River Cruise Ship Collision

River Cruise Ship Collision

hi everyone it's dawn and I hope you're having a fantastic day unfortunately we have more update on the tragedy of the Viking River cruise ship that struck a tourist boat in Budapest quickly before we show you the caption of the video I just want to warn you some of it could be disturbing as you can clearly see passengers on board being hit when the cruise ship strikes the smaller tourist boat so I just want to give you the fair warning ahead in case there's any kids watching and you or you don't want to watch it so be prepared for the video ahead so as it comes to fact a Viking River cruise ship hit a tourist boat called the mermaid in Budapest on a Danube River the 64 year old captain only known as Yuri see they only released the first initial of the last name right now it looks like he will be being charged as he's still being detained by police and after you see this footage you can kind of see why he's being charged with recklessly operating a cruise ship in the congested waters causing casualties and it's kind of shocking at how fast this happens when you take a look at it you can clearly see the smaller tourist boat is just beginning to head under a bridge when the larger Viking River cruise ship comes up from behind and basically just steam rolls right over the cruise ship and a lot of people were saying when this first news came out well why didn't they just jump overboard and you can clearly see in this one just how fast that happens and not only does it happen but you have the hull of the Viking ship is on top of you and there's also a slight roof on the smaller tourist boat the mermaid so there wasn't a whole lot of time to react in fact the ship went down in seven seconds so just picture that you're looking at the video you hear this loud noise behind you you turn around you see a hull of a ship coming right on top of you and already four seconds five seconds have gone by and the ship is half way down into the water already and then it continues to roll over you not only that this time of year the danube is still quite cold and frigid waters as well as the current the current on the danube is extremely strong if you're not careful in the boats the boats will be just swept down streams so it's not like just a nice lake or anything like that it's it's a treacherous River and so unfortunately it looks like there are going to be only seven survivors of 35 people passengers all of them were from a tour company in South Korea the South Korean tour company that organized everything has come on and stated obviously their condolences and that they take all responsibility and helping the families and things like that the real quiet one rate now is Viking River Cruises Viking hasn't said anything and when you see that footage it's there's there's not a whole lot you can really say about it as it's just like you know somebody's driving down the road at forty miles an hour and a guy hits you at a hundred miles an hour from behind it's a there's not a lot of things you can say they just did not heed the roadways of the water if you will and so he is going to be detained and I imagine there will be some severe charges going forward I I can't really see it offense it's not like a small boat can slam on the brakes you can see it's heading at a normal speed and it's the river cruise that clearly catches up to it and runs directly over it from behind so there's not a whole lot but they can say in defense about this and it just it calls into question right now Viking which is a premier cruise line both in the river cruising and the ocean cruising but just a few months ago now the biking sky the captain's being questioned why it sets sail to begin with during stormy seas and now this river cruise is the captain's been operating it unsafely it kind of calls them the questions who's running that ship and who's checking the captain seas onboard is it seniority or are they really qualified it's just it's hard to imagine something you're just out just out enjoying the day you're on a leisurely tour boat guide something that should be extremely safe you're in the harbor you're in the main area looking at the temples I'm looking at the towns and the scenery and suddenly you'll run over by a large ship recklessly driving it's completely senseless and it's completely avoidable and I hope this captain gets everything coming to them and I hope Viking starts a little more stringent looking at their captaincy right now because it's not looking too good on them at the moment I'll keep you more updated as we hear further updates but as appears right now out of 35 people it only seems like right now we have seven who were pulled from the water but there is still hope and they still are hoping that some people were brought up and just hasn't been recognized from onshore the real real tragedy is if you know this is a tour all from one area it's from South Korea you know a lot of people travel in huge groups and huge families together so there's a very good chance that a lot of these people were family and it it it just ups the tragedy level even worse so I'll keep you even going formed as much as I can as this comes out I just wanted to show you that video so you can clearly see what happened because a lot of people were messaging me well I would just jump in the river well take a look at how fast this happens and you may not have had time to jump in the water you may even push down between a hole the bottom of a cruise ship the ship you're on and that's the way it works so I hope you appreciate this news update if you did please give it a click on the button if you want to see more tips more tricks more travel blogs from around the world and hopefully much better stories to come please hit that subscribe button until next time have yourself a safe and a great vacation

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  1. The Viking captain was either not paying attention, or he rammed the small boat deliberately for simply being in his way. I would not put anything past some people.

  2. It's epidemic. Two days after the Danube disaster, the MSC Opera has crashed into a docked river boat in Venice Italy. Five people were injured, four on the severely damaged river boat.

    Reportedly, the MSC Opera lost power as it was trying to dock and the tugs assisting it lost control of the larger vessel.

  3. Hey Don.

    Are you on the news about the MSC Opera in Venice that also collided with a tourist vessel when it came into Port?

  4. Very sad. My condolences to the families. It would take you 7 seconds just to figure out what’s going on, let alone make a decision on what to do…. 💔

  5. The captain did not call the 911 or 112. Nobody but 10 minutes later one tourist from another cruise call the emergency number. This is terrible. It's like hit and run!

  6. With all the modern aids for navigation that ships and river cruise boats have this should not have happened, the other question was anybody on the Viking River boat keeping watch on the Bridge and did any alarms go off . On an aircraft all sorts of alarms go off if the plane is going to hit something , do they have anything similar for ships and boats ? The Danube is a a very busy river with large barges full of cargo as well as leaisure craft of all sizes , surely some one was on duty on the Viking Bridge? RIP for those that died.

  7. Don the MSC Opera crashed I assume while you were sleeping, we are in australia and some aussies on bord have shared video to FB of the accident, terrifying as people fell into the water while the ship runs over the top of their smaller ship – please update us with what's happened there x thanks mate.

  8. https://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/incidents/out-of-control-cruise-ship-crashes-into-boat-wharf-at-venice/news-story/d385551e8e6f5f82b614cc89dc10afc8

  9. Being chewed up by props not good way to go. That was a mass killing as those screws suck you in. That why ships turn hard port or starboard on man over board.

  10. If the cpt told the company that he couldn't sail but they told to sail and the dock allowed it and no one tracked what ships were in the water it's a combo of the company and governments fault.

  11. I think you are making too many assumptions without knowing the full story and facts. There is no doubt that this is a tragic incident and it does look like the Viking Captain is at fault, but before slamming someone, get the facts and the other side of the story. There could have been mechanical problems, the smaller boat may have gotten in the way where it shouldn’t have been and as we know boats just can’t stop quickly. There are many factors to consider before apportioning blame, so get the full story before making such videos.

  12. This does give real life perspective of how fast these tragedies happen. I'm a really good swimmer and there is no way I could have reacted fast enough to save my life.

  13. Thanks again Don for these important vlog updates’ prayers and thoughts to all families involved🙏❣️🙏❣️

  14. I offer my condolences to the families and friends of the people on the sightseeing vessel. I am also concerned that we as a society are condemning this captain before we are aware of all the circumstances. This is one angle of the picture. Could the sightseeing vessel have turned into the path of the larger vessel? Just a question from a naive viewer. It is still a tragedy for all involved.

  15. Very sad thing. There are several reports about this & I don't think all facts are in yet. One report says that the Mermaid made a turn to the left which caused the hit..so the facts will come out.

  16. Initial reports on DW (Deutche Welle), the German broadcasting network, were that the sightseeing boat, which had been traveling parallel to and slightly ahead of the Viking Ship, swerved into the path of the larger ship traveling faster. IF that’s true it would be more like a Car doing 25 in the right lane

  17. I'm sorry and give my condolences but why didn't the smaller ship let the bigger ship through first bigger ships don't stop easily.

  18. Thanks Don, your updates are appreciated. On another topic, the weather looks pretty depressing behind you. When do you make your first stop?

  19. I realize that the opening is one you use in every video, but it is disconcerting to play that upbeat tune and follow it with some of the news you report. I do thank you for your updates on all things cruise related.

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