Project Octopath Traveler (Working Title) Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Project Octopath Traveler (Working Title) Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

in the faraway land of or Stara eight travelers venture forth step into their shoes and explore the realm as you see fit eight brave souls each with a unique talent eight lands eight stories to be told so tell me friend what path will you tread a man like me knows only the battlefield worth only as much as the blade at my side and the arm that swings it when that blade fails to save my sworn knees but does that make me I will never forget three men foul scavengers just like the bird whose mark they bear they took my father from me and I will never forget embark on an adventure Oh your project hope to pass traveller

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  1. I'm looking for a short trailer or footage collection for this game that mainly shows off the game and music, without all the voices. Is there anywhere I can find something like this?

  2. I played the demo and surprisingly enjoyed it A LOT to say the least… I normally don't like (J)RPGS but this game is awesome! I hope a lot of people pick this up or at least try the demo!

  3. Lately I've felt jaded to traditional top-down rpgs, but I played the demo and I'm buying this the day it comes out. The music, the voice acting, the art direction. Can't wait for it.

  4. I'm having trouble beating the thief boss in the demo but I'm going to keep at it because this game has me super intrigued for the full release

  5. If this videogame changes to an action 3D RPG like Xenoblade Chronicles 2 with those story mechanics, it should be the new great franchise. I love the nostálgic videogames but i would like 3D with an interesting story/mechanics like this

  6. Honestly, My first sight of this game like…

    Is this when Old School Final Fantasy and Romancing SaGa combine into one game? Really, I feel the vibe of those two in this Octopath Traveler, somehow.

  7. los efectos combinados con su acabado artistico me llaman mucho la atencion, ¡me va gustando mas la nintendo switch!

  8. After seeing the demo played I was fairly disappointed. A LOT OF EXPOSITION before you can do anything, and even then it's excessive and un-needed exposition.


  9. Primrose friend was also killed and she kills her master who killed her friend and quote today is the last day I serve you and then she fights him 5 stars

  10. Honestly, I've played the Demo with the two playable characters and I thought it was boring at first. Then I past the prologue and wanted more. This trailer really doesn't do this game justice

  11. I wasn't sure about this game at first, but after having played the demo, I'm super excited! I thought the graphics looked amazing in the trailer, but (of course) it's even better on a large HD TV. The combat system feels awesome, especially with the HD rumble. It makes me feel that much more powerful. Additionally, knowing when to Boost and how much Boost you should use makes for very interesting strategies. I really can't wait to see where they take this game.

  12. The two-dimensional appearance of the characters in this 3D world kinda reminds me of Paper Mario.

    Let's hope it'll turn out to be a worthy successor, Nintendo themselves clearly gave up on creating another TTYD.

  13. Is the heavy bloom just because it's a trailer, or will the actual lighting system look like that? The bloom is kinda distracting from how good the graphic style is.

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