Rinehart Exhaust for Harley Touring Review at RevZilla.com

Rinehart Exhaust for Harley Touring Review at RevZilla.com

howdy this is lemon revzillatv here to talk to you today about Reinhart exhaust for Harley touring you should be looking into a set of Reinhardt pipes for your bike if you want something that is going to make it look better and sound better for those viewers stood in a full system you may also see a performance bump as well these things are currently being made for just about every late-model touring bike ninety-five on up so whether you have an Evo or a twin cam touring bike use our bike finder we're going to get you a set of pipes it's going to fit directly on your bike without any modification now in terms of installation depending on what system you go if these are either going to run in at a one beard or a two beard install on our three beard bsd our beard scale of difficulty slip-ons tend to be pretty easy but once you jump into a full system installation slightly more difficult there's some tuning stuff that has to happen along with the installation of the pipes we'll get more into that a little bit later so let's talk about what we're looking at up here and then we'll talk about construction and sort of some of the features that set reinhardt aside from the other exhaust brands on the market right now now to my left your right you can see here we have a Reinhart two into one system this is a classically styled two into one but two into one performance is not necessarily better with Reinhardt systems we'll talk about that in just a minute with construction am i right you can see here we have a set of their true duals these things are great looking exhaust a very classic system and Reinhart does take the term true duals to heart they definitely mean that to mean the exhaust does not mix anywhere and the pipes are separate sides of the bike so for those of you who get confused on that term Reinhardt definitely means it in the truest sense of the word behind me on our Street Glide you can see we have a set of they're four inch mufflers in black these things sound really mean give them a little bit of a listen right now see those things sound great they add a little bit of bark to the bite your bike already has so Reinhart was started by a fellow named Gerald Reinhardt and Gerald was welding up headers for NASCAR teams he was able to take a lot of what he was learning with the NASCAR exhaust he was welding up and apply it some motorcycles for better for performance for harley-davidson products so let's look at the outside of these pipes first and then we'll work our way inside to some of the construction techniques that set Reinhardt aside now the first thing everybody's gonna notice about all these exhausts is the beautiful finish we have nothing but chrome up here but you can also see again like the black mufflers we have in the Street Glide the black blends in really nicely with the factory hardly finished it pops immediately you can also see here to this beautiful end cap they have on here these things are anodized and then laser-cut these things look really nice it's a great way to cap off an already good-looking exhaust I feel like I can tell one of these from a mile away when I see them out on a lot somewhere one of the other things I like about finish – we had talked with their black finish matching really well unlike some of their competitors Reinhardt actually uses not only black heat shields but also black pipes or ceramic coated so when you see a black pipe on a Reinhardt exhaust it's not just a chrome pipe underneath it happens to have a black heat shield the whole thing is black so for those of you who think that's important especially if it may be some of that LED lighting on your bike where it might reflect off the chrome these are going to be all black pipes if you opt for an all black pipe it keeps the glare and the reflection down so you can also see here – in these heat shields these things are beautiful and they offer a lot of coverage you can see here these heat shields cover up a lot of the pipe really right up to the heads themselves what you can't see is how thick they are they laser-cut these things and they are super duper thick these are not the thin chintzy heat shield you see on some other exhausts these things are definitely going to last the life of your bike the nice part about the heat shields too is that they they hide some bluing B they keep boot marks to a minimum not saying it's an absolute impossibility to get boot rubber on your pipes but with these heat shields because there's a little air gap between the pipe and the shield itself the odds of you burning something into your pipe shield is much much lower so getting into construction one of the things that sets Reinhardt aside immediately is how they're making their power so we're going to turn this thing around so you can see the inside of the exhaust and this is actually the guts the interior this that you're never actually going to see after these things are installed in heat shields are on but you'll notice they use several diameters of pipe on these systems these pipes actually step if you'll notice these diameters are slightly different so as the exhaust gas rushes down through the pipe and it gets into the larger section it expands and as it expands it picks up speed so it lose again and you'll see here – there's another step in each one of these pipes and it does it again what that does is keeps the velocity of the exhaust gas up the faster you can keep that exhaust gas moving through the system the faster it gets out and realistically the more power your engine is going to be able to make because your piston is not working to push that exhaust out as hard as it was on say a stock system that's a little bit more restricted now the other thing I think is super cool too is if you look actually inside the head pipe not sure if you guys can catch this here but they use an anti reversion louver and that sounds like super fancy technology and it is but what it is effectively is a little it's just a little baffle of metal that's welded in there exhaust behaves a lot like a sound wave so it moves through the pipe but there's a phenomenon known as reversion where that exhaust wave can actually turn around and travel back up through the pipe obviously that's going to hurt performance now drag racers of the 50s and 60s you've probably seen or heard of them running lollipops or torque cones and these are similar devices to fight reversion the problem is they're usually hideously ugly a lollipop is a hole drilled in your pipe with a with a big old washer and not holding it in place they look terrible these are hidden you can't even see them from the outside of the bike yet they're going to prevent that exact same reversion I really love how they stick those things in there you don't see them but you're going to get the benefit from them now because of those multi diameter step pipes we talked about two two and one systems you're not quite as important traditionally – and ones have always made the best power for a v-twin style motorcycle like a Harley but because of these stepped sections and because Rinehart goes to the lengths of making sure the length of the exhaust is correct there's not really much of a gain picked up by going to a two-in-one system so what that means for you guys you can safely choose a system like the Abdul's and you're not worried at leaving horsepower on the table definitely choose a two and one if you like the look of it but Reinhart knows that there's a lot of riders out there who don't love the two-in-one look and because they've designed and tuned the exhaust to make sure that you you're going to get every bit of power you can you don't have to opt for it too in a one if you don't want to you're not going to leave any horsepower on the table now there are two more features that happen with reinhardt's that I love first things first the geeky mechanic and me loves the fact that they include gaskets with the exhaust I can't tell you how many times I've seen somebody wind up giving themselves an exhaust leak because they through an aftermarket exhaust in their bike but they never replace the gaskets that come with this system so they actually wind up losing performance when they put a system on where they're supposed to gain some ponies the other thing I really like about Reinhart is recently they introduced a set of head pipes they call their slim line duals now the slim line duals are the same size as a factory HD header the good thing about this is that you can get a set of mufflers like we have on our Street Glide here but you don't necessarily have to buy a full system prior to introduction these slim line duals you were really married into choosing whether or not you wanted a full system or mufflers only early on and if you decided you wanted to upgrade from mufflers only into a full system you were kind of hosed you didn't have a way to do that you had to junk your mufflers or sell them off on the side and then buy a whole new exhaust ever since Reinhardt came out with these slim line duals you have the option now of starting with a set of slip-on mufflers and then jumping into a full system exhaust either as your budget allows or as you start modifying your your bike a little bit more now in terms of modification Reinhardt is cranking these things out for those of you who are not heavily modifying your bikes sure you might have an exhaust you might have a High Flow air cleaner you're gonna put a fuel processor on there and possibly even a set of cams once you get into the really radical stuff engine internals bore jobs stroke jobs anything really crazy super high compression heads these might be not quite enough pipe for you however that's going to be the minority in the market I think most of you folks are going to have bolt on stuff the standard stuff that just about all of us do to our bikes so Reinhardt should work out well for a pretty wide variety of riders now let's get into installation I talked about this being either a 1 or 2 beard installation depending on exactly what kind of bike you have and what kind of exhaust you're choosing so with a set of Bonz like we have on the street Clyde this is a really easy install definitely a one beard or all the way you're going to need just a couple wrenches a little bit of time in the garage I had these things on there in half an hour half an hour later my cameraman and I were outside we were listening to this thing purr if you go with a full system the installation is a little bit more difficult you do have to you have to work the heat shields onto the exhaust you have a little bit of installation time because there's more pipe coming off the bike and consequently you're putting more pipe on the bike that's not the really difficult part though the thing that sort of bumps this into the two beard category is the tuning that must happen we all know how lean Harley's are out of the factory and a good system like the Reinhardt just exacerbates the condition they make the bike run that much more lean so once you throw a set of these pipes on there you're definitely going to want to throw a fuel controller under your bike already now if you already have a fuel processor on your bike all you're gonna have to do is just retune a little bit but if you don't you're going to have the additional time to install a fuel controller and then tune it whether that means dragging this thing over to your dyno operator or it means you wind up taking a couple of test pulls down the road and sort of dialing things in yourself but it does turn a project the that we really should only take an hour to into something that can stretch out just a little bit however it's not beyond the scope most home mechanics you should be able to do it no sweat as I said it's a two beard or it's not too difficult I love the way Reinhardt systems look I love the way they sound the heat shields and these things are fantastic looking if there's not many bad things you could say about a Reinhardt system my opinion is not the only one that matters though click below read it some other riders who have this already have to say about it see if this might work out for you if you have fitment questions you're not sure if this is going to work with your setup get in touch with one of our gear geeks see us at revzilla.com or you can always get one by phone eight seven seven seven nine two nine four five five I'm Lemmy I'm out of here you

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  1. Lemmy…how do I get boot marks and other burnt on shit from my black V&H pipes? Thanks man! đź’€

  2. This truly was the worse system I've ever had on a motorcycle. I had them on my street glide.
    Their True dual system. Spent their over priced cost for a full setup. Got it installed. Had Harly tune them. (Map my ecu) rode my bike for almost two weeks. Hated the sound. It actually ran better with the stock pipes on it.
    Took these off. Went to the RBracing 2into1 LSR Black Hole. Never went to another system on any other bike.
    The Black Hole cost more than the average system. But is well worth it for the performance & sound you get.
    Dont by these. Try anything else on the market. Like me. You'll end up with a set of Wall Art in your shop or garage. You'll never be able to sell them.

  3. I have the 4.5 MotoPro on my 17 Ultra Limited sou d much better than stock. Now I need the headers!

  4. He states that when the exhaust gas enters the larger diameter pipe its pressure increases and so does its speed, that is incorrect as stated by Bernoulli's principle, physical principle formulated by Daniel Bernoulli that states that as the speed of a moving fluid (liquid or gas) increases, the pressure within the fluid decreases.

  5. I have another question did Reinhearts header pipe make it difficult to remove the engine oil dipstick or have they a newer head pipe?

    Also if I do put Reinhearts mufflers on should I change my stock header pipe to the Reinheart header pipe?

    Will it make any improvements in performance & sound by using their header pipe vs stock?
    Thanks you guys are great!!đź‘Ť

  6. I have a 09 Electra Glide Wen stock exhaust I bought some rhinehart's mufflers stuck header comes out as an inch and 3/4 and the muffler is 2 in is there a adapter you can buy

  7. I have an 02 electric glide that carbureted with the Arlen Ness big sucker kit i just picked up the rinehart true dauls full exhaust do i have to take it somewhere after i put the exhaust on to be tuned

  8. I want to install the Rinehart true duals & their 4” mufflers on my 2016 Ultra Limited (stock) and the FP3 plus a high flow air filter my question is will I get better MPG?
    I know the performance will be slightly better and the sound.

  9. i recently picked up a 2013 road glide custom 103" with only 136 miles! it is bone stock everything so i ordered reinehart extreme true duals with 4" mufflers and a S&S stealth air cleaner . I already had a powervision for my sportster so i just bought a licence for the new bike is this a good set up and will the powervision canned tune be sufficient for the upgrades ?? i also opted to leave the air filter open with just a dome cover .

  10. I understand this video is a few years old. Right around 7:45 in the video it is mentioned that if you do some larger projects then this pipe might not be enough. I have a 17 Road Glide Special with the Milwaukee 8. I have a SE air cleaner, dynojet power commander tuner, and rinehart 4" slip ons. Ultimately I would like to get the SE Stage 4 upgrade but do not want to have to buy a new exhaust. Anyone have any thoughts or options if the slim line duals are no good for that upgrade? Or if they are since this video does not talk about the m8 engine. I heard they can have different effects since it's only a 1 cam motor compared to the 2 cams on the 103. Much appreciated!!

  11. those 4" slip ons sound nice! on a 2017 M8 would there be a difference on sound if I keep/change out air filter? and what would I need to do if I do change out air filter w slip ons.

  12. i have a 2012 SG. Stock head pipes and cat. I have the 3" Rinehart slip on. Not happy with sound. can I pull baffles out without hurting performance and or engine ? I removed them just to hear difference and loved the sound, but reinstalled do to hearing its not good for engine.

  13. I have a somewhat stock 2012 Street Glide.
    14000 miles I recently picked up. Stage one air and CFR pipes… epic fail in sound in my book.
    However, I'm pulling the trigger on said bike, for S&S cams, losing the cat, and a dyno tune.
    So… my point…
    Rinehart system or slip ons…???
    What am I leaving on the table by going with slip ons.

  14. I have Rinehart slip ons, on Vance and Hines true dual headers. The system sounds great and delivers great performance. BUT, true to the great down fall of Rinehart mufflers, the baffles separated from the body of the pipe causing a irritating rattle. This has happened to at least half the people i've spoken to that have bought Rineharts. Its a big problem.

  15. Have a '07… FLHRSE3 ; 110", Wood Bros 777 cams, Rinehart (true duals), SE tuner and AC.
    Is this a good set-up; or, being a 110" motor…. are the pipes too restrictive? If not a good selection (pipe)…. is there a 2-1 header pipe, which will accommodate (one) of the Rinehart mufflers…. thereby saving me some $?

  16. In your expert opinion, what's the best set up to get the most fuel & air to the motor? I don't want to do any mods to the motor itself (ie; cams, boring etc)
    I'm purchasing 2006 Road King that is bone stock from the factory. 
    I like the way Rinehart looks & sounds, but I'm open to any other suggestions that's reasonable cost as well

  17. I'm looking at getting a stock Road King.
    I want a full Rinehart exhaust + thinking of getting big sucker for the air. Is there any way to get more air in the motor or is this a good set up?

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