Ring Fit Adventure – My Way to Play – Nintendo Switch

Ring Fit Adventure – My Way to Play – Nintendo Switch

[Nintendo Switch Snap] -OK.
[cheery minimalistic beat][In-game announcer]
-Alright, let’s go!
-OK, lift knees.
[In-game announcer]

-OK, let’s move!
[In-game announcer]
-Nice improvement!
-Oh let’s do this.
[In-game announcer]
-Shake your hips!
-Whoa![In-game announcer]
[female VO]
-Going on an adventure,
while getting in a workout?
That’s my way to play.

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  1. My Santa 2020 letter starts with… oh…

    My Birthday wishlist starts with… oh…

    My dream starts with a new TV 😀

  2. I love that Nintendo keeps making trailers and content to promote Ring Fit Adventure. It's awesome and everyone should at least try it once.

  3. Hope we get a Sonic crossover where we have to run at 60mph and jump 10 feet into the air while bumping around every obstacle in the room

  4. I'd really like if you could partner with companies that have apps that track steps per day daily amount of water likeSamsung heath. Would be really nice

  5. I did my 32nd Ring Fit session today! It's really made it easier and more fun to stick to a routine than going to the gym did.

  6. Just gonna add to the churs of yay sayers. this game rules and is super good for fitness. my roomate is a personal trainer and nutrition expert and he also plays.

  7. She’s a cutie…we should have a #CROSSover episode w/her & the #Peloton girl. 🚴🏻🏋🏻‍♀️🇺🇸

  8. Everyone says this workout game is so good. That’s literally the LAST thing I expected from a buncha gamers. Guess i’ll have to try it out.

  9. This game is surprisingly good like I mean the actually gameplay is really fun and actually kinda addictive and the work out it give is also really good

  10. Watched highlights from Vinesauce's stream of this game, and I'm seriously considering buying this game to go with my workout routine

  11. Clicked the vid to see how amusing the comments would be ridiculing the game…it seems like Nintendo somehow found a audience for this joke. Which in turn are the jokes.

  12. I had to send my Switch to Nintendo because it’s faulty and it’s been a few days since I’ve played this game. I swear to god if I lose my progress I will cry.

  13. The ring-fit is not so great. Any person who lacks fitness or correct posture and lack understanding of the human anatomy are asking for pain or accident to happen.

  14. Just yesterday, it was my 50th day of training on this game's adventure mode and I'm still a little over halfway done with the overall world

  15. I’ve been playing this for a dozen days now and gotta say this game is actually an effective and fun workout. 10/10

  16. Everyone should play a birth simulator. Hey Nintendo give your dedicated gamers a bone. It starts with a system upgrade along with added dedicated memory. So we don’t have to pay money for a GOD DAMN MEMORY CARD. Fix it and fix it now and if you don’t? Your whole dame company is a toy company.

  17. When is this game expected to arrive in Russia? I have not been able to buy it anywhere for a month. Please answer … Be humane with your fans !!! (

  18. This is an actual legit workout, I've learned so many new exercises while playing adventure mode. I get one session in every morning and I feel energized afterwards, but MAN is it killer on the thighs, so many squats haha

  19. If you're thinking about getting this game just do it already, it's a fantastic dynamic workout and a pretty good game to boot!

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