Road Trip Mukbang Q&A!

Road Trip Mukbang Q&A!

Hi guys, welcome back to a very different video.
So we asked for your questions a couple of days ago on Instagram and then
we thought that we’d film it whilst we were on a little bit of a road trip.
– Yeah. So I haven’t been able to visit my family over Christmas so this is my first chance so
we’re actually halfway, got two hours to go to Newcastle but we’ve stopped for some food.
– We’re actually at Tibshelf services if you’ve ever been. But we stopped there cause it had a McDonalds.
– Yes. So we are gonna eat our McDonalds and we’re gonna answer your questions. This is a new concept to me. I’d never heard of before.
– I said to Martyn it’s like we’re filming a mukbang because it is a mukbang.
– I thought you’d just made it up. I had to explain to Martyn what a mukbang was.
– A mukbang. Put in the comments if you know
what it is, but basically we’re gonna a mukbang is where you eat
food and chat. So we’re gonna eat food and answer your questions.
So first question, this is one that I’ve answered, what’s your…
– Have you memorised them? No no I said this is one that I’ve..not answered. This is a question I’m gonna ask you. Ah right.
– What’s your McDonald’s order? Big Mac and fries.
– Mine’s a McChicken sandwich and fries and then we also got Nuggets as well and then I’ve got coke.
– Just thrown it in there. I like my fries first please.
– Go on then. I like to put them in the holder. Thank you for all your questions by the way.
– Yes. Okay we’ll try and answer them all but we don’t want it to be too long.
So when is your next trip to Disneyland Paris? Look out for a video coming up very soon.
– Yeah I think it’s pretty much coming up the week that this goes out as well. Next, any tips for a first-time visit to
Harry Potter Studios? We actually did a video on this. So if you go on the
channel I think we did like 20 tips didn’t we in total?
– Was it 20? I thought it was 10. 10? Oh no I think we did 20.
– I can’t remember. I think my main one is just go at your own pace. Yeah. Don’t feel rushed.
– Yeah. Cause once you’re in that’s it, you know you
can just take it as long as you want. There’s no time limit and then for
the great hall, that you can go back in each time a new group is in. Does that make sense?
– Yeah. So once you leave the great hall and another group comes
in but once that group is in you can rejoin them and take more photos if you want.
I think one of my main tips is to ask questions to the people working
there because they know so much and they have so many like valuable facts that
we didn’t even know about. So yeah, be scared to like ask them for advice.
They’re really helpful. Food is better in the food court at the
beginning than halfway through the tour. How do you store your vlogs or are
they only on YouTube? So we’ve got loads of hard drives.
– We’ve got so many now. Yeah, so we’ve got, there’s a main hard drive that I use all the time and I also
like edit off of that hard drive rather than it importing all the footage on the
computer otherwise it would take up all the memory and then I back up the hard
drive that’s got the vlogs on, on to another hard drive, they’re backed up and backed up.
– Because at the end of the day you never know what’s going to happen with YouTube like, fingers crossed it never goes down but if it does we just wanted to have all our vlogs for us.
– Also hard drives can break as well. Aw, how are you both?
– That’s a nice question. We’re good. We’re excited for this year.
We’ve got so much coming up. I’m excited to go see your family
because we haven’t seen them in so long so I’m excited to go down to Newcastle.
– Yeah, you’ve just been working a lot haven’t you so it has been a
bit longer for you. You’re gonna see my little nephews, there
gonna be massive compared to last time. I know! They’re gonna be so big.
But yeah, thanks for asking. And also will you be filming the wedding for a video?
So we’re not gonna be vlogging but we do have a wedding videographer
who is going to yeah film, film it all. I think we’re hoping to do a little
trailer video, it should be like two to three minutes which we’ll
put up on the channel and then he is also filming a longer video of all the
speeches and stuff. Yeah, we both said we said to each other
we’re not vlogging on the day. Not we’re gonna leave it to someone else. But we’re definitely gonna share the video with you guys. It’s actually Matty Trett who got in touch with us because you watched our videos. Yeah and he is a amazing videographer. We just fell in love with his videos. So yeah, if you’re looking for a wedding videographer, definitely check him out. If you could work on any area of Disney, e.g rides or hotels, what would it be? I would work in the entertainment I think. I was just talking about this at Walt Disney World. I’d love to be in one of their shows.
So they do the Beauty and the Beast show, so yeah, I’d like to do that and like the
parades and yeah, just all the shows. I’d love to be in them. Yeah, what would you?
– I’d like to be the guy that’s part of the Frozen sing-along show. That looks quite cool.
– Yeah. If you could develop a new ride Disneyland Paris, what would it be? Oooh, this is always a tricky one.
– This is hard. I think I’d like to see something Coco related to be in the Coco bit where you’ve got
all the the skeletons and things. So whether it would be like a ride that
takes you to the the other side, something like that. That’d be cool. I think a Moana ride would be quite
cool. There’s not Moana at Disneyland Paris. Yeah, what like a water ride?
– Yeah. That’d be good although it’s so cold isn’t it in Paris a lot of the time.
It’d be really cold. Yeah but some kind of Moana ride. Oh no actually, a Hercules ride
because there is no Hercules. There is no Hercules.
– At Walt Disney World or Disneyland Paris, so yeah, a Hercules ride would be so good. Flying on Pegasus.
– Yeah that’s a good one. Do we have any more ketchup? Have you found any wedding gems? Mine where my
centerpieces from Poundland. that’s so true. Poundland
and Pound Stretcher and all the pound shops are really really good for
wedding stuff. They have a few that hidden gems. They actually have a wedding section.
– Get some bargains. We actually have found a few gems but we
don’t want to give them away because we do have some family and friends that
watch the channel but Facebook marketplace is really good.
You get stuff for free. When are you getting married? We are
getting married in August this year. So August 2020 and we can actually say now
that we’re getting married this year which is crazy. We’re hoping for a nice sunny day.
– No rain please. If your YouTube channel ends up getting enough
subscribers would you make it your full time jobs? Yes.
– Yeah. We would. I don’t think it will ever get to the stage where, well never say never, but I would love to get it to a stage where it could be a part-time job.
I would love that. So that you could work part-time and then actually
have a few days where you just solely focus on YouTube. That would be
the dream, that’d be so good. I’d love to, yeah.
– It’s so creative and I guess the danger is that YouTube you don’t know how long that’s
gonna be around for but I’m a performer so I’m used to stuff not
lasting forever like contracts and things and also I guess you’re never
guaranteed a job. You know, like Thomas Cook and stuff, like you just you never
know do you when something is gonna end. So I think
if it came to a place where we could, we probably would take it part time wouldn’t we?
– Mmm. We’re a long way off. Gotta get a few more subscribers I think
before that’s a possibility. Which is your favourite Disney Castle?
Mine is Disneyland Paris. It’s just beautiful.
– Mine is. I love the pink colour and everything.
– It still looks beautiful on a rainy day which is what they did on purpose.
– Yeah, why they made it that colour. Have you been to Disneyland Paris in February? If so do you have any tips? We haven’t actually but we have been in January. So yeah, pretty much the same and we have a whole video on winter tips. I was just about to say that, yeah.
– I think the top tip because it’s still quite cold in February, I think the top tip is to get Hot Hands. Get yourself on Amazon and get some Hot Hands because they are just the best
like when you’re standing waiting for the parade or the fireworks, you can
just have the Hot Hands. It makes such a difference. Yeah it does.
– You can get Hot Feet as well now. # Get your Hot Hands, your Hot Hands going If you could slightly alter one ride in the Disney parks what would you change and why? I’m gonna go with
Indiana Jones at Disneyland Paris and when I’m going around, I always think
this would be amazing if you would hear the Indiana Jones theme playing.
– Yes, so like Star Wars. Yeah, but it doesn’t play as you go around.
– Yeah that would be epic. It’d be like… [Hums Indiana Jones tune]
– That’s be good. So I think I would do that. That’s hard you know. I love all the rides. I can’t think of what I would
actually change. Well I wouldn’t change it. I love the frozen ride but I always
thought it went back quicker than it does. So like when I used to watch vlogs
it’d be like # Let it go # and then like they would fly back but then in reality I think it goes quite slow. It doesn’t have
that same impact that I thought it was gonna have. You’re just an adrenaline junkie.
– Yeah. So I would just make it like fly backwards when they blast Let It Go out.
– Everyone would be like “But this is Frozen, calm down”. They probably can’t cause it’s like meant for children. So next one, have you ever seen Disney on Ice? No.
– We would love to. I would love to go and see it. Hi guys, I was wondering where is
your favourite spot you stopped off while the ship? The one that I always go
to straight away, I also go to Barcelona. That’s what I was gonna say.
Ever, I think our favourite port is Barcelona just because it has everything. It had a beach, it had shopping, it had loads of history and culture. Football stadium, zoo,
we did something different every time we went. Yeah and the architecture is stunning.
is stunning yeah and then my favourite place from just this year, so like Greece
and Croatia and stuff, oh that’s hard. I really loved Corfu, it was our home port.
– Corfu was really nice, yeah. I really fell in love with it, I liked it and then another one was Santorini and I visited the village of Oia and it was stunning. It just looks like
what it looks like in all the photos. So that was a real bucket list moment for me.
– And if you don’t know we’ve got a playlist of our time on the cruise ships.
– Dubrovnik was cool as well. Right, I’m naming loads now.
– Just stick with one. Oh! Actually!
– No. That’s it. One more was Costa Rica when we went
to see the Sloth sanctuary. That was my dream and yeah, that was incredible
visiting this Sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica. Next is where will your honeymoon be? As for honeymoon, there’ll be a video at a later date. Sorry we can’t mention.
– We have decided where it’s gonna be. We’re waiting on a few
more confirmations but yeah, we are planning on telling you all quite soon.
Maybe in the next couple of months. But yeah, we are honeymooning after the
wedding and we are incredibly excited about it, it’s gonna be epic. When is your next DLP trip?
I think we’ve already answered that. How long did you think about proposing Martyn? It’s one of those things that I’m
struggling like to remember exactly when I decided. I definitely knew that I, well
when we were going out for a little bit I remember Helena saying that
she’d ideally like to get married after three years of going out together.
– Did I? I can’t remember saying that. And I logged that in my memory so since then really I’ve had in my head
three years and then I definitely knew before we went to Disney World
because I think I’d been thinking about it and then after
Disneyworld I booked the trip to Disneyland Paris
straight away and then I set about getting the ring and stuff. So yeah,
quite a bit before the. Like a year.
– Yeah I’d say I was planning it for quite a while. I just wanted, I didn’t know when the next,
when the perfect time would be. I did think about Florida but…
– It was a busy holiday. It was busy yeah, so I thought I’ll leave it till a bit later. But yeah, quite a while. What is a must do for a first
time trip to Walt Disney World? Oh gosh, there’s a lot. I say ride wise you’ve got to head to Animal Kingdom and
you have to ride Expedition Everest in the dark and you have to ride Flight of Passage.
I can’t comment yet on Star Wars land but from my sources,
Galaxy’s Edge seems amazing as well. And then you have to watch Happily Ever After.
It’s just the best night time show ever. Like ever.
– Fantasmic. Fantasmic.
– Is great. And I say meet Mickey Mouse because yeah, if it’s your first trip you’ve gotta meet Mickey. Meet the main man.
– And then if you’re looking for a restaurant recommendation, my one restaurant which is just incredible is Ohana. I was gonna say the same thing. I would highly recommend going to Ohana if you
can. But yeah, I mean there’s just so much to do. And never feel pressurised to get
everything done. Just pick out a few things each day and then go with the flow. Thinking of Finding Nemo the Musical.
– # Go with the flow Yeah go and see that as well.
– Because there is just so much to do and whatever you do you’re just gonna have the best time so try not to stress about it. Just enjoy it. Helena will tell you that I walked into
Magic Kingdom for the first time… It was Hollywood Studios.
– Sorry, Hollywood studios and I was overwhelmed. He was. It took him like two hours to like do anything because you just walked
around going…it is very overwhelming. Just because it’s so big and you’re like where do I start? And then
you have that kind of voice in your head going, oh should we this?
– Give yourself a loose plan. That’s what we did as well. We drew out like which parks we
would go into on which day and of course that like changed but you had an
idea of what you were doing. Yeah to try and cope with how overwhelming it is. I’m so
excited for you. I wish I could see it through my eyes for the first time again. Favourite trilogy in Star Wars? As in prequels originals and sequels and favourite character from it. Well that’s one for you. I’ve only seen three.
– Helena is actually working her way through the films. Out of the films I’ve seen so far,
my favourite is the one we just watched. Oh really? Was it? That’s mine.
– Empire Strikes Back. Yeah so Helena’s seen Solo: Star Wars story, you’ve also
seen A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back and then next week you’re gonna watch
Return of the Jedi. Next week.
– Me, my favourites will always be the original trilogy just
because there was something magical about about those films, the chemistry
between all of the actors, something just came together and the story was really
good and there were surprises and yeah, so the original trilogy. Favourite
character. It’s funny because… Mine’s Chewie. Yours is Chewie. My favourite character is
the same in terms of the prequels and the original trilogy
although played by two completely different actors and that’s Obi Wan.
Obi Wan’s my favourite character. Yeah, he’s a good character. And you now say to me don’t you, young Obi Wan. [Posh voice] And final question, who would you…
– What’s that? That voice. I’ve been watching the crown. [Impersonates the Queen]
Who would you pick to do a Disney song that hasn’t done one before?
– Yes, so when I read this I didn’t know whether you meant a Disney character or you meant an
artist so I’m going to answer both. So Disney character who has, who do you
think I should have a song that doesn’t? A Disney character?
I think Buzz Lightyear would pull of an interesting one. He would. That would be quite fun. Cause although he’s had songs play over the
top of like things he’s doing, he’s never sung a song. Do you know who I’d pick? Oh no, I don’t know
their name but the little chicken in Moana who keeps hitting his head.
– How can he have a song? I don’t know, I just think it’d be really funny.
– That would be like from the Muppets where the chickens sing.
– What’s that chickens name? He keeps hitting his head. I can’t remember.
– I’m sure someone will know. Put in the comments. And then Disney artist…
– That’s so random. Why did you think of that? It just came to my head.
– Hang on, if he was singing… But maybe he
can’t talk but he could sing and he has like an amazing voice.
– Look out for this sequel, this spin off. Yeah, okay. An artist.
– I think I think this person has
just in my head because it’s just been Christmas but Michael Buble.
– Yeah, he could make quite like a jazzy prince. The chicken is called Hei Hei.
– That could be a song as well like, hey hey! These chicken nuggets are getting cold. I know. Get them out. Oh I thought of one. Not many, might not notice because she’s very musical
theatre but she’s called Laura Osnes and she’s like the perfect Disney
voice ever but I don’t think she’s ever voiced a Disney Princess but she would
be perfect. So type in Laura’s Osnes into YouTube because her voice is just
incredible. She’s like a top musical theater like
she works in Broadway. What about Sara Bareilles?
– Sara Bareilles as well yeah, that’d quite nice. So I think that’s it for all the
questions. I hope you enjoyed our random video. This McDonalds was very good.
– You’ve still got loads left. I think it’s cause you were asking all the questions.
– I was asking all the questions and chatting but I don’t have too much. I just got a little bit of my McChicken sandwich. It’s actually quite hard to like eat and talk. But yeah, we had fun filming it.
– Yeah, it was good. We’re gonna carry on our drive to Newastle now.
– And look out for a special video. Is it coming next? It’s coming next? Is it?
– On Thursday. The next video.
Right we’ll leave you with that. Bye guys.

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