Project Octopath Traveler (Working Title) - Behind the Music - Nintendo Switch

Project Octopath Traveler (Working Title) – Behind the Music – Nintendo Switch

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  1. The time has passed. The GOTY in Original Sounds Tracks was for Red Dead Redemption II. I personally prefer a million of times this OST, really!! It transmits all the spirit of the golden era of RPG improved (if this is possible) For me and many people, the GOTY for best OST was Octopath Traveler. Red Dead Redemption OST was a mode, Octopath Traveler OST was a classic becoming a legend

  2. When you now know how amazingly they have implemented the music mechanics with every character themes blending into the boss themes perfectly

  3. It's so nice to see that even when this masterpiece of a game was still in progress people were really hyped for it and impatient to buy the game.

  4. I'm very happy because of the success of OCTOPATH TRAVELER. My prediction is that OCTOPATH TRAVELER will win the GOTY in Original Soundtrack

  5. The title of the game is already perfect since each letter of the word "Octopath" represents each character.

  6. The game is great, the music even greater. The boss transitions are truly magnificent and give my the goose bumps everytime i hear them. Final Fantasy 6, Bravely Default and the Xenoblade serie's have great music… But this is could turn out to be the best rpg soundtrack ever imo.

  7. I cannot wait for Nishiki's next soundtrack. Potential to be the next Yoko Shimomura or Nobuo Uematsu. He really nailed it his first go round. Will be tough to beat for OST of the year.

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