Princess Cays Cruise Port Guide: Tips and Overview

Princess Cays Cruise Port Guide: Tips and Overview Princess Cays is a private resort owned by
Carnival Corporation that is located on the southern tip of the island of Eleuthera. It
is a port of call for ships from both Carnival and Princess cruise lines. Ships anchor offshore and complimentary tender
boats — or water shuttles — transport passengers between the ship and the island. A quick note about the name of the port. On our cruise, we heard both passengers and
crew call the port Princess “Keys,” Princess “Key,” Princess “Kays,” and Princess
“Kay.” In this video, we’ll be calling it Princess
“Key” because that’s what the friendly local woman I met in the bathroom said the
name was. As your water shuttle approaches Princess
Cays, you’ll be able to see several beach areas and building structures on the left
side — or North side — of the port. You’ll also be able to see beach areas and
fewer building structures on the right side — or South side — of the port. Although the North side of the port is far
more popular, the South side is also worth visiting. As you leave the water shuttle and approach
the dock area of Princess Cays, you’ll find restrooms, lockers, a First Aid station, a
helpful sign informing you of the time for the last water shuttle, and a large map that
will help you easily orient yourself. Several of these maps are available around
the port. If you follow the crowds from the dock area
to the North side of the port, you’ll soon find an information desk, towel station, and
Princess Cays photo op. If the photo op is crowded early in the day,
wait until later in the day to get a clear shot. Continuing along the sidewalk, you’ll find
several shops and kiosks selling trinkets, souvenirs, and more, before you quickly arrive
at the expansive beach area. The beach area on the North side of Princess
Cays is quite large and has four inlets for you to enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and other
water activities. Water sports equipment and inflatables are
available for rent. If you’re interested in some rest and relaxation
— or just a break from playing in the sun and water — complimentary lounge chairs are
provided throughout the beach areas at Princess Cays. During our cruise, there were many lounge
chairs still available well after everybody was in port. Some of the lounge chairs are situated in
the shade so you can enjoy your day at the beach without the risk for sunburn. Or, if you prefer a clam shell for your shade,
you can rent one for an additional fee. For even more relaxation, several air-conditioned
bungalows are available for rent at the Northern-most end of Princess Cays, including some adults-only
Sanctuary bungalows. Each bungalow can accommodate four people
and can be reserved as a shore excursion through your cruise ship. A complimentary shuttle near the First Aid
station is available if you don’t want to make the trek to the bungalows on foot. After enjoying all that Princess Cays has
to offer and working up an appetite, you can grab a bite to eat at the Grill Crazy BBQ
Pavilion, which serves a complimentary buffet. During our visit, the food options included
jerk chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, sides, fruit, desserts, tea, and lemonade. Shaded picnic benches are provided at the
buffet area. And if you get thirsty, there are three bars
on the North side of the port that serve up alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for a fee. The one closest to the entrance of the port
had live music during our visit. It’s easy to see why so many passengers
go to the North side of Princess Cays to enjoy their day in port. However, the South side should not be ignored,
especially if you want to avoid the crowds and enjoy many of the same amenities. To get to the South side of Princess Cays,
walk around the back of the restrooms building at the water shuttle dock and follow the line
of flag poles to a small bridge that will take you to the other side of the dock. Take note that as you head to the South side
of the port, you’ll walk past a gate that separates the Princess Cays port area from
the rest of the island. A small shopping market operated by locals
is located on the other side of the gate, but make sure you take the required identification
with you if you choose to exit the gate and visit. Continuing to the South side of Princess Cays,
you’ll find the Sea Breeze Grill just a few steps away from the dock area. The Grill served the exact same buffet as
the Grill Crazy BBQ Pavilion during our visit and also has shaded picnic benches available. Also on the South side of the port, you’ll
find a kiosk selling beach necessities, a rentals kiosk, lockers, a few small shopping
kiosks, restrooms, and — most importantly — a lot of wide open, uncrowded beach. This area features two inlets and one long
stretch of beach for swimming, snorkeling, and other water activities. Just like the North side of Princess Cays,
the South side also has complimentary lounge chairs available, both in the sun and in the
shade. Also, clam shells are available to rent and
a bar is available for purchasing both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. While there is a lot to enjoy at Princess
Cays, it’s important to note that there are a lot of rocks in and around all of the
water areas. If you plan on spending time in and around
the water, we strongly recommend wearing a good pair of water shoes to protect your feet. On a positive note, the rocks do provide the
opportunity to see some sea life while snorkeling. No matter where you spend your time at Princess
Cays, you should find plenty of opportunity to enjoy your visit. In addition to everything we’ve already
covered, there are a few other things you might want to check out during your time in
port: The Offshore Pavilion, which is located near
the Coconut Bar and Grill Crazy BBQ Pavilion, is a nice place to snap a photo with your
cruise ship in the background. It’s also a nice place to check out the
fish swimming in the water below. The Crow’s Nest Overlook is a two-story-tall
wooden structure that provides a great view of the entire port. It’s also located near the Grill Crazy BBQ
Pavilion on the North side of the port. If you have younger kids, you’ll want to
check out Pelican’s Perch, which is located just past the shopping area on the North side
of the port. The play area features two fully-shaded sand-filled
play areas, a wooden climbing structure, and a kiddie pool for the little ones. Finally, be prepared for very long lines on
your way back to your cruise ship if you’re leaving close to the end of the day. During our cruise, there simply were not enough
water shuttles to return everybody back to the cruise ship in a timely manner. If you prefer to avoid the crowds, consider
leaving immediately after eating lunch, or earlier.

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  1. Great tips! To go to the South beach it says you need your ID. If I’m traveling with kids would I need to have their birth certificates?

  2. Thank you for the detailed video. We will be visiting for the first time next week and I feel like a pro after watching your video. The South side seems very quiet and it's where we will be spending our day.

  3. This is the best video about Princess Cays I've watched so far! Thanks for the detailed and informative video! I can't wait to visit 🤩

  4. I watched your video before our May 4 cruise, and it's spot on! Let me say that water shoes are a MUST. I took that as a suggestion, but there's really no option. Rocks EVERYWHERE in the water. We have always found a rock-less area in other ports, but not here. Buy those shoes before you embark–they're pricey on the ship and in the port. Great video!!

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