Pride of America Video Tour - Norwegian Cruise Line - Cruise Fever

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  1. music sounds annoying. very cheesy. but nice ports. might consider it, only for the prices and ports of call

  2. I went on this boat in January 2018 and I loved it the food was great the staff were very friendly and I remembered the cleaner who stood at the entrance of the buffet holding hand sanitizer who when you walked in or out would say washy washy anyway Hawaii was awesome and the boat was amazing I’m from Australia Victoria

  3. I also hope that they will treat their employees like human. Lucky to those employees not assigned on production and on those exclusive fine dine restaurants but to those who's assigned on production can't even eat on time and needs to work 15hrs 24/7…i dont see it worthy of pay.

  4. I absolutely love Hawaii and the Pride of America is the perfect compliment to this beautiful state. There may be bigger, more luxurious cruise ships but the POA and Hawaii are a perfect combination!

  5. Looks so nice, and female crews are vulnerable in rape as there are 3 to 4 people in a crew room. Yay got to bring my fucking gun in case these indians maniacs dare to make death move.

  6. This was my first cruise and I enjoyed it very much! There was a dj on the boat and he was playing shine good music. We did a Michael Jackson trivia and I had a blast even when I started doing the thriller dance lol.

  7. Ugh. you got the balcony room… i got a interior πŸ™ hope theres no storms or i might pack an attitude indiciator.

  8. hello… i have working on this ship for 13 years in Bremerhaven … we have repaired and painted it… greats from bremerhaven germany.. i miss this ship

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