Real Priests Watch Chilling Adventures of Sabrina | Not Your Average Review | Netflix

Real Priests Watch Chilling Adventures of Sabrina | Not Your Average Review | Netflix

– It is a kid’s show, right? – Well… – We’re going to be watching The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Sabrina is a half-human, half-witch. You know, we used to burn witches. – Yeah, we did. – I’m like, what’s this about? – I read about her in the comics. – When were they out? – The Dark ages. – Excuse me. – Ambrose! Can anyone explain why it looks like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre
has been nailed to our door? – It means our family’s
been selected to participate in this year’s Feast of Feasts. – So, the celebration of the Feast is a celebration of cannibalism. – If you change a few of the words, it almost sounds like church last night. – Tonight we celebrate a
time-honored tradition, the Feast of Feasts. – No, I think they’re
actually gonna have a lottery and whoever wins it is
the person who dies. – And then they eat that person. – And then they eat that person. – The Lord’s Supper is sort
of cannibalistic, isn’t it? Like, we eat the body of
Jesus Christ, interesting. – Drink his blood. – Yeah. – Prudence is queen. – And they think this is a great honor. – It’s religious diversity. – Darling, can I have a warm buttermilk bath tonight, please? – I can’t think of anything
worse than a buttermilk bath. – Uh, I– – You’re killing the mood, Shepard. – You’re killing the mood. – Great. – Either get in or get out. – Awkward. – If you’re a witch it’s all– – Sure. – Very holy. – It’s a bit dark there. – Yeah, that’s right, we can’t really see. – It’s like the exact
negative, reverse, opposite of all of traditional Christian values. – So, they just inverted it all, right. What is that? – Form a pentagram around the creature. – Wait, Ms. Wardwell, what are we doing? – Pulling the wool over their eyes. – That’s pretty cool. The Dark Lord shall behold – Praise Satan! – I’m not a fan of this. – Isn’t your church like this? Although, I’m getting some ideas. – What? – What? – Uggggh. – Do they have to give
her some sort of spices or anything like that to
make her a bit more tasty? – Ugh. – I shouldn’t laugh at that. – Let sticks and stones break the witch hunter’s bones. – I won’t be watching Sabrina again. – I really enjoy Sabrina. – I thought Sabrina was
really well produced and I thought it asks
some profound questions about what it is to believe. – I would highly recommend it. I think sometimes it’s important to go outside of your
faith to actually really understand what it is you believe. – I think in some ways it is a parody of traditional Christianity, so I can appreciate some of the points it was trying to make. I would have preferred a
little bit less cannibalism. I gotta go home and try one
of those buttermilk baths. – Seriously? – No.

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  1. *Disclaimer* No children were molested during the filming of this short video. But can't guarantee what happened before or after.

  2. It would be interesting to see priests watch the Sabrina episodes where the warlocks rewrite the religion to put men in power over women. There is clear evidence of female leaders in early Christianity but somehow all these rules about men have to be the leaders came about…

  3. I watch . . And i excited to watch this series, but for entertainment only, not more than that . .

  4. I loved this show, as a satanist. I can speak for other Satanists, we don’t sacrifice children nor do we murder anyone. We believe that Satan is almighty and the freedom of individuality

  5. i am actually into witchcraft and stuff, but i’m also battling with my family’s christians belief. it makes me feel happy and welcomed to know that these priests are open minded

  6. Real witches would be cool! I'm a witch and I watched it, I thought, apart from the whole satanism thing, it was an alright fictional portrayal of witchcraft.

  7. OH PLEASE. No real Christian would watch a show like Sabrina so don't get tempted. I mean, the priest watches an orgy scene and just chuckles?! Isn't it thier job to trample the laptop and throw it in the Jorden River? New age priests…..

  8. this show is actually about criticizing religion and preaching feminism these priests just keep missing the point unsurprisingly

  9. Actually the things they do are heavy with Pagan traditions which is older than christianity. Moreover… Christianity just rips the bars, lyrics, and flow off of Paganism.

  10. Prickishly unapologetic: you know we used to burn witches.
    Translation: we used the church to whip the uneducated into a frenzy to murder people whom we feel didn't live up to our expectations of how we think they should exist.
    What an as*hole.

  11. The way most of those priests are reacting to these scenes is not a good sign and incredibly concerning

  12. I’m not a practicing Christian, but this show just made me deeply uncomfortable, like on a base level. I got about halfway through the first season and stopped. I love supernatural, Lucifer and the magicians but something about this show was so innately unsettling I just couldn’t get through it. I’m surprised they were this casual about it tbh, if nothing else parts of it were just… gross. I’m not preaching about morals or anything, just saying I like a little dark in tv and I love shows that explore heaven and hell with a twist, to keep it interesting, but I feel like this show overcorrected and went so dark to try and break from the “Sabrina the teenage witch” show that it just wasn’t even comfortable to watch.

  13. Just goes to show that we are in the church age of Ladeocia and those so called "Priests" are just as satanic as the witches in this movie.
    There is no way that Holy JESUS CHRIST would recommend watching this trash, and those so called "Priests" are supposed to be representing JESUS.

  14. Sadly, they are not the part of the christian church, as in those who are Christ centred and biblically sound, in context.

    Or they would know that the content paints false/occult knowledge ad harmless. When in actuality, is not really safe for everyone, spiritually.

    Only those fully aware, but neither overtly afraid or morbidly interested in the occult, would know about the reality of spiritual warfare and how it works.

    And how to keep healthy boundaries of faith in processing the dark content.

    I prefer not to watch it, personally.

    This is just entertainment talk.

    Not real Christ centred and biblically sound talk.

    But everyone has free will to choose. To learn the hard way or to believe as they wish.

    God will judge justly, for He is Holy. And Graciously in His final judgement.

    Then everything will be crystal clear.

    When Jesus returns and God’s Kingdom is established for eternity.


  15. This is not ok guys… this show reveals us really dark themes… this is not fiction to joke about… this people pretend to represent Jesus but… I don't think they really fulfill that duty.

  16. We all have free will to watch what we want and i will not watch this glorification of satan, of magik and everything that goes against the creation of God and distorts it into something dark and abominable.
    You may think I am too fanatic or orthodox but during my life I have gotten the wisdom to know that when you trivializing such filth as something normal is a first step on the road to damnation.
    You have been warned, The choice is yours

  17. I don't think they're real priests though. Think they're actors. Will only believe if someone send proofs though.

    I just think it's highly unrealistic for a priest to say sometimes it's good to step ou of faith for a while.

  18. So since Sabrina's religion in the show is a cult and the priest said it's like the Eucharist then both religions are cults ha

  19. Well,some things are real,since their own religion of satanism,says that Lucifer,was expelled by The High God and thrown into Hell,by the Archangel Michael's Sword,for disobeying The Father and wanting to be like Him. Nobody can be like The High God,the Great Architect of the Universe.

  20. These aren't real priests. If they are they are a sham to the priesthood. Shouldnt be helping Netflix promote this show. – Satanism is real, the devil is real.

  21. Those weren't real priests. no priest, minister, rabbi, would say any of the things that they did.

  22. As a Catholic I love this series. Shows religious zealots in both the Church of Night and the Angel assassins in Season 2. The attention to detail as far as flipping all the sayings "What the heaven?" and the perversion of all the Catholic/Christian sacraments actually helped me find more interest. And that they actually gave Christianity core faith tenats/rituals power over the Church of Night in many cases. I found the series edifying. Sabrina keeps it grounded as a person simply questioning their faith and wanting reason/ meaning to believe in it before they blindly accept it.

  23. They didn't like the eating of flesh.. In SABRINA. An yet they do it every Sunday at church. THE BLOOD wine. THE FLAEAH wafer.

  24. I’m a Christian and i enjoy a lot of seculars movies, books and series, but I think there’s a limit! I am not very religious but I can’t watch this show! It’s literally normalizing satanisme! And every scenes makes me uncomfortable

  25. Sabrina is an extremely inaccurate representation of witch's and witchcraft. This show is a pure work of fiction. Witchcraft is practiced in many different faiths and religions such as Wicca and Paganism just to name a couple. Satan is a Christian construct and therefore most people who identify as a witch do not believe in Satan yet alone worship anyone even remotely similar. I can't point out one thing from the show Sabrina that is in any way accurate to a real witch.

  26. i’d love them to react to the episode with the angels where spoiler sabrina dies and is resurrected

  27. I'm a Pagan witch and I'm more horrified at the show than the Catholic priests, lol. But I still like the show despite the fact that majority of witches aren't even Satanists. I mean, yeah there are Satanic witches but most are Pagan and don't even recognize the existence of the devil since it's just basically an abomination of the Pagan god Pan, and Pagans don't believe in Abrahamic mythology. I'm also trying to wrap my head around the term 'half witch'. You're either a witch or you're not, there's no in between. In the end it's just a pop tv show and I enjoy it for what it is.

  28. Psalm 101:3 warns us not to put anything wicked before our eyes, and I Timothy 4:12 exhorts us to be examples of purity and decency. Philippians 4:8 says to fix our thoughts on what is true and honorable and right, and to think about things that are pure and lovely and admirable and worthy of praise.

  29. Reason why I don’t like the show is that they make god look bad and make demons look good a.k.a mostly satan and what if a little kid saw someone watching this and they heard hail Satan and started saying it now wouldn’t that be a bad thing so that’s why I dislike this show and they made the Christians look bad but my favorite scene was when they called upon the holy light of heaven

  30. I loved Sabrina, started watching some days ago and finished in like 4 days. I think what makes the show kinda good is the internal battle Sabrina have between good and evil, and how the devil influence in every decision to make her go more into the "dark side" lol. I think they should show Christianity more tho in one way or the other (i am not religious), the only episode i can remember they show a bit of the religious side was when the witch hunters (angels) arrived.

  31. This priest kind of encourage people to see this creepy show ! Shame on them !! This a very repulsive propaganda…jesus is lord !!!

  32. I was shocked Netflix put this filth out there.. Does anyone else out there see this for what it is?? Trying to normalize satanic witchcraft?? Really?

  33. I just stated and have mixed feelings about it. The concept isn't bad but it is strange how it was executed to me and they could lay of the social justice crap (not that I am surprised really; but hope they just lay off and focus on the overall. That just killed many series for me as it feels insulting on so many levels as if saying us women are so weak we need to have a group, etc…. This is just the first episode and I get she needed some conflict for not wanting to leave her friends. Hopefully that part gets better. At least try to be subtle) and so use to the more fun and humorous Sabrina. I like how Sabrina is torn about her choices as we all have choices we have to make and I do agree sometimes we all need to get out of comfort zone to learn about others. If strong in faith, it isn't going to change and we will all be tested at times

    The acting and all that isn't bad though.

  34. fake priests go with anything to get along with the world and preserve their career and pension, and look good to the world – repent you mposters

  35. nice PR move netflix. specifically choose priests you knew would have this calm and "funny" reaction. appeasing the outrage of basing a show entirely on satanism with "chill" priests because, hey, if they say this show is fine then it's fine.

  36. I suspect those arent real priests… Or maybe they are just the five more open minded priests i will ever met.

    I mean: 3:05 – 3:20. I was like "wow, i wish a guy like those had taught me at dominical school"

  37. It is disturbing that people who are 'leaders' of Christianity (ie. priests) are promoting a film that glorifies Satanism. No actual priest would say things like:

    "I would highly recommend it."

    "It's important to go outside of your faith."

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