Radioactive Camping

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  1. If you're coming over the bridge and into the red tide flooded city, you had to've been camping at the old creek of bear. Weird to have such a large YouTuber so close to my neck of the woods.

  2. yup, eating dinner while watching the intro was a mistake… first 10 seconds I thought I can handle it, 5 seconds later I realized I did not have what it takes… had to fast forward… real fast

  3. Sit down to eat dinner, and see a new AvE video. Click on the video and Uncle bumblefuck immediately begins tongfisting a toilet. Suddenly my appetite was attenuated.

  4. The mind boggles especially why I was staring at the screen watching you clean your shitter. I wish your camera was blurring the fuck up to prevent the assault on my senses. Keep it up man. Best channel ever.

  5. You should have your hands (both hands) encapsulated in thick plaster castings up past your elbows for 2 weeks, temporarily restricting your potential outlying momentums (giving you time to think) from any further disturbingly grotesque conclusions. Your wife can setup a garden hose system bidet to keep you sanitary until your probation is over.

  6. Hmm, the camera conveniently dies and then he cuts back to the EoD in which he makes a point of stating that he did not bring back any glowing rocks. Sounds legit. 😜

  7. Can anybody tell me what he was referencing at the end? College shooting gamma rays, burning tress and women? Lol

  8. I got educated about Tritium hazards when I used to work as an engine test Technician. We used various techniques (including Tritiated engine oils) to rapidly measure engine wear and oil carry over. Tritium was dangerous because of Hydrogen exchange. The radioactive hydrogens in the Tritium would readily exchange with those in the moisture on your skin meaning you'd carry radioactive materials out of the lab. Easy solution, disposable gloves but still a worry given the amount of oil splashes during and average working day. Mind you, the scintillants used in the measurement process had high dioxin count and presented a much higher danger level!

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