year they will come to me and I will be their guides and you? Where are you going on vacation?

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