Roblox CAMPING PART 13! (Fishing)

Roblox CAMPING PART 13! (Fishing)

you can now use star code dentists to support me when you buy robots hello everyone welcome back to another episode of you guessed it camping well I suppose it's called fishing isn't it this just came out brand brand-new ok never mind it didn't just come out but it has very little visits so I mean you know what is it way very brand new welcome to fishing you and your friends wanted to go fishing you read it a boat bought supplies its sleeved amazing you bro a guide with you so you know your fishing well nothing seems like it could go wrong on this trip warning this game could be spooky could be spooky not even the developer knows if it's spooky or not just it has the potential and of course inspired by Samson's game camping as we all probably already knew let's just jump into it guys alright so where it seems come on black and white sort of strange color tones going on it's already sort of spooky oh no no please no no all right and we're off welcome to fishing to play go onto one of the pets in front of the boats who's this guy telling me what to do here we go guys fishing is this going to be similar to sailing perhaps Lake Wawa aqua okay here we are we are the ocean is this supposed to be happening we're just in the middle of what are we supposed to swim towards the island Here I am so confused there's a boat over there okay now we're all dead again what is happening oh okay there we go hold on I'm now I've dotted the boat at a bar let me back ed please okay thank goodness there's that same man over there okay you and your friends decided to go on a fishing trip where is everyone there's barely any of us left we had a whole group of people there's four of us now what happened everyone was so excited it seemed like nothing good to go well next thing you know however a storm appeared out of nowhere and then we're gonna crash our boat into the island no my is everyone okay Cameron huh that storm made our boat crash into this island who's this guy no no it's one of the people on the boat maybe this is horrible there's no way we could let me call for some help Thank You Cameron I know we can count on you know did our folks have no reception oh okay let's look for supplies this does seem actually very very similar to is it maybe the same developer is hiking just like with the way everything's being presented we need some wood for fire says Cameron okay so this seems to be the exact same thing as was it hiking or was it sailing or did they do both of them I don't know it seems like most camping parts all have like I'll find a log section okay new one more log when we got over there I don't know how we missed that one oh no that's a skull okay I recognize the music – this is definitely from a previous part that we played great job everyone it's getting dark head to the campsite where is the campsite where are we Who am I this should be good for tonight let's relax then we can leave tomorrow morning okay huge good better so talk to me sorry mr. demo Gorgon man you're kind of scary Drock lettuce please hello what is that thing on the beach I'm talking about Cameron oh whoa okay alright slender inna hello it looks like a woman okay that is creepy right alright Wow so it's not the same typical camping monster anymore it's um a horrifying ghost woman okay well I'm glad that they're at least changing things up keeping things all interesting don't mind me guys I'm just walking and talking okay having some coffee where exactly should we be running right now I don't know right maybe look behind me oh wow she actually is chasing us right now that is so scary okay oh boy oh no super trooper he's saying worst day ever dennis is playing roblox in the same game as me and I glitched and I'm stuck in the water no I'm sorry super trooper gee I wish you could have been playing right now maybe you'll get I don't know I'm sorry rest in peace super trooper G okay you all rest I'll stay up and keep walking well good night everyone good night Cameron give you a little goodnight kiss alright good morning everyone Cameron you're being a little bit too enthusiastic right now okay there's a horrifying ghost woman that is trying to kill us alright the ghosts stayed away we are good to rebuild the boat let's go fix it let's do what our boat is gone boom let's build another one let's go collect more logs I took one nap the ghost must have taken it in that time did Cameron say he was gonna keep a lookout did I miss that oh no the ghost is at the camp oh wait she's right there what is she going to do Oh great now she took the entire campsite okay holy cow she took our kid what are we going to do now hold on I see a note on that tree whoa oh cool it's kind of like Slenderman maybe she is actually slender inna at all tie together to my guests you are not welcome on the wait sorry this is the ghost woman talking to my guests you are not welcome on this island however I like to have fun I have traveled you here and I'll give you a hard time here's a clue to what will happen next no I didn't get to read the clue it disappeared sooo fast 3:45 the tide will rise what does that mean okay okay thank goodnes Cameron repeated hold on it's 344 oh no everyone get to a high place follow me a flood is rising Cameron you're so knowledgeable I don't know how you pick up on these things so quickly very smart man what he's just scaling the bow okay here I go the tide is indeed wait we have zero seconds – that was scary wait what no he just came out of nowhere okay we're back I was like yes we got to a high place the another skull though why there's so many skulls I shouldn't really be calling this Skull Island mm-hmm maybe this is a King Kong sequel know that right Cameron okay so what now a little bit a little bit doomed here aren't we what's gonna be the ending to this story I wonder hmm because I remember that the ending test sailing was very very strange did we even see the ending I don't remember I'll give you $10 old if you jump Bradly have no idea what you're talking about I'm sorry hey guys would recommend it go up onto the mountain okay thank you Bradley let's head back down and see if the ghosts gave the boat back why would the ghost give the boat back she specifically said that she trapped us on the island okay well here we go Hail Mary oh I'm stuck in a tree okay nevermind we're gonna be monkeys I suppose I think my over stop what would have happened if you just stayed in the tree how we were just been teleported okay dang the boat isn't here of course it isn't Cameron come on I thought you were a genius this place is horrible it doesn't look that bad nice little forest there's a beach the ocean oh there's the ghost lady what you know the ghost is behind you no way the ghost wouldn't come in de Lille now he has become the ghost woman possessed cabron hello guests it feels good to have a body I guess suppose it be the ghost woman so I need to combine the voice of the ghost woman and Cameron I need you fine five skulls of my victims around the island that is the most obnoxious voice I think I've ever done I need them for a test man Cameron and ghost lady do not go together at all if you can Cameron can live hurry now I don't like waiting and I found one skull I'm Jade Jade you it too good there's one up on the mountain I need to come up with a different voice for possessed Cameron that's just it's just not good okay what's Bradley saying he is the voice of reason after all yo guys we should like brush he did go yeah we probably should just like go like I do agree with that but I mean where do we go like we're trapped on this island we got to find all these skulls where's the other skull was up here somewhere wasn't it and I guess someone already got it where are the skulls so wait there's just skulls all okay so there's four skulls found meagerly over here a huge oh there's a fifth skull okay well five out of five great and I thought I was being helpful I suppose not a different voice good work my guests now line up for me kind of work so you know yeah it's still just kind of the ghost lady isn't it can we leave now and take Cameron you can have Cameron as promised but now we're all gonna die is that is that the the deal however you'll need to stay whoa and now she's partying green guises everywhere ill gross okay what now are we just trapped on the what just happened is this a transition right now everyone yeesh what I don't get it is that it is that the end is that the ending you can't tell me that's the ending Wow like that's seriously the end that actually is the end no PE you ghost lady well that's just great all right so let's summarize this we got trapped on an island this ghost lady's like hey I don't like that you're on my Island now I'm gonna possess Cameron bar ooh spooky camera and find me some skulls okay you're gonna you get a cameron is free but now you're all staying and then Wow okay that's it that's the ladies and gentlemen fishing well this story gave Studios to make it seem so familiar do they do other ones too they just did fishing I thought that they had also done the other ones I mean I don't want to accidentally credit people for doing something that someone else actually did because it reminded me a lot of sailing I think I know it was hiking actually because I think hiking was the one that that had the same like music and dialogue thing unless that's just a very like simple thing for developers to do there are all different creators so I'm pretty confused right now no no they're all they're very very similar very similar most having very strange underwhelming endings well I suppose good ending because Cameron got to live and we all loved Cameron oh so much but at the same time we all died so we're not that great well anyways I would like to thank you guys so much for joining me for another roblox adventure if you enjoyed please do remember to leave it a like maybe even subscribe if you haven't already and don't forget to check out the all-new minecraft channel denis minecraft link in the description below to go subscribe to that would really really appreciate it but that is pretty much it again thank you so much and I will see you in the next one

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