r/choosingbeggars | Little brother and GF take a mini-vacation at MY house.

r/choosingbeggars | Little brother and GF take a mini-vacation at MY house.

Little brother and GF take a mini-vacation
at our house. LONG
To give a little background, my wife and I just built a house from the foundation up.
We just moved in with out 2 year old. When I was 16 my father offered to sell me the
old family car at Kelly blue book value, I had to pay for the insurance and gas. When
I turned 18, my father sat me down and stated he was going to start charging me rent. I
moved out when I was 23. My little brother stayed home with my father until he was 25
and never paid a cent in rent, also my father gave him his first car free of charge, paid
the insurance and even paid him his gas, so when he was working all his income was free
play money. My father also pays for all meals and all food at the house. Now to the story. My brother who never really
contacts me without needing something calls me up. He says that he wants to hang out with
me and my family for a night. I was a bit shocked, we use to live 10 minutes away (in
a dump of a apartment) and he never visited. As we had a large debt for the house and medical
bills we had been eating the bar minimal to live (our son of course got full meals as
he’s growing). We say yes and he comes over with his GF. They brought their computers
and sleeping bags. He comes extremely late but I’m just stoked
to have my little brother over. We splurge on a big dinner for everyone (something we
hadn’t done in a year). We play lan together. I noticed he ignored his nephew. I just chocked
it up to him getting settled in for some fun. We play until 5 in the morning. Here is where
things go down hill. He asked if before going to bed if we would order him some food. I
offered to make him a breakfast with what we had in house, which he gracefully declined.
He then ordered up food he wanted and asked me to pay for it. I declined, my wife offered
to go get some McD’s which he accepted. They then napped until 2 PM in our front room.
We still had a child and he of course couldn’t be locked up in his room (which we offered
them to sleep in which they declined). So we would play in the front room while they
slept as quietly as we could. Around 2 PM they wake up and ask whats for
lunch. Again we offer them what we have at the house, which they declined. They wanted
pizza and ordered it up right away. When they pizza guy came they asked us to pay. As you
can see this is how the flow goes. We end up paying but tell him that we are low on
cash and can’t do this again. He says of course. They go back to playing games loudly and I
join them at times. They get frustrated with my son who is very interested in what everyone
is doing. They constantly asks if he could be put else where while they game, we gracefully
decline. Dinner rolls around and again we are asked
what’s for dinner, we offer to make some food from home to their frustration. I ask when do they plan to head home? My brother
states he would like to stay for a day or more. I say thats okay but we need to set
limits. They of course agree, but have no plans to say when they will head out. My wife
and start seeing the trend and I start telling my wife we need to kick them out soon, my
wife is mortified and we fight over this quietly in our room. Now this one night stay they end up crashing
at our house for four days. Every day they demand order out every-time, we decline and
they try to push it with ordering themselves and demanding we pay. At the five day mark
I have had enough and I tell them it’s time to pack it up, they would just sit in the
front room and play on their computers every day and night without interacting with us
more then letting us play with them. They had not offered or provided a single cent
for any food they wanted or ate, we had put ourselves in the red heavily to feed them
as well as try and make things peaceful, they also ordered movies which was under our dime.
We ended up having to restock the fridge many times, and clean the front room many times.
They would eat the food and just leave it where it was, be it plates or anything else.
I ended up telling them they need to go now and I told my Dad to expect them back soon.
They pretty much leave kicking and screaming. I called explaining what happened to my father.
He just shrugs, but does tell me he had told my brother he needed to start paying his share
and my brother felt he could get a five day vacation at my house with free food and board
from us. This whole time they visited they ignored my son and complained loudly that
he was bothering them in his own home. Enough said I have not allowed them to sleep over
ever since. “But I want what YOU have.”
SHORT You know who are the worst kinds of choosing
beggars? Worse than Karens? Dogs. Lemmie tell you about my heckin DOG. I’m sitting on the couch, eating Oreos like
a sensible adult. And my dog jumps up on the couch next to me and just STARES. For a long
a** time. I tell her “no, you can’t have this” and she starts to cry. Okay, DRAMATIC. I start
feeling bad, so I get up and go get her a dog treat, come back to the couch, give it
to her. And you know what this B**** does? She spits
it out. She spits out a slobbery, wet treat all over the couch, and looks at me with those
giant brown eyes and cries again, inching ever-so-closer to me. Here I am, trying to
be nice and giving her a treat literally just for being cute, and this drama queen’s all
“begone with your peasant animal food, I wish to dine upon YOUR rations.” YOU CAN NOT HAVE
CHOCOLATE. Dogs, man. A phone call I had with my mom today. Am I
the insane one here? SHORT
Mom: “So I bought a coat the other day and decided that I’d like you and your brother
to chip in on the cost as my Christmas present. Your share is $35” Me: “What? I thought you said you wanted makeup
for Christmas.” Mom: “Oh, have you already got that for me?” Me: “Some of it, yeah.” Mom: “Well you can do both.” Me: “…… I would never ask something like
this from you. You’re putting me in a weird situation here.” Mom: “I don’t think it’s weird. A lot of people
do it. But if you don’t want to then fine. I’ll just ask your brother.” Some context – I am 23 years old. Live completely
independently although it is a struggle. Have never asked my parents for a dime although
I was laid off back in July. Am going back to school in January and know I will be struggling
financially worse than I am now. ALSO, the first year I knew santa wasn’t real I gave
my mom a wish list and she said to me “how incredibly entitled! You brat. You’ll take
whatever I give you.” Never made a wish list after that. Since I have lived on my own my
mom gives me a wish list every year. Smh maybe I’m just venting nonsense idk. A CB that I thought was a friend
MEDIUM So there was a girl I worked with *Rachel.
She was cool and we clicked pretty quickly we would hang out and I invited her over to
my apartment, we have a guest room and I offhandedly made a comment, “If you wanna hang out you
can crash here sometime because this is our guest room”. That was a mistake. Cut to
about two weeks later she asked to stay with my partner and I for a month, now I only had
known this girl for three weeks at this point and it felt a little too familiar. She did
offer to pay rent and for her groceries but I gracefully declined saying my partner and
I felt like since we didn’t know her too well we didn’t think it would work. I find
out through another coworker that she had been crashing at their place for THREE months
and hadn’t paid for rent or groceries. Red flags come up but I ignore it giving her the
benefit of the doubt. Rachel then would hit me up to drive her places after work or would
just show up during my shift and would ask. I would sometimes oblige if it was convenient,
but it was getting to a point where my partner didn’t want me around her because he said
she was a user. After about two months of this Rachel would ask for me to send her money
and offer to pay me back, I sent her $10 which she paid back in a few days but that was the
only time I did that for her. At this point I was trying to distance myself from her and
I think she could feel it. Rachel found out (through the same coworker that she crashed
on their couch for three months) that my partner was having a big birthday bash and she wasn’t
invited. She texted me saying, “SO WHY WASN’T I INVITED TO [redacted] BIRTHDAY PARTY? Okay
just kidding, but send me the deets so I can go.” Essentially inviting herself, I sent
her a text explaining my partner didn’t know her like that and I’m sorry but she
wasn’t invited. The coworker she mooched off of then contacts me telling me to call
her so she can call me two faced. I s*** you not. Told ME to call HER, so she can insult
me. I cut her off after that. Never thought I would have to deal with someone so blatantly
ignorant of how moochy they are. That is my choosing beggar story. Rachel wherever you
are I hope you realize that people aren’t around just to be used by you. “I haven’t eaten in several days…”
SHORT After a night out with my then roommate we
decided to hit a drive thru restaurant on the way home. When in line a guy walked up
to the car telling me “I haven’t eaten in several days. Mind sparing some money so I
can get some food?” I told him “Tell me what you want. It’s on me.” He replied “Oh, they
won’t serve me here.” I told him “they won’t be serving you, they’ll be serving me”. We
went back and forth, and when I ordered I ordered a few (random) extra items for the
guy. THEN the story changed to “I’ve been sleeping under a bridge and would love the
warmth of a room at a hotel…” I asked him how many other stories he had. He left before
getting the food I bought for him (and never even asked for it). Even Family can be beggers!
SHORT This story happened about 4 years ago, I was
25 years old. My grandmother had gotten sick right before Thanksgiving with Pnuemonia.
Normally she would be the one to feed all the family the normal Turkey day fixings…along
with some “experimental” dishes. However because she was just out of the hospital I volunteered
to make the dinner as it was going to be a still small group. As I worked full time and
had never made a full thanksgiving meal I did take some short cuts, like canned cranberry
sauce, rolls and boxed stuffing. However, everything else I made from scratch, the sweet
potatoes, mashed potatoes, turkey, green bean casserole,mac and cheese, our annual soup,
an appetizer and dessert. I spent five hours the night before cooking and was up at 9am
the next day preparing and cooking. Family starts arriving and this is what I
got to hear. “The cranberry sauce isnt homemade?” ” Canned
gravy?” ” Green bean casserole? I hate green bean casserole.” “The mac and cheese is a
bit dry.” My favorite was my aunt who was notorious
for never bringing anything and then taking most of the left overs home. We were cleaning
and she says ” Hold on, let me go grab my containers.” I never wished I could have had dinner alone
that day more. “You’re one of those gamers! I know you’re
rich!” – Homeless CB SHORT
So, a couple years ago, I was competing at an esports event. In between one of my matches, I left the venue
for a quick smoke break and to grab a sandwich. Enter CB, a homeless man who I assume had
been staking out the venue for people in jerseys because he seemed to think that I had a lot
of money. “Hey man! It’s my birthday! Could you
do me a solid and give me some money so I can buy myself a meal? I’m really hungry
man!” – CB I still had some time, so I offered to buy
him a sandwich from the same shop where I had gotten mine. “Nah! It’s my birthday, give me $20!”
– CB Well, since I was out of town, I chose to
not carry extra cash on me. I had my emergency cash, and nothing more. So I told him I don’t
have cash, but repeated that I would be happy to buy him a sandwich. “You’re one of those gamers! I know you’re
rich(spoiler alert: I’m not), cmon man, it’s just $20! It’s my birthday!” – CB Fully aware that it likely wasn’t the gentleman’s
birthday, I offered to buy him a sandwich for the final time, stating that I didn’t
have time to track down an ATM for him(I had plenty of time, there was an ATM right inside
the venue, I just don’t like giving cash to someone who refuses free food.) He said nothing and just walked away. Guess
he wasn’t so hungry after all.

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  1. Yep, my dog is ten pounds underweight. He refuses to eat his specialty prescription dog food supplemented with dog crack, cheese & chicken broth.

  2. Man I never get tired of these stories this channel the intro even though I don't know why I think the intro is going to say this is Jake the Ashen hollow and if you do know who that is that would be awesome

  3. Man, I'm glad I don't even have a house out here in the woods. Guess I wouldn't have to even worry about something like that

  4. During uni, I got free room and board at home. When I started working my parents asked me to pay $200.00 a month, for my share of groceries, hydro, cable. I was happy to, because it meant that I was an adult. I staid until I was 33. I helped do chores, followed rules.I moved out when I could afford it, and still got lots of help. Because I DID pay them that share of rent, and did chores. It's called being responsible.

    Letting a "child" stay and not ask for rent when they CAN afford it means that they DON'T have to grow up.
    And if someone puts out a lot of effort to make you a big meal, the least you can do is thank them, and offer to help clean up. If you haven't lifted a finger to make the meal, don't criticize it. Be grateful you got anything.

  5. Rule #1 in my house is, There are no maids in this house! Rule #2 is, There are no maids in this house. Rule #3 is, See rules no's. 1 and 2. If they can't understand the rules, they have to go. If they won't contribute, they have to go. IF they are Choosing Beggars, their time is very limited because we don't play. I will call you out on your b.s. everyday of the week. lol Like I said, I don't play at all well with others. Never have.

  6. OP-You should have put your foot down and stated that it's either food in the house or nothing. IF they ordered, you should have told them, you are on a budget, put out your own money or leave.

  7. dog are only choosing beggers because their owners allowed them to be, i spoil my dog affection wise, but not with food, he eats what i give him to eat or he doesnt eat at all, because some human food are actually poisonous to dogs and some food can only be had in very little moderation, if you don't know, you could end up hurting your fur baby

  8. My dad bought dog treats at the dollar store. He tried to feed one to the neighbor's dog. The dog wouldn't take it, so my dad stuck it in the dog's mouth. The dog spit it out and peed on it.

  9. I remember a few years ago a choosing beggar i ran into. My family wife 3 kids at the time came out of a grocery store and a woman approached and asked us for money for food. She said she and her 2 kids about 7 and 4 were homeless and hadnt eaten in a couple of days and needed money for food. I looked at my wife and she suggested we give them the chicken and sides we just bought. We bought 2 8 piece sets of fried chicken and 1 8 piece of grilled. I figured ok it wasnt badly priced to buy them over again. So i offered her the 16 pieces of fried chicken and the sides we just bought might have been mac n cheese and mashed potatoes i had the bags in my hand to give to her. Her face changed from friendly to a sneer of how dare you. She laughably said she doesnt want chicken she wants money for real food like McDonald's. I said McDonald's would only last 1 meal all this chicken could be for a couple of meals. She said no i want money for McDonald's. I put the bags back in our cart. Looked at the wife and said ok dear lets go and said bye to the woman. Once we got in tue car my 8 yr old daughter said if they needed food that bad why didnt they take the chicken? My wife said that she might have been lying and really wanted the money for drugs or alcohol so if you offer them food instead of the money and they keep wanting the money just walk away like your dad did.

  10. My cocker spaniel is a choosing thief! Everytime my Dad visits Tux steals his food. I remind my Dad "If you are eating a snack alone and leave your plate you have to push your chair in or Tux will steal your food." It never fails. Dad is eating and wants a drink. He goes to the fridge. Tux jumps on his chair then the table and steals his food! I hear my Dad cussing and see my sweet naughty boy enjoying a nice snack on the table.

  11. I hate Thanksgiving. If I am not around my mom I don't even celebrate it. The food sucks and I hate big family get togethers. I'd rather stay at home with my husband and kids. That's a real day I can be thankful for.

  12. Awhile back, I bought a restaurant gift card for a woman I'd seen a few times. My thinking, at the time, was that she could be inside as a customer (it was middle of winter in North Dakota) and could either choose a decent meal, or just get some coffee and soup on multiple visits. Later, when I saw her again, I got a 30-day city bus pass for her. I haven't seen her at that corner since, so I'm hoping the bus pass gave her enough mobility to get her into a better place.

  13. I'm currently staying with my mom and give her $500 a month for rent. This started when I turned 18 seems like a good deal to me. That brother is very entitled.

  14. Any one who comes to a holiday/family dinner and brings nothing to share, is only entitled to say , 'thank you for making the meal' to whomever took the time to cook. I'd of slapped whoever fussed about anything being pre-made or canned.

  15. Wait, the wife in the first story fought to let a freeloader stay WHILE paying off medical bills & a mortgage? I've been in this position (needed to A save & B pay off a hospital bill) & absolutely would not tolerate that for longer than 2 days tops.

  16. In my town there are a few places where you can buy a soup, sandwich, coffee or even a warm meal for a homeless person when you are buying something for yourself. One place in particular even hires homeless people and people who have just found a home after being homeless in an effort to help those who would otherwise struggle to get employment.
    I live in Scotland, which is pretty cold at this time of year, around 2 or 3 degrees Celsius today, so it’s pretty easy to determine who is really in need of something warm to eat when you tell them that you have purchased something for them to eat from either place. Some are extremely grateful and others berate you for not handing over the cash.

  17. My last room mate I had moved an stay with me an my wife for about 2 weeks. We had a a written contract that he would give us a small amount each week to help pay the bills. Well one day he just disappeared, no text, no call no nothing. All of his stuff were still in the room he was in. After a couple months without any idea if he was to return me an my wife sold his things to pay for this bills we agreed upon. 5 months go by an finally he shows up in a brand new truck. He said he was here to get his things an I told him no. I told him that we had a written contract that he had to pay a portion each week to help pay the bills an since he took off without letting us know, i took it upon myself to sell his stuff to pay his part. He flipped out saying that he will call the cops if I didn't give home his stuff an all of it. In the contract it said that I would be able to sell his things if a situation like this would occur. Guess he should have read the whole contract before signing it. About 10 minutes of him pacing back an forth in my front yard a squad car showed up. I showed the contract to the officer an he told him the same thing I told him. The officer asked me if I would like to have him escorted off the property an I said no it's fine. The only things I had to give him was the financial paperwork an some of the mail he brought with him when he moved in. Now this was about 3 years ago an he still to this day hates me an every time I see him in Wal-Mart he will actually go out of his way to spy on me.
    Moral of my story is be extremely careful on who you let move into your home an protect yourself with a contract that put you in favor if they mess up.

  18. Younger siblings often have it easier. My youngest sister is nearly 14 younger than I am, and she is a great sister, but the parents bought her a car, paid for her college etc. I had to buy my own car, and I was only able to afford a single semester at college and I was never able to go back. Now, surprisingly, she didn't turn out entitled as we all have a good work ethic. And admittedly, because of the pretty large age gap, I spoiled her a little bit myself as I was out of the house at 18 when she was 4.

  19. Why did you let them even go more than 1 do at. Call the police. Kick there assine faces out. What little prick the brother is

  20. BEWARE! In most places it is difficult to remove 'guests' after 30 days of occupancy. It becomes a squatters 'right' of residency issue.

  21. I'm sorry but I would have told that Aunt since you insulted my cooking and didn't like the fact that it was canned or dry you can't have any leftovers.

  22. 4:04 "This one night stay ended up lasting for four days."
    Oh, hell no! After the crap they pulled on Day 1, there wouldn't be any more days. Even if I have to pick them up, carry them out, and drop them on the curb. You do NOT treat my home, my wife, my kid, or me like that, and call yourself "family".

  23. My parents had me paying $800 a fortnight when I lived with them. Food was on top of that for $200 and we went thirds on electricity. I’m now in my own apartment and it waaaay less than my dad had me paying. πŸ™

  24. Wasn't expecting a dog story at all but that's the most accurate thing ever. You can offer them the most delicious and expensive treats that exist but they still want everything you have. My dogs try to guilt trip me every time I'm eating something in front of them.
    Works every fucking time.

  25. The Rachel story: when she invited herself to the party and demanded details, I would have sent her the address of a garbage dump or something otherwise unpleasant. Then blocked her moocher ass.

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