Roblox CAMPING PART 16! (Alien Attack)

Roblox CAMPING PART 16! (Alien Attack)

you can now use star code dentist to support me when you buy robots alright guys hopefully we're in for a treat we're back with camping obviously I mean what else would it be but it's this one is called alien attack it may not immediately be too obvious that it's camping inspired but then it says right here in the description camping inspired you guys remember the last episode of camping right I'm just hoping that this one can hold up to that peak standard that we've been seeing from camping games recently so this one here it says welcome to alien attack a story adventure hop into your space pod and travel to your new home captain Marley's starship play to find out what happens next alright Punk there hasn't been a camping story space game yet okay I'm liking the spacey 80s vibe going on here we're already in space it looks like – okay all right well what's going a pod one I suppose anyone want to come with me well all right and we're off into space I'm gonna go camping in space I really like the music choices so far sergeant Kevin good to see you buddy what exactly you got going on I could help you out a little bit yeah I don't want to be too distracting with this pose here I have been working out what happened I just heard something open over here Oh captain Marley hello hello crew I see who made it onto my ship safely let's keep it that way or something all right captain I've spotted something on the radar and it's coming in fast what whoa Haley it's spaceships turn all the shells we don't want to take any chances whoa all right straight into the action is there anything I can do I don't think the shields will turn up I didn't get to read it in time Oh Oh what was that man this is cool I like it the aliens over there the entire ship is shaking this isn't good at all oh right okay okay what do we do I'm just gonna run around in circles okay we got some mechanics captain something stalked out the engine we weren't able to move anywhere is there any way we can start hyper speed with only what it's quite so fast I don't think it's possible but we could try to do we need to see what that noise was maybe it was just an asteroid I think I read so fast okay oh no slime okay aliens have boarded the ship there's my guess at least let's go to the engine room and see what the problem is I need to read as fast as I possibly can because I have no idea when the dialogues gonna disappear huh greed slime is everywhere in the hallway you guessed it we need get past don't touch it we don't know how dangerous it is okay all right so it's getting pretty intense man I really like this so far like a lot watch out there's toxic gas behind us whoa oh wow okay it's coming in real fast the engine room is just down here let's hurry up okay well I don't know why it's a stop to talk you know you can walk and talk you ever think about that coming over here now oh boy okay all right okay we made it let's go see what the problem is well I'll tell you what the problem is the engine room is completely destroyed there is so much sly bit here so watch out bitch captain couldn't seen it with my own eyes whatever hit us cause slide the slide destroy our engines something doesn't seem right of course something doesn't seem right how much slide there is we did check the storage bay and why do we need check the storage bay what is happening the door is locked what are the mechanics might have left the key card in the engine room look around the engine room and see if you can find it oh we got to go back the engine room okay oh man this is so fast-paced so intense got to keep carried over here it's just me and and Mike all right Mike I have faith in you we've got to go this way then maybe mmm great you found the key card and let's hurry thank you Mike great work I don't know where that other lady was though no no something's happened to the mechanics wait how do you know no no mechanics I don't know why I'm laughing no we're there all right okay so wait what we're going this way it just happened to be both of the mechanics everyone in the control room is gone get back here as soon as you can but we've been everyone in the if everyone in the Oh a lien oh my goodness came out of nowhere where am I supposed to be going right now Mike I'm leading the hill hits right towards you do we gotta go through one of these here doors no that's not it or maybe it was I don't know no it's too dangerous on the ship we need to evacuate you should have kept it Marley we need to get to the Sisk escape pods the follow me or you might get lost captain Morley you stop panicking so much okay I mean it's invaded the ship and you know people are dying but you just got to keep your cool okay didn't Marlene Oh while it's a lot of aliens and toxic gas oh I love the music this is so fun oh right there what no captain Marley Wow I am dying fast yes respawn of course I want to respawn what I died again respawn you of course I want to respawn watch out because one of them might be running once you get to the bottom breach the escape pod at the end oh god I need shoes what I going this way okay so there's a bunch of eggs and the slime that was so intense he took the wrong trash chute get to the top before the toxic gas gets you oh man what okay running running running this is fine whoa things are exploding okay everything's gonna be okay fast you really can't stop for a single second that was so close which way Oh what you lost you were too slow can I respond that goes so fast I was going to be traveling okay oh that was so difficult man okay what can we get in the shop and are you drink he'll for five health every time you slurp this powerful energy drink space boots run away from aliens even faster yeah that's what I need I think the space boots are the way to go 500 robox all right yeah be sold I really want the space boots Oh men yes oh these are sweet okay coming in here we got this guy's and got my trustworthy space boots now with me to the stars and beyond in the meantime guys while we wait check this out the kitty of the day the kitty of the day is it this little bitty pretty kitty sitting in an office chair how adorable is that and then on the other side check this out guys it's a cat in a bowl in a glass bowl so you can see how it bowls bowl right there ceiling that right there but that's well that's that so I mean you know oh it's leaving in 27 seconds okay short short short short you and me both Mike we got this well should I get from the shop maybe you look at an energy drink yeah you know what we lose a little bit of health that being said though I don't really need like the reason I died is because of how quickly things are happening not because I lost too much health I mean I did lose too much health at one point so I mean like I don't know I think it's mainly the boots that are gonna do me good traveling to Marley's starship this game is so good at choosing like I really like like the 80 space music and then all these cool little sound effects and stuff and then the way all the NPCs are walking around and talked and it's actually like I like it they focused on the right things there's the aliens know they're coming kept it I spotted something on the radar yeah how about that ah let me out let me out the aliens are coming I've been through this before Here Come it's a mechanic's rusted piece is there any way we could start hyperspeed with only one engine I don't think it's possible but we can try let's go make it my huge boobs guys are even faster than me well at least there's three of us now goop goop everywhere uh-huh need to get passed don't touch it you don't know how dangerous it is I know how dangerous alien eggs in there and scooping around yeah let's hurry up cake come on Marley walk and talk walk and talk remember the lifelong rule it's worth the engine-room got to go get the key I remember the keys to the right okay so where was that key exactly I think he found it around here somewhere is it up here maybe oh I can see my feet okay so maybe the key spawns back here when the games are ready for it let's look around in your room see if there's look there's the key over there okay okay okay so I didn't come over this way yeah there we go I found the key great you found the key card now let's hurry all right making some progress speedy quick here okay all right something happen to the mechanics oh there they are okay all right aliens are coming though real soon now we're at the storage room aliens are gonna spot everywhere yep there they are okay you just come over here is this the right one no that's not it it spot it okay alright I'm about to die drink the energy drink does this guy know sit over there oh geez this one no that's not it you gotta keep trying them maybe that one there yes that's it we did it okay good just keep drinking drink the energy drink Madrid he made it hello we need to get to the escape pods okay so we don't want to go down the left garbage chute we want to go down the right one and then that way okay just start running running running running yep there goes the alien's full health again you know it energy drink good bye as in a good purchase you know what I'm saying oh no they're totally gonna die oh they're done for sergeant Gavin hello she wicked you guys made it Wow congratulations alright the right garbage chute the right one the right one the rest of the crews already left we didn't take the trash chute to get below okay okay watch out because one might be running okay so we got to take the right one yep that's definitely the right one good good good good good what now what we okay we're gonna we're gonna have to run through the slime they let you break through the door what do we do wait what no we took the wrong one oh no okay okay go go go go don't lose in this ah be don't fall I should say keep going we're on a run a big time crunch here okay this is where things went very wrong last time ah that is such a long jump okay oh the shaking is not helping at all isn't she really difficult okay okay going going okay here we go we're getting some good height just might be okay oh geez okay we made it getting a pod oh you won we were so close last time did they make it Madrid I can't tell if you're back here because you died or because you want I I don't know well guys that was alien attack by skybox studio that was actually really good I enjoyed that a lot I really like the fast pace action-packed gameplay which the other camping games most of the time very very slow pace so I like the I like the switch-up that they did it's nice that's pretty much that you know it definitely exceeded my expectations that's pretty much it guys I would like to thank you so much for joining me for another roblox adventure if you enjoyed please do remember to leave it a like maybe even subscribe if you haven't already and also guys remember that you can now use the star code dennis whenever you buy robux you just put it in and it supports me and the channel so remember to do that if you want but that is pretty much it again thank you so much guys and I will see you in the final you

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