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  1. Top Gear was my ALL TIME FAVORITE Show!!!! Right up until Jeremy got SACKED!! 😱😫😣😬 I was so proud of Hamster and Slow had his back.
    NOW my NEW favorite Show is of course, The Grand Tour!!! 👍👍👏👏👏👏
    That was BEAUTiFUL!! SO WHAT it didn't work perfectly. It drove in, did go under it's own outboard power, and got back to Shore!!
    Albeit with some drama, but you MADE IT!
    And……. CONGRATULATIONS for 1 BILLION Channel Views doesn't quite seem like Enough. What an incredible milestone!!
    Carmine 🚂

  2. That thing is awesome 😀 only problem is the white truck was the Nissank the blue one was the toybota

  3. Really cool recreation. Loved top gear. …a side note, boats have 1 bow. The front of the boat. There is no "back bow", only a stern. I'm not trying to be negative, it's just something that drove me crazy hearing. Great videos though.

  4. When your struggling to get across the look on the guy in the toybota looks like he’s pooping his pants

  5. You all should check out Peter Stripol's amphibious car build. He had a system where the suspension would pull the wheels up out of the water so that they weren't creating as much drag in the water, and he used dual plane propellers above the water instead of an outboard underwater prop. More like a fan boat. It worked really well, check out his Youtube page!

  6. I'm from the UK and loved the skills you have to make this. TOP GEAR, TOP SHOW! I'm a newbie to the rc world and disabled, and it's changing my life. Love you're vids, you are a top bloke. Brilliant job!!

  7. Well done guys,very entertaining! All the fun of Top Gear without having to put up with that annoying smug twat Jeremy Clarkson.

  8. OMG, this is Awesome. Top Gear was my favorite show. The next day at work I was dragging my you k ow what.
    Now to watch the building videos.

  9. Honestly, having him watch Top Gear, and doing fun projects with him like this that offer a fun way to learn about electronics, and technology, is actually good parenting. The skills he can learn working with RC stuff translate into many fields, and a good opportunity to have fun is a good opportunity to have fun. This is awesome! Excellent tribute to the Top Gear guys. It would be really cool if you could work something out with wheels that can drive on land, and paddle underwater.

  10. I think it was a win dude 😁👍 if you'd sank the Toyboata, Jezza would have drowned, died a death and that would be an disastrous fail lol.

    I too absolutely loved Top Gear. Legendary program. Nothing on TV worth watching anymore lol

  11. Yt you are wannabe parents, power hungry disgusting unamerican garbage. Go to China. You fit in very well with fascists dictators. Looooooooooooosers!

  12. Usjjdhdhdhdhdheuheueue-😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🤑😶🤑🤑🤑🤑

  13. The guys at TopGear would be proud of you all… GREAT JOB

    I've enjoyed every episode of this build…
    Hearing your wife talk about you all watching TopGear with your kiddo reminds me of my daughter and me. We watched TopGear & your channel together before she became a teenager, now she thinks TopGear isn't cool & she's to old for the RC stuff.
    I let her know that one is never to old for the RC stuff 😁 & I'll always be a kid at heart 😊
    Keep up the good videos as long as your able. It's not work if you enjoy what you do…
    May the Lord continue to bless you and your family

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