Review: NEW S'well Tumbler & Traveler Bottles + GIVEAWAY!

Review: NEW S'well Tumbler & Traveler Bottles + GIVEAWAY!

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  1. I interested in buying one for my birthday, i just have one question, when you buy a tumbler, does it comes witha cover bag?

  2. Hi Kate,
    Is it easy to clean the 12 oz. traveler with a regular sponge or does your hand not fit in it like the other bottles?

  3. The Calcutta Gold appearance on the S'well website has gold on the cup. And a rather light blue background. I ordered and got the tumbler in 10 oz. size in the Calcutta Gold and it is not gold at all. It is pink and Burgundy pink on a white background. No gold shimmer here.

  4. read reviews on these products. I'm seeing several complaints that have to do with the lids on the bottles

  5. Thanks for all your great videos 🙂 How does the small traveler fit into a be classy bottle pocket? … If at all?

  6. I just bought my first S'well bottle from target that has a flip top, so it's perfect for my kiddos too. I love it.

  7. Hi Kate,

    Can you pls do a review of how the Swell travellers bottle fit into Ju ju be bags and Lily Jade bags?

    Tks Jessie

  8. Thanks for ta great video! Do you know if their lids are BPA-free, too? They look like plastic to me. I have emailed S'well about it, but so far have not received any answer.

  9. Yay! I LOVE s’well! My only problem is trying to get ice in there but that problem is solved with the new wide mouth!

  10. How does the swell compare to the hydro flask. Been a long time user of the hydro flask and reciently someone lost there swell bottle at school and i foind ot and only have used it once.

  11. I saw your video with the small traveler in the Be Sporty bottle pockets. Do you if/how the medium and large travelers would fit in the Jujube bottle pockets?

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