Roblox CAMPING PART 19! (Hotel Stories)

Roblox CAMPING PART 19! (Hotel Stories)

you can now use star code dentists to support me when you buy robots I brought you a present Ellis just check under your desk okay the all dude that is backpack okay ladies and gentlemen the 2019 Denis backpack is finally here it's available at Dennis daily comm link in the description below it's even on sale right now for the next ten days man I mean like how cool is this backpack guys I mean come on seriously it's got me so now saw pinchy got these little side pockets the back is super soft and squishy it's got a little laptop sleeve on the inside as well I'm so happy how it turned out oh yes of course guys don't forget there's also the new lunchbox big news guys real big news you got the backpack you got the lunchbox well that guys we're writing a sandwich the inside is also it's a cooler that is all your stuff stays nice and cold and then not to mention an all-new subscription box as well I don't have it with me right now so we'll do a unboxing in a few days but go to Dennis Telecom and check that out right now is well it's the third installment of the subscription boxes and if you subscribe to it then every time a new one comes out it's automatically ordered to your house and the next one will be in time for Christmas and then you can also just go by the previous boxes just on their own it's time for the switch ladies and gentlemen how cool is that guys oh I'm just over the mood with how well it there no so much emerged out this is but yes guys there's a store wide sale as well as a sale on all the new back-to-school stuff for the next ten days so you can get the early bird sale right now Dennis daily comm link in the description below oh okay Hotel stories new camping game a story game unlike any other ok raising that bar high I see Derby studios you hasn't been asking for this one for a very long time so without further ado let's just jump in and wit alright this is actually really cool alright guys it's time into the elevator wait a second wait a second look at the picture closely I swear I saw it move please already messing with me what did you see that what was that did he dab what was that maybe we should look around right Xbox Xbox themselves oh I saw something last night in the hallway I don't know what it was but it was definitely not human whoa wait did you hear that yeah Oh is Joe winning applause it excuse me gentlemen the hotel has issued an emergency evacuation ok you can open the door what I'm going to have to ask you to open the door yeah man just like do it hope at the jar so we got the door to talk on trying actually I'm gonna go to the bathroom what's going on in here it seems a little suspicious well if it isn't mr. Smith how long the hotel bellhop but you'd call me mr. Smith I can't see him we're after look we're gonna have to look at the back of his head hope your escort we leave right now I think that's what he said did you hear the scream just now scream don't really kill that type like this always have to do as the hotel says ok something's real fishy and when I'll smell the fish the amount of fish in the room right now what's going on here and we got a follow mr. Smith what's with the chairs what what's there's no one gonna question this let's take a low to check the rooms something feels off well of course something feels off just floating chairs oh boy okay what's happening yeah there's another note under the bed hey wow what happened here was that one of us no my god she's dead what over here yeah we already helped you get people right before you die you're gonna take out a note and write help later that's not really a cry for help is it this gun could be useful pick it up there's just a gun in the hotel and you what is wrong with this place not busier pistol no okay all right immediately shots going up I don't they usually trust these people with guns okay mr. Smith you're the bellhop and you're telling us to do everything like you work here man why do we have to pick up the phone hello hello anybody there okay great they shot the lights out okay just be ready with the guns okay what's happening we need to go now take a moment to discuss your next move okay I have an idea let's just scream and run around in circles stop shooting the paint what is wrong with you could have swore the elevator was just down the hall is it not it no one's gonna question this no one's gonna question the floating objects boom here's something a floating bullet hole hmm Jing it's launched come on Rudy oh you're so big so strong well the walls are closing in what they're not they're crazy hurry find the key it should be in one of these hallways okay who's that over there watch or something go split up and check the halls crane see what's going on here man huh should be like try going into the oh wow so fast yes revived come on oh my goodness ridiculous hello restroom why is the restroom locked well that was certainly on yeah it's just for long towards wait what's going on over there odd more like scary start derpy person fo lyfe where you already think you're going I could see the elevator let's go what about all these spiders here I take that spiders take that giant snake is this supposed to be like a nabhi or something hate spiders yeah this girl gets it show the spiders use the guns we got earlier and shoot them down okay place oh my goodness oh great mr. Smith don't just stand there do something you I got spider goo on my clothes that's what you're worried about you're not worried about all your friends just died better than being spider lunch okay well at least she recognizes that goo so try to reboot the snake the Sullivans older that I have a gyro and you don't seem that old man you seem like a young dapper gentleman do you want to go wow you smell kind of nice no way do we need to be like holding something off and what's going on out here wait for mr. Smith to finish rebooting maybe talk with your peers why is the game widest like what are we supposed to talk about so you guys like movies there Dee they don't even yes wonderful all done we'll be out here in a bit thanks mr. Smith thank you game for letting me discuss with my peers oh my goodness alright okay great nice Oh what the heck was that I don't Dennis Daly what was it mm-hmm the what I didn't see anything mr. Smith come on man you weren't rebooting anything you were you were setting up that little demon jump scare weren't you this is all just a big prank with the weather outside power outages are expected okay Wow okay all right all right okay all right mr. Smith I thought you said you fixed the elevator does it seem fixed at all stop shooting at the elevator okay we're in the basement now whoa okay things are about to get spooky oh look at that I can see outside hmm this doesn't look like the hotel lobby mm-hmm that's strange I push the button l for Lobby it seeps or below the hotel in the basement yeah well JA it smells musty in here sorry that's just me whoa all right do a job scary gets show that Jonah in the head yeah that's right hurry everyone get back at the elevator okay I'm just gonna keep shooting just in case mr. Smith get in here come on we're trying to hold it off though you're not at the elevator oh great what why did we hello well I guess it's just B then that sucks oh no man let's get bootleg there should be two other exit mr. Smith that was totally obvious you you have something to do with this man there's a note over there whoa two ways this seems like the start of a base another maze at a camping game okay are we gonna start collecting logs in this basement to start grew up here I can barely see anything maybe I should buy a flashlight from the shop good news you can buy a candle from the shop man you can also purchase a wok speed boost if you'd like yes could also go to Dennis daily calm check out that new backpack new lunchbox new subscription box anyway y'all wait here focus on finding the exit are you kidding me man like you can help too man unbelievable okay what's this day two on the job I'm a hotel storage manager this job is paid to well this place gives me the creeps you just don't know why anyone would put effort into writing something like that unless you're like that bored at your job then I suppose it kind of makes sense it's like well I'll literally just write notes about nothing you don't really have to see I mean you can think you're kind of general direction works boy okay we're gonna go over here I'm not gonna go left we're gonna go right even the left is right and right is wrong but you never know sometimes just good try going right because then you might be wrong rather than right being wrong okay well right was wrong and left is right and gotta love these mazes oh yes okay cool all right good good show boys where's my where's my gun just holding my hands together hello I failed the exit is it gonna be some sort of demon boss battle now on it oh like what am I supposed to do okay here we come yeah spider one step closer to getting out of here it's got to watch out for all these spiders that are just dancing here more spiders why did that close mr. Smith this is all you I got it I know okay so like can I start shooting them okay all right how am I supposed to kill all three spiders now this is where the real robots spending is gonna come like there's not a chance you could let me try it hop it up on the boxes that's probably the way to do it you take their spiders yeah oh you can't actually okay well that's just great Oh piece of cake come on mr. Smith you I know and now you're moving now you know you know you're deciding to help this Way's board it off obstacle health oh you're kidding see you in a sec mr. Smith do you want to help like why did you grab a gun unbelievable unbelievable you know what you can do with the meantime while I get past this party just go check out Dennis new backpack new lunchbox new subscription box early bird sale a story game unlike any other oh okay finally mr. Smith can we go now please I feel an uneasy presence ahead well buddy I mean what else were you supposed to do come on take some time to prepare before continuing like what do you mean what does that mean what am I supposed to do okay guys we're gonna plan out what we do next do we stay here or do we go down the hallway we just opened up I mean come on just gonna be preparing around I'm just an old over here okay five other job I'm a hotel storage manager thanks for no reason I'll wait here you guys keep moving like why give me a reason don't make it so obvious okay we gotta get through it office of course now skip AVI pass absolutely not washroom what okay that's okay revive revive it's fine no worries oh my gosh all the way from back here okay it's okay how many people actually beat this game that don't just keep buying revive if you don't have any robots this game must be so frustrating whoa oh man that's kind of cool okay all right George I like this I like this it's just nice yeah yeah that's cool that's cool you know what not too bad come on up over here but of that and this that okay Skellington man here's probably the storage manager no whoa demon bus fight oh no it's a bunch of storage managers look at all this storage he was trying to manage he couldn't do it hey yo ma I've been haunting the hotel for ages die demon you're from the first to witness my true form okay demon buddy buddy old pal there's no escape now and we'll see about that alright come on come on stop the leg oh man whoa okay alright he's got a lot of health yeah that's right that's right take that demon just stand right on top of them beefy food ouch who's got to keep circling him like this except sometimes the bullets just decide to go to completely random directions whoa okay okay big demon attack this might take a little while guys okay boys okay guys we're almost at half health what are these days I'm walking towards him you just keep running towards him that's not a really great week doing it I'm just trying to find the best way to like I don't know I just do it as fast as humanly possible if I'm like running up towards them like this yeah it doesn't really work I think what I'm doing is probably really the only way to do it you just wait you run around there's soon as these are done you can just unload into him and that way your bullets aren't flying everywhere okay and it kind of works because then as you're reloading is whenever all these explosions are following you the timing is kind of there I suppose okay guys we're on the homestretch kind of we're still got like 20% to go okay okay okay now we're on the homestretch just wait for it check this out okay one more one more bite one more I mean a couple more here we go guys this is it right here argh no this won't be the last of me you know I've become the demon overlord whatever happened at demon Overlord any Dennis og fans remember that what happened here looks like a crime mr. Smith can we get it man okay you were possessed by the demon this whole time if I'm wrong on this then I'm gonna seem like an absolute fool the exit is just up ahead my escort duties are officially over and so is my webcam footage hold on all right thanks mr. Smith really see the I didn't see the point in you at all if that's it where's the twist it's me little twist here what's this more stories coming soon oh oh never mind mr. Smith had nothing to do with anything okay now hold on what was the point in all of those instances where like there was a scream and mr. Smith didn't hear it and then there was the demon jump scare and mr. Smith was like I don't know what you guys are talking about even though it happened right there in front of him why were they hinting at the fact that mr. Smith didn't couldn't tell anything that was happening and it's like he comes to the demon area and he's like oh looks like a crime scene like it's obviously very suspicious activity from mr. Smith and then the story descends and everything that was like hinting at mr. Smith being this strange suspicious character was actually completely pointless am I wrong totally the comments below what do i what am I missing here on that note I would like to thank you so much for joining me for another roblox adventure if you enjoyed please remember to leave it a like maybe even subscribe if you haven't already but more importantly guys Dennis backpack 2019 now available as well as the lunchbox and then the all new subscription box really wish I could show it to you guys right now but it hasn't come in yet that's okay I will show it very soon guys very very soon but yes Dennis Telecom there's a sale going on right now for the next 10 days but other than that guys again thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next line you

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