road trip vlog

road trip vlog

*June Blues playing* Hello! today’s Friday I’m going to see some friends I’ve been driving for about an hour, it says I’m going to get there around noon because my friends live very far away I haven’t socialized in like 2 weeks when I went to virginia last time and even that wasn’t real socializing because I only saw 2 friends I saw my little sister Alexa and I saw my friend Andi who I’m gonna see today I don’t actually know what the plan is right now I’m just driving in the direction of Virginia we’ll see what happens when I get there I’m sorry the camera’s shaking it happens when I drive I’ve just been listening to 5SOS for the last hour like old 5SOS though because that stuff, that slaps ya know? *June Blues playing* oh am I supposed to say something? Hi I’m Andi you know I’m a social media influencer soon to be president of… um Schafer dining hall I’m eating a baked potato with pork it looks really gross but it’s so good follow my instagram Andi_veiga that’s a-n-d-i-_-v-e-i-g-a don’t misspell it, and yeah go like, comment, subscribe so I’m Mallory I’m gonna get a really good bite for you guys right here this is my mukbang channel so I gotta get some lettuce *we’re just like throwing outyoutuber terms* this is gonna be a big bite *June blues playing* okay so I just left my friend Andi oh my gosh I didn’t even like introduce her properly so that was Andi and now I’m on my way to a different part of virginia about 3ish – 2 and a half hours away to go see Sydney oh and I changed clothes so I’m wearing different things now and my pants are unbuttoned because they’re really tight and sitting is uncomfortable so they’re unbuttoned I don’t know hi vlog we’re going to tech it’s Friday night and I’m a sad little girl so so we’re at tech now I don’t even know if that was on my face but we’re at tech now we’re right next to the stadium which I’ve never seen before so that’s kinda dope we don’t have friends one of my friends went back home and I didn’t know we’re gonna go make some friends though yeah we might have to pay em but- oh yeah some guy some guy came up in a wizard hat with a guitar and asked if he could play a song for us and we were like yeah duh but then after his song- it was a really good song but he asked us for money I offered Venmo and he was like “why does everyone only have Venmo” like you asked for money have you seen that tik tok where they like glue their lip I don’t think it would work for me I’d have to like glue the whole thing I don’t think I’m meant to have a lip mmmmm beautiful Sydney whatcha got there? my gillsjdiskaab your what? hahaha what’d you just say? my good liquid *June blues playing* so I just left Sydney’s house a little bit ago and now I’m in some random parking lot doing my makeup because I wasn’t wearing any and I felt kind of gross that’s happening I have about like a 5ish hour drive ahead of me this is probably the worst vlog ever made the worst vlog ever put on youtube but I’m gonna post it anyways because I wanna remember this weekend memories and all that good stuff that’s enough makeup there’s not much else I can do I don’t wanna go home I mean I never wanna go home because I would way rather hangout with my friends than go home but hopefully I get to see some friends either tomorrow or next weekend so there might be another vlog I mean I don’t know but maybe, hopefully better than this one also, I love driving I say I hate it all the time because I’m really bad at it like in cities and stuff do not let me drive in the city I don’t understand how one way streets work like obviously they go one way but, they confuse me and I can’t do it but when it’s like a road trip, like a long distance thing I love it you like put the windows down turn some music on some one direction maybe it’s a good time but if you roll your windows down all the way you’re psycho you can’t roll them down all the way because that just blows your hair around and that’s a mess and nobody wants that I mean like this much so you like get the fresh air flow but you’re not getting whipped in the face with the wind you know? yeah road trips just make me feel good! and that’s why I do so many of them I”m gonna get on the road now *June Blues playing* am I really gonna be on this? that’s pretty cool go to school like- I hit the door ummmmm

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  1. aw this is so cute and fun👼🏻 i just subscribed to you, hope u can do the same and we can support each other’s channels✨☺️

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