Review and Virtual Video Test Drive In Our 2016 Ford Transit Connect 1 5 TDCi L2 240 Limited Panel V

Review and Virtual Video Test Drive In Our 2016 Ford Transit Connect 1 5 TDCi L2 240 Limited Panel V

[Applause] knowing to stop we have a really handy vehicle it's a Ford Transit Connect 1.5 TDCI it's the l2 240 limited panel van and it's a five-door with ya5 deal with it the two at the back and the one on the side that is C an EU six engine so you can get into sadik's London if so desired 2016 on a 66 plate done thirty thousand nine hundred fifteen miles now it's no v8 e on either so effectively if you're not VAT registered its twenty percent cheaper than anything else on the market fuel economy this is only a guide again it depends what you're carrying but urban 57.72 urban sixty four point two and combined is sixty one point four so a really good fuel economy figures there as well 118 brake horsepower 8-valve engine I'll just show you around it's finished in tectonic silver it's got the bench seats at the front but it's on the on the passenger side you've got a load through area as well for long pieces of wood or perhaps ladders or something thin ladders especially a really really nice color passenger side we have a side loading door there nicely finished side protection mud flaps I think it's got Continental tires on all around so well shut to twin barn doors open like so you've got the hard load liner in the back there steel bulkhead a little let me just see if I can show you this bit here allows you to load through you can drop the passenger seat the seat here the center panel pull that out like so and folds down and then this one like so and you've got a load flow area I'll keep that down stop my phone sliding about looking yellow button on the doors oh you press that and it will fold out to 90 degrees allows you to get right up to it with a stack of truck a forklift and load pallets in nice to do this one first it's a real good size van as well keys with a blade proper ignition lock just turn your phone down this has got air conditioning as well so we've got a proper service book as well it's all all good proper service book done on the 13th 11th 2017 six thousand three hundred forty six by am philip limited and then eight eleven 2018 nineteen thousand two hundred miles again am philip limited and it's john thirty two thousand nine hundred and fifteen miles at this moment actually I'll put that back up just got to pull that tag which is a little bit awkward but there you go take it for a ride in it it's so it's a real real nice fun it's a good color it's mint outside and it's mint inside too really really well finished off we've got heated seat even down here so no v8 a big thing with vans really it means nothing to you if you've out registered but if you're not it's 2,000 quid could bake on this van so dry it's fantastic usual Ford gearbox which is just absolutely beautiful it's slots in one nice light clutch I believe air conditioning is an extra it's also got power folding door mirrors it's the long wheelbase which again makes it well sought after I wouldn't be unhappy using one of these every day as there there's a normal vehicle and this is very very handy and in the old days things like this they used to convert into kind of camper vans or de vans and this would be ideal for that a Bluetooth hands-free Bluetooth audio streaming – got electric windows can't put them all the way down of course because my cameras are on I was good a heated front screen as well she's brilliant somebody there decided they're gonna no doubt turn right a couple of miles down the road and have adopted the position already spoiling it for everybody else who doesn't want to get done for a home to take in nice leather steering wheel as well ala minion finished there kind of matching around the display panel and your radio panel and again on the door handles and grab handles drugs just like a car it's just just these mirrors it's not one yeah that's like so just managed to get that yeah I'm assuming his name is no Barry so I hate and reach adjustable steering wheel there just lock that in place before we set off Oh mine would look at this Oh Oh do you they no he's still indicating is he gonna turn left or is he gonna go right oh no not decided so we're basically on a motorway doing 30 miles an hour here kill me now all right so play to the car mother van really really nice good thick in the old days used to have to have a plan ply aligned and this is got a molded floor lovely cloth seats so heated seat their power socket there your heated front and rear windows aircon put that back on your cruise control here just try the cruise control when we get onto the m6 drives and handles like a car or something may well change if you've got a big cement mixer in the back but there you go so in 670 miles an hour 2,000 revs let's just say you forgive all right so Center set miles per hour cruise control we got switched on so it's working okay we're at 70 there you have 72 thousand revs that's 70 table just starting to rain just managed to get the exterior the car done before it started raining which is a New Yorkers you homily it it stops when they get inside the car also to handy things on this on the the mirrors here the bottom probably quadrant covers your blind spots and also you can see they the curves were on your reversing so a nice handy split mirror there as well on here you've got your telephone controls here trip computer driver assists traction control indicates on the left their wipers on the right you had lot of controls here nice big door pockets here big bottle in their cup holder got too much road noise nice car coming up on the right-hand side looks like a McLaren is it Jael 17:4 I was hoping he'd gun it we could hear the engine but not to be he's a sensible driver probably on his way to Amore's that gearbox is so good I'll show you how to para mobile delete a mobile and stream music from your phone through the system just put a link to that in the top corner of the video I didn't leave much room there like the section he wrote yeah no bombs bangs or knocks Ford should make gearboxes for everybody cutting down production and so on but what they should do is stop making certain cars and just make everybody's gearboxes wife is working great you

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  1. We use Mercedes Sprinters at work but we never fill them up. I think we should use something like this.

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