Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez facing backlash for 'concentration camps' comments

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  1. Even if they were concentration camps, which they are Not!, and even if they were Death camp,s which they are not, they would still be more merciful than the bloody Conquests of your bloodthirsty direct family ancestors over the Mexican Tribes,

  2. Watch Nazi Concentration camp SURVIVORS responding and calling out Cortez. YouTube is censoring this shit. Look it up people and watch

  3. The term "concentration camp" has a very graphic history, and it was inappropriate to use the term for the migrant detention camps in the south.

  4. All those that don’t want protection from bad people. Just do us a favor. Please go to Mexico. Come back after ten years. We would love to hear your opinion after. This is why we have such strong security at the boarder. There’s bad people pretending to be innocent just so they can come over here and make money off of us. We’re all just dollar signs to these people. And they will not stop at anything to get what they want. Even having families come over to just steal other children to sell and make money off of us. Selling their drugs. You think our government is corrupt. Why do you think their people are trying to flood the boarders. What makes you think it won’t happen to us if we just let anyone in. Start using logic and stop trying too be so gullible.

  5. I don't get the mentality. Many, maybe most, illegal immigrants show a disdain for the country. So how can they hold in one vision, a demand to be let in, with a disrespect and even hatred for the country? And how can the AOC, and Squad, and the Left, talk about how horrible our country is, and yet how we must let everybody in? . . . In the eternal words of Vinnie Barbarino, 'I'm soooo confused'.

  6. Talk about fake news, Cortez, looks to deceive the people of America with a staged fake news event, that’s just cringeworthy. If you are elected are you gonna make us all cringe during your whole term? Questions are now being asked about her ability to lead a country, seeing as she can’t handle her fake news social media campaign too well.

  7. I wonder why this elected representative do not speak much for the people who elected her, rather spend much time trying to work out things beyond her jurisdiction and support people who break law. I'm not an American, in my country we expect our representatives to speak for us, not for someone else whom they don't represent. Is my understanding wrong or is America crazy?

  8. She lies and people die – Antifa Attacker of Tacoma Detention Facility Left Manifesto on ‘Concentration Camps’

  9. CNN and Faux prove they're just two sides of the same (((coin))). ALL REAL CHRISTIANS AND REAL CONSERVATIVES know the holocaust was a grossly exaggerated fraud:

    As one lady remarked: "There are so many survivors who actually died?" Germany's paid BILLIONS to these "survivors". Several have recently admitted they'd been lying all along.

  10. AOC is not a serious person. She is a very foolish and clueless person who should find a good socialist country to live in.

  11. I still don't understand why people should care about illegal families. There are thousands of homeless people wandering around in a big city and nobody give any support. Why do we have to take care of illegals when we don't even care for our own citizens?

  12. She’s an idiot…. thanks for proving the point. I don’t see how she hasn’t been forcibly removed from her position.

  13. As a Jew I am disgusted. People in my family some who are still alive were sent to concentration camps as teens. They fortunately survived such a horrific thing that was made to murder. Border control is made to save and keep Americans safe. This is not a concentration camp.

  14. My great great grandparents came thru the first concentration camp “Ellis island”. They didn’t get a chance to jump a fence.. how about trying to get here legally. That way we won’t have to deal with these camps cause they are illegally trying to get here undocumented for a reason!

  15. You just have laugh at cow fart cortez…..she's the gift that just keeps on giving…..go cow fart….folks she's an idiot.

  16. She is right fuck the fake ass holocaust it's a fraud whats happening on the border and what happened to black people is real so fuck the holo-hoax-caust

  17. All I know is that Americans can't just walk illegally into any other country in the world in the name of wanting a better life without facing jail time, deportation, or execution. So why is detaining illigals who've committed a felony by coming into this country illegally and detaining them a crime? Certainly we can't be the first country in the world to open our borders to anyone and everyone!

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