Real Talk Morning Commute

Real Talk Morning Commute

hey good morning everybody it's California Guardian I just want to say good morning that's right guy yet hope everyone is doing good I can really you're blocking the Road asshole hope everyone's doing good I'm doing good reports I have to go to to work today everybody because you don't know a B Washington has court this morning I was trying to go but my work called and I have to go into work but keep your eyes open for a live stream from either AV Watchmen are from high desert community watch for an update I did I just came out of the wind wind gas station with coffee cigarettes and some croissants babies live right now so if you guys want to go over there and watch Amy Watchmen please feel free there has been some development on AV watchman's case in case anybody doesn't realize it it seems that somebody called the sheriff's department and reported a be watchman for recording at the pitches on a ranch so that's the end that's the interesting part that somebody actually called in with the intent I'm getting a V watchman caged how's everybody doing well again Amy Washington has court today maybe watching tonight's court today for his arrest again what I find interesting is that in the arrest report are the investigative report that led to the arrest it appears that somebody called the sheriff's department and actually snitched on AV Watchmen somebody who knew that AV Watchmen had been incarcerated before and somebody that knew about the californian law that affected AV Watchmen I wonder who that could be that's a very small group of people city one very small group of people you know we really need to get past all this drama we need to focus on cop watching lead and focus on auditing cop watching and auditing picking up our cameras and recording should be our focus our focus should not be calling the Sheriff's Department and stitching on somebody who's recording at a onor camp all I gotta say labarda guy desert I hope you're doing good this morning Chalabi Watchmen I have a lot of respect for him I wanted to be at his court hearing today but I got to go into work good morning real jingy so this is a call out to everybody you know what's up with all the drama I thought we were going to get past all this drama speak of myself I'm gonna focus on auditing and I'm gonna focus on cop watching I'm tired of the drama and I'm gonna thaton tired of getting sucked into the drama so I will do my best to stay out of the drama and I would hope that everybody else would ignore the drama ignore the the just the just just ignore it and and and and move on and watch the videos good morning bill drinking good morning crafty mama good morning grab guitar good morning Carolina in Fort Worth Paul Jackson Oklahoma community watch renee sooty good to see all you guys here this morning Oklahoma so you said you were out with somebody recording yesterday how did that go Good Morning Joe Lopez good morning Becca hallo goodmorning ping 57 love respect to all you guys I'm gonna thank you guys for watching so high desert community watch is going to be an San Fernando today AV watchman has court today so please keep your eyes open for live streams from high desert and amy washer no I'm gonna get on that freeway I'm sorry I'm I asked you guys to forgive me I'm eating right now so please forgive me if you guys get heating Thank You Carolina if you guys noticed there's a lot of noodles if you see an auditor or come if you guys come across an auditing our cop watch channel that has under a thousand subs please subscribe to those channels help them get to a thousand subs actually I have a croissant with cheese and tuna on it all right dingy immediate result with cheese and tuna on it bill jingie it is you have a blessed day also thank you Oklahoma Paul Jackson it is very tasty good morning New Jersey diver how you doing Carolina he like tuna unfortunately there's real jingy there's no bagel shops there's no bagel shop there's no bagel shops where I live and the bagels they make it the donut shops they just don't do it right you know what I mean well unfortunately most most places most places their breakfasts they put bacon or sausage in it so I have to be careful when I get breakfast at some place if I meant like right now when I'm heading out because you know Oh they've tainted and corrupted it with the with the devil's meat good morning defend how are you doing I am out a little bit early so if you do see a cop watch we will take it because while I'm heading out I got a little while until I gotta get to work so keep your eyes open some cop watches if you see one we're gonna take all right so keep your eyes open I need you guys to keep your eyes open for a cop watch yeah it's getting pretty sad with a lot of the drama I mean I have been guilty of participating it in the past so I have to accept my responsibility for my past participation in the drama but at this point it's it's starting to be counterproductive we need to get beyond all this you know let's give me a nice cool day today yeah it's getting there's get a little ridiculous it's really getting ridiculous Wow it's overcast day today hopefully the Sun comes out we have in our June bloom here in Southern California it's called June gloom here comes a cop unmarked cop car passed me up the other day in the neighborhood well we don't know we don't know about that Thompson boy he could be that that what exception to the rule I'm gonna get off here in a minute see if we get some cop watching done on the side streets way to work I'm a little early ahead of schedule so since I'm the head of schedule we can we can do some cop watching keep our eyes open on the road that is true top sirloin better gloomy than 120 degrees that is true I can't argue with that one let's see if we can find a cop watch on this morning let's see if we can find a cop watch this morning but for 19 a gallon Wow it's expensive so you got a good cop watch it this morning well thought everybody's mine this morning anybody got any any question he watching good videos that they would recommend that people watch any good cop watches out there the audits out there don't recommend a drama video that is true Donald Trump is in the UK he's got a formal meeting with the Queen of England this hope he follows protocol this time last time he violated protocol let's hope that his handlers educated him on the proper protocol for a meeting the interaction with the Queen it seems that Trump last time he visited England he violated protocol and we know that when Obama visited England he violated protocol I really wish that whoever the advisors are to both Trump and to Obama I really wish that they had advised them on the proper protocol with the proper protocol of dealing with you know when they come here they learn our protocols well I'm sorry to hear that Paul Jackson I believe it would be her royal Majesty are it what is it her royal majesty or is it your highness I'm not sure either which is a proper address to the Queen Paul are you royal Your Majesty thank you very much Paul Jackson are you I didn't mean it that way Paul Jackson I met are you a loyalist to the crowd are you are you a are you not I know that there's two types of people in in England there are the people that are loyalists to the crown and then there are the the people that aren't loyal to the crown well of course not beckon holla you're you're the American but you're not a politician either you know as an American we don't recognize royalty but if we were representing the people of America of the United States and going to eat then we would recognize their protocols as a diplomatic thing to do so you know as an American I don't recognize royalty but if I was in England I would definitely follow the protocol good morning Eastern Kentucky accountability how are you doing sir Oh we'll have to send that's right oh I wouldn't bow either I may do a tip of the head but I wouldn't bow you guys all remember when Obama went to Saudi Arabia and bowed to the the king there you understand that when when when Trump goes to England Trump is going as an equal so while he recognizes their protocols he doesn't bow because the equal to the queen he's so I do not I don't hold anything against Trump for not bowing but I do wish that he would follow their other protocols just as I would expect them to address him as mr. president I would hope that he address her as your majesty have you guys ever somebody did a you you know how you know how they have those those apps that you can change people's hairstyle they actually did a mock-up of what Trump would look like with a shaved head and I will tell you that I wish and I hate shaved heads but in the case of Donald Trump I wish you would shave his head and shut the up and I wish they would suspend his Twitter account ah get a haircut mr. president I'll get some mousse and slip that back yeah that would be epic I mean I'm not a fan of of Trump's I don't like some of the stuff he's done but I like some of the stuff he's done I applaud out of percent there's a lot of stuff that he's done I don't like I will say one thing about the man though unlike Obama and unlike Clinton at least Trump is keeping his word I don't know if that's a wig I don't know if that's a wig man it looks like a wig but I don't know I mean have you looked at the at what's that steel guy's name the one that does phony steals extreme extreme steel experience he looks like you got some wig on but I don't think that's a wig because I've seen him jump in the water Oh Bush was boosted to keep his either Bush lied Clinton lied Obama lied at least Trump is keeping his word whether or not you agree with him whether or not you agree with them which a lot of stuff I don't agree with him and there's some stuff I do agree with them at least he's keeping his word everything that he's done while in the office he told you and he told me that he was gonna do during his campaign it's not his fault that we're so used to people like Obama Bush Clinton the other Bush all lying to us during their election see that's the problem is that as we Americans are so used to our candidates lying to us that people can't handle the fact that the man is keeping his word Don Shipley yeah Don shepley's hair looks like a wig but that guy who got no wig so I don't know if Donald has a wig or not if he does have a wig he does take that off and shave his head well well jingy i think he was naive I think that he was naive about getting Mexico to build the wall Allah saying he didn't lie to us but he's keeping most of his promises right he moved the the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem he eat almost at almost everything he has said he was gonna do he's tried to do unless a he's perfect nobody's perfect maybe some good guy at his head Paul Jackson but you know Paul Jackson if you wanna yeah well he did pick some stuff he's not done with this term yet and you also got to remember half the stuff that that Trump has tried to do Congress has stopped him you know I don't understand this country so we put trumpets not vote for but those of you who voted for Trump those of you that voted for Trump then gave him a Democratic Congress how is he supposed to get every day I just must get anything done when he gots Congress going against them at every turn it's all I gotta say hey you got to admit though when you got when Trump got rid of that personal mandate y'all were happy I do I was what activist judges what activist judges is he put in office that is true today but what what look at the stuff that he did the first two years that's true that yeah the judges stuffed a lot of things there were a lot of things which were constitutionally legal the Trump did that the courts unlawfully are unconstitutionally interfered with you guys have to admit that that the Ninth Circuit has done a lot to interfere with the stuff that Trump said he was going to do but you gotta admit the economy is better well Paul Jackson I have to tell you something Paul Jackson all right I don't mean to offend you but the mayor of London is a terrorist I don't care what anybody says I don't know what the fuck's wrong with your city I have to agree with Trump about Sadiq Khan I'm sorry Paul Jackson oh I don't think he's on my side I never thought he was on my side oh let's go this that's cuz we got we got people like people think that the Obama put an office mad they're communists I don't know we'll have to see what happens in the next election I'm interested to see who the Democrats are gonna elect for their candidate oh I should say who the Democrats are gonna nominate for their candidate you guys got sigh I'm sorry man but I can't see any person and that there's a candidate for nomination it's worth anything I couldn't vote for anybody right now Pocahontas are you crazy defend elizabeth warren is a liar and a cheat Oh Elsie Alexandra is a idiot she should be removed from office I'm sorry but Ocasio Cortez should be removed from office Shalaby holla oh the democrats are let me tell you something the democrats nominee Barney Sanders what in LA prob yeah I will tell you the homeless crisis is as bad as it looks though they were there the typhoid outbreak there's a mersa outbreak it's pretty nasty right now pretty nasty right now in California with the homeless problem I would say fries probably both I would say the federal government's to blame and so is the state government asshole problem you can tell it got this asshole right here in this Toyota thinks he's mister yes yeah it's while the typhoid and the Mercer problem it's a city problem both San Diego and Los Angeles have had huge outbreaks it's been pretty it's pretty nasty out here for homeless they don't have programs to help get them off the street they just push them San Diego pushes them out LA pushes them out and right now San Francisco is pushing them out well I think I think immigration is a problem no I think undocumented immigration otherwise known as illegal immigration is a problem I think we're having in the US right now we have a 30-year high odd mana a mumps cases is that our measles it is either mumps or measles we have a growing number of people being infected with diseases that we didn't have before I've got typhoid outbreaks we've had measles outbreaks we've had some polio outbreaks well yeah it's cuz people who write so so then then this is a fact okay some people so let's say I get the measles vaccine let's say I get a measles vaccine when I'm a child by the time I'm in high school that Beatles vaccine is weakened okay but because everybody else has been vaccinated for the measles I don't get it but then somebody comes to the country that has measles because they were never vaccinated so they're carrying the measles virus and they give it to me I mean what most people don't realize is that a lot of the vaccines and because as a child are no longer effective right if you look at if you look at the the vaccines that we get his children a lot of those you're supposed to get a booster when you're in high school you're supposed to get a booster when you're in high school I didn't get a booster when I was in high school because you know most Americans don't so I'm probably right now succeptible to the measles so if somebody comes from another country with the measles guess what I could probably get them or the mumps or polio you know those vaccines they're not good forever you're supposed to give booster shots but most people don't get them honest police well that's true that is true bill jiggy but people are bringing the measles to America so you know I might be in a restaurant where somebody's sitting next to me at the counter has the measles or I might be I don't know on a bus or out of flight or I might be you know at a baseball game where somebody has the measles or is a carrier of the measles but because my vaccine has my immunity from the vaccine has so degraded that now I'm succeptible and yeah I know it's my responsibility I should go and get my my booster shot but you know what I don't want that puts the disease in my body and I hate needles so see I have no problem with immigration because people that legally immigrated they get the shots and then they don't bring the disease to America but the people that come illegally are undocumented immigrants they don't get the vaccines so they bring the disease over here so well you know he doesn't matter if you had chickenpox or not I had chickenpox twice and they say that when you get to about 50 your immunity from your childhood chickenpox goes well if you have a disease they won't let you in bill jingy I don't know if you've realized that or not but if you have a disease they won't let you into the United States I don't know if you realize that or not but during the immigration process they test you for diseases and if you have a disease they don't let you immigrate you do realize that right bill journey well Dave I don't believe what pearl said there's no evidence that anything that he said was true he has no evidence so I would say with no evidence that there's no truth to it unless he could provide evidence he showed no evidence to support his claims now Denny so morning urban gypsy how you doing how's it in the UK today they got they got a bunch of your your cities and towns clogged up and places closed off because the orange one is is visiting I just wish you to get a haircut you you can we all agree on that that the man needs a haircut zi1 Dave he needs it he needs to go for them he he needs go to that pinball oh I don't know I don't I I don't watch her videos Dave so I I I don't know where she's at usually when I hear about stuff from her it's because somebody else Wow six day that's uh that's a bit brutal don't you think that's not the way to talk about your president that way oh oh look hey six of state is that your candidate for 2020 I was she I can't come to Canada you guys won't let me in yeah but you won't let me in figure that one in Dave but you guys won't let me in although Canada is a synth is a signatory of the right to migrate pact Canada won't let me migrate there although I tell you if I wasn't on probation I would enter Canada and when they detained me I would I would file a human rights complaint as a migrant because I'm migrating through Canada but I can't leave the state right now so I can't do my my migrants and stuff now six the state don't you know they got unmanned border crossing between the u.s. and Canada you just have to find where the where the non-man border crossings are at yeah I know what you're talking about Dave I give up to 30% of my income to pay for everybody else I might lose you guys when I get off the freeway I'm still early for work well yeah but Dave you pay 50% in sales to an income tax you picked instead of income tax for your free health care you realize that right that you're 50% income tax is because you got free health care see we don't have free health care in America so we still pay 30% we're at $4 a gallon for gas – I don't know if you guys saw that gas station I know Dave you didn't get it did you I said I said you have 50% tax because of your free health care because it's not free got a cop watch not a cop watch let's see if we can get some cop watches done a lot of cops there's a lot of traffic stops up at this area I got time to work what time is it anybody anybody know what time it is in California oh yeah I still got like an hour so you can find a cop watch well four bucks a gallon is cheap are you crazy I'm everyone was a dollar I remember when was a dollar for a gallon of gas now I was like Ford 419 420 that's a lot of money back in cigarettes about seven bucks here it's about seven bucks per pack of cigarettes that's about how much I pay seven bucks twenty-one dollars for a pack of cigarettes mark yeah if I live there I'd have to stop smoking yeah I wouldn't pay 12 bucks where's the cops at wheat is cheaper haha that is true wheat is cheaper my friends I don't see any cops where the cops at now this is ticket time New Jersey divert and this is ticket time right now eight o'clock is when they give out all their tickets everybody going to work I do not watch bow sometimes I watch Freeman I do like some of Freeman's videos I do not watch bow where's the police there's you there's usually a lot of motor cops up here using a lot of motor cops up here I'm surprised there's not a lot of motor cops up here giving people tickets they hide over here behind these trucks it's a bunch of motorcycle cops up here we're go up here little ways and we'll turn around and come back what's going to happen is up here it's going to go from 40 miles per hour to 35 and that's where they get people see right now is 40 but in a minute to go to 35 I think we've gotten far enough it must not be out today yeah I'm not gonna get the tickets you guys can come watch me sorry guys it's not gonna happen today okay no cop watching of me hooked anybody want to get out go push a button for the crosswalk what does it call abs deprived what the hell's abs to prop a obscurantism police work in a word obscure to them and the other word is abs to proxy what the hell is arms to proggy yeah I don't think I'll be using that word I begin a usual course of by practice that not to use Nazi words I don't know oh god watch Oh see what week I don't know real jingy this looks like he's bothering somebody Wow let's got lost everybody one of the carpaccio that's what everyone a watch was the cop watch hey what's going away everybody I left my live stream I began to cop watch a backhoe chili beans how you doing I'm good good good morning nor comes how you doing we're moving to North County moving down south you're gonna have to change your name to SoCal news Utah you know Dave just Dave and there's another there there are two people there's date Dave just Dave was in Utah and Dave just Dave's in Utah and so is we'll say I can't think of what is I can't think of what his his channel name is but there are two people in Utah oh you told Halsey last night and Dave Dave is in Utah – Dave just Dave I haven't talked to him in a while I'm worried about him morning max Junior how you deal with my friend just missed Copwatch morning ladies and gentlemen are you guys doing you guys having a good one oh thank you sir I guess put fluid in this thing I guess but fluid in that always that backup I'll get some more fluid maybe add the fluid is that you know ink that maybe the the fuel part has evaporated and all its left you know maybe I left is all right let's get back on the road see what we can find never know what you might find up here you guys over some red and blue lights looking for cherries and berries cherries and berries I don't know what I did with my lid for my beard stuff I lost the lid to my beard stuff ah I'll see any cops out here what we're gonna do we're going to pull over here Hobbs Depot put the scatter on and see what we can hear I don't know usually this is like really really really busy with cops so I don't know where the cops are at get here we'll keep our your ears open and see if we hear anything I've got the scanner gone so what's that buddy up to today anybody sitting good videos you think are worth watching any cop watches or audits that you guys think would be worth seeing I'm in a bad area I can't get no radio traffic oh really what it is well I'm gonna go ahead and end this livestream hope you guys have a good day I don't wanna thank you guys for watching and you guys have a good one thank you very much stay safe

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