Progreso (Yucatán) Cruise Port Guide: Public Beach On Your Own

Progreso (Yucatán) Cruise Port Guide: Public Beach On Your Own The city of Progreso is located on the North
side of Mexico’s Yucatán peninsula. In this video, we’ll show you how to travel
from your cruise ship to Progreso’s public beach on your own, free of charge. Cruise ships visiting Progreso dock at what
is touted as the longest pier in the world; a 4-mile stretch of road that was built to
accommodate the arrival of larger ships. After you exit your ship and walk a short
distance along the pier, you’ll quickly find a large gift shop and the nearby gathering
location for cruise passengers taking ship-sponsored excursions. Several excursions are available, including
visits to the nearby Mayan ruins, adventure sports, food tours, and all-inclusive beach
experiences. To begin your do-it-yourself beach adventure,
walk through the large gift shop that is the anchor store for the pier’s sizeable shopping
area. The area beyond the gift shop features a large
bar and several shops. Public restrooms are available if you want
to stop before heading to the beach. The pathway through the shopping area is easy
to navigate and a number of posted signs help direct you to the pickup area for the free
shuttle service, which is provided by the local shore excursion company, Autoprogreso
Tours. There are a good number of shuttles that make
the trip from the cruise port center into town and back again. Shuttles run every 20 minutes, so if a shuttle
just left, you might have a bit of a wait. Take note of the last shuttle time, so you
can plan your beach time accordingly. For our cruise, it was one hour before our
ship’s departure time. As the shuttle makes the roughly 15-minute
drive along the pier, you won’t have much of a view due to the large stacks of concrete
blocks located on the side of the road. However, as the shuttle crosses the bridge
and approaches the shore, you will be able to see the public beach on the left side and
we suggest taking a look to help you get your bearings as the shuttle heads into town. The free shuttle trip ends at one of two drop-off
locations. Our shuttle dropped off at a terminal three
blocks from the beach, but some of the shuttles drop off at a market located closer to the
beach. When you arrive at the shuttle drop-off, an
Autoprogreso Tours representative will provide an overview of the tours the company offers. Among them was a tour of the city of Progreso
which — at the time of our sailing in the Summer of 2018 — cost $9 per person. The shuttle terminal we were dropped off at
has a sizeable market adjacent to the terminal and — just outside — a double decker bus
which also provides tours of the city of Progreso for a fare of $5 per person. After exiting your shuttle drop-off location,
head toward the beach you saw from the shuttle on the way into town. You’ll find plenty of shopping opportunities
along the way and around the beach area. The Progreso beach itself features white sand
and water that stays relatively shallow for a long distance from the shore, which is why
the pier is so long. There are numerous vendors selling blow-up
pool toys, fresh fruit, ice cream, hats, clothes, souvenir trinkets, and more. Additionally, during our visit, several vendors
offered 45-minute massages on the beach for $10. Thatched-roof restaurants and bars are also
located nearby. It should be noted that Progreso is an economically
depressed area and many vendors will relentlessly promote the items they have for sale. Though they were generally friendly and politely
accepted a stern “No, thank you,” the sheer number of times we were approached by
vendors exceeded anything we’ve ever experienced.

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  1. Thanks, as always, you provide helpful, useful information! I was going to ask what you suggested for lunch but I see you didn't eat while there. I am tempted to try a massage if the price is the same- I'll be there 12/3/19.

  2. "The shear number of vendors…" Yea. I hate it. It's rediculious. I understand they want to sell their wares but damn. I must have said "no thank you" 60 times in three hours. We won't go back. Same with Nassau. Nassau vendors are straight up in your face. Governments are going to see a reduction in tourism if that crap doesn't get toned down. I know at least 5 families that cruise regularly and flat out refuse to get off the ship in both Progresso and Nassau.

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