Religion. Spirituality.  Your Spirit Team. A Soul Journey Conversation.

Religion. Spirituality. Your Spirit Team. A Soul Journey Conversation.

I I am usually bright and cheery I'm really trying i I wanted to come on and ask you if you have ever felt like you are screaming inside look at me come support me screaming to other people asking other people for their attention and love support I'm gonna tell you something that I've learned over the past lifetime I mean I'm almost 40 so over the past lifetime that I've had this season that I've had that I have learned not one person in your life couldn't fulfill all of your needs not one person on this earth can fulfill everything that you need and that you are asking for yes many different people can fill parts they can fill parts of it but nobody can be there for you 24/7 nobody can give you the advice as soon as you want it nobody can hold your hand and hug you when you want them to and this is why I stress so much that you need a higher power you need a supportive team that's spiritual I talk about a spirit team and mine has grown over the decade from one to many so do you have your spirit team do you know how to tap in to that spirit team that supports you that gives you hope faith guidance things that other humans cannot give you they can't give it to you I've just learned they can't they don't have the know-how and all they have the advice that they're giving you is from their experience and from their perspective which is not your experience or your perspective and it might be the wrong information for you so how do you get to that juicy point I call it it's a juicy point of pinpointing what's perfect for you how do you get to that juicy point mmm I'm a mess today it's gonna be a mess today yeah how do you get to that juicy point so I started on my limiting beliefs I had a limiting belief about religion spirituality my higher power I had this belief that it could only be one way but it could only be how I grew up that you know everybody else looks so happy and that's why it's working and then I found out religion and spirituality are completely separate religion holds all of the rules and regulations over you and spirituality is expansive and limitless this is why more and more people are realizing that their spiritual not religious this is why so many people are walking away from religious sects because they're realizing that if my spirituality what I choose is limitless then I become limitless right my options open up and that's what we all want we want our options to open up to us we want it to be open and I'm bringing this up because today is the 11th it's bringing up the dark and the light and I have to call upon my team today I really had to call upon my team today and I just wonder you know how other people are doing it without their team how are you doing it without your spirit team behind you and how do you find your spirit team how do you find that juicy point so so part of it is looking at that limiting belief what do you believe and what do you want to believe hey I think religion and spirituality is this because of this and start you know if you don't like what you write down you you write down what you do want to believe what do you want to believe and then you get to pick and choose there are nuggets of truth in every single religion I have studied many religions Hindu Buddhist Christian and Christian is pretty expansive it goes into Lutheran and you know Catholic and all of them they're all Christian they all believe in Christ Hey and through all of those religions are nuggets of truth that we hold on to as a society that's why these religious sects are still in place because there are nuggets of truth that span through our spirituality that we should love one another we should be the best versions of ourselves we shouldn't kill we shouldn't lie we you know there are nuggets of truth that we are holding on to that are true that are part of our moral compass and this is through you know for all of us and throughout our moral compass yeah but you you get to write down the things that you do believe and that you don't believe it and then I started expanding I said well you know I believe that spirit is in everything it's in the rock in the tree in these other people there's energy there's vibration I can see it I can feel it you know I I have other senses but other people don't know about I have some of the Claire's you can look into those so I can I can see it I can feel it I know it on a deep deep level because I have those extrasensory most of us have those extrasensory they just haven't tapped into it but from there I wanted to talk to my guides I'm like I have to have guides there has to be somebody here right I can sense it I know it and so I started doing meditations spirit guide hypnosis I wanted to meet them know their name no way they're here what is my purpose and it just kept going deeper and deeper and deeper to where I was communicating with Archangels and now I have gone into communicating with Galactic's you know recently I did an Ashtar channeling and I have been really really hesitant to post it really hesitant to post it because not a lot of people know who Ashtar is they don't know the Galactic beings but I feel really really connected to the ashtar consciousness you know but it's just expanded and expanded and expanded and that's because I first got rid of that limiting belief so if you're screaming and crying out for other people to help you not everybody's gonna come not everybody has time for you okay everybody has their own boundaries their own things they're working with and each of us need to at some point call on our spirit team your spirit team is there 24/7 when you're crying at night and figuring your stuff out and journaling journaling is a great one when I first couldn't hear spirit I would start journaling and write out and I would just let or allow spirit to take over so that they could right through me and I let them write out what they want I've been trying to do that you know writing my business it's just been at a standstill it feels like the energy is stuck and it could be the mercury retrograde it could be Saturn it could be some of these planetary things it just seems like for the next three weeks we're gonna be at this point where we're just at a standstill and that's okay if things don't come to me until after that that's okay so and that's another thing that I did you just have to like let go you have to let things go you have to if it's not the right time in the right place you just let it go I expand on this subject in my work I expand on gaining your higher power and your spirit team and what does that mean to you because as many I have to I don't want to say religion but I mean this is how we describe it here on earth is religion as many people are here on earth and as many people that have passed on that's how many religions there are and I'm gonna kind of go into detail about that because each of us has our own individual knowledge along with the things that we like and we create our own religion and spirituality even if like I was raised Mormon I'll just give that example even though at the time when I was a little child and I was being raised Mormon there were things that I would revoke you know I don't believe that part that you're talking about and I don't believe this but this is true and this is true and this is true and I feel it in my heart right so there were things that I would still not believe fully I did not believe all of it fully and I'm sure there's other people and other religions that feel that way oh I believe this this and this but not that Dutton that you know it's just like the family down the street that has a gay family member and they don't believe in not loving their gay family member because of their religion right it's expansive it's all changing right so as many people are here on earth and as many people have passed away that's how many religions and spirituality there is we are all individuals we were all creators we are all light beings so this is all separate right we we all have our own I've been having a hard time speaking or getting out the words that I want to but we all have our own context I want to say context trip it's been difficult our own texturized ideas there are so many levels and layers and and colors and lights to its textured our spirituality is so textured and limitless and you get to create it you get to call upon it you get to have it support you alright I'm gonna go to my appointment I hope you guys have a good good day if you have more questions about this subject let me know all right

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