Radioactive Waste - The Journey to Disposal

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  1. Whit all tech that we have cant we brake down all that toxic material somehow and make new energy.radioactivity is energy too we can used it somehow i dont know…..

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  3. Please stop saying "just shoot it into space". There's a HUGE problem with that. Rockets are known to occasionally blow up. This would be bad because now we'll have radioactive waste spread over a large area.

  4. Why not just say how long it takes to decay into something stable? Why the half life measurements?

  5. Too bad we can't shoot this material to the sun. It could use the extra fuel for a few extra milliseconds of life burning. 😁

  6. I finally understand the half life concept. So there is NO WAY the container holding this waste will out survive the waste.

  7. The problem is the types of reactors we're still using were primarily meant for making nuclear bombs. But there were much safer designs that produce far less dangerous nuclear waste, such as LFTR/Thorium reactors. That's the best way to go forward. There is no way that alternative energies can provide the vast quantities of power that the world needs.

    Just look at the mess Australia is in, they wanted to go "green" and people can barely afford to eat, they have regular blackouts and pay 5-10 times what the rest of us pay for power. Nuclear is dirt cheap, about 5-10 cents/kwh….as horrible as Fukushima was, it was a very rare/freak event and would not have happened were it not for that tsunami.

    Even better if we could just switch to Fusion energy and it's getting a lot closer. Our tech has advanced a great deal so I figure within the next 5-20 years we will have reached economic break-even…then eventually power plants. So don't give up on nuclear, it's the best thing we have going.

    Additionally there are other methods to breakdown the waste-there are 'breeder' reactors that can consume used nuclear waste and vitrification. We have a huge planet and lots of space to store it for a long time. So let's keep going with nuclear but do a better job this time. Also this video was really interesting.

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