Roblox TIME TRAVEL ADVENTURES! (Mummy Mystery)

Roblox TIME TRAVEL ADVENTURES! (Mummy Mystery)

you can now use star code dentist to support me when you buy robots hey everybody I got something to say real quick the kitty of the day this was pretty cool yeah it's kind of fun but use my roblox star code dentist whenever you buy a robot so now it helps me out a lot that'd be sweet so two-for-one kitty special look at that one right there anyways time travel adventures a new brand new Jandal has come here again just save us all from our boredom mummy mystery so it's called we're actually coming up on filling up the lobby with all these stories I would also like to just quickly say how incredibly impressive it is that time travel adventures has actually been keeping up with weekly updates and all of them being as good as they are I hope you guys really appreciate just how like a it's it's it's really incredible they must be working constantly on these we it feels like it just came out not too long ago with skull sanctuary and we go all the way around this way look at that they only got two rooms left what's coming Friday okay by the way guys I never know what the stories are gonna be even though I voice act a line here and there they they don't tell me anything so I'm just as clueless as you guys are but anyways mommy mystery warning this map is hard and only has one life throws only okay here I go oh okay 1798 here we are Egypt spit are good I hate sand it's in my mouth welcome to eat it what was that welcome to Egypt this is my first time Explorer book my reader is detecting a power jamming signal this way so here we are in Egypt we got an epic staff weapon whoa or you see these little what are these called slingshots that's it be warned this map is very hard and you only have one life here we are ladies and gentlemen in Egypt oh this is cool so we're probably gonna be going over there there's the Washington Monument my reader is saying that the gym is somewhere inside thank you Tim so we got to go in here this is amazing I have never seen anything like it who's this tennis guy looks pretty good all right are we supposed to be going in here I got this here slingshot I'm just gonna make sure we're ready for the mummy he's just that's what I'm gonna assume happens look around for a way to open the pyramid okay maybe standing this fire for long enough oh I don't think that's it reach reach what are you talking about I was that some sort of secret code that opens the door perhaps something on top of the pyramid I'm actually I can't believe I'm scaling this pyramid right now whoa nice yeah okay so that was a was that was that our first ever found Easter egg Wow so maybe from here there's another little some little doohickey going on down there let me go check that out what's this over here or some sort of special scroll it's a key good we have found the key okay okay come back to me I will open the pyramid door yeah all right Timmy come on how about it Timmy Timmy Tim Tim okay I'm opening the door get on with it it's three whoa all right let's go I suppose we're gonna get teleported let's go inside one step at a time okay come on Timmy whoa whoa this is really cool very very well done my power here is off the chart oh my god this is the most powerful gym yet okay maybe I don't need to read the lines whoa oh man okay boss man whoa Manny Manny The Mummy quick shoot Adam I have already been awakened this week shoot slingshots tended work no it's collapsing quickly this place is collapsing where do we go to me oh this way the floor opened up come on don't eat swag that was a close call whoa we're lucky this secret room opened up what's going on here man and we get out though ooh a puzzle oh this is awesome okay I gotta go gotta go okay so we need to someone to stand on that maybe or me somehow level these out do we got to push these all your push these oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah okay how do I get behind here though yeah this way there we go good push you on there oh I like this ooh this is fun okay yes yes and then you push this one yes like this good good come on don't eat swag we got this all right well done you figured it out yes Timmy don't underestimate us let's continue on okay I'm really liking this one so far a very different theme and feel to the other time travel adventures all right a grapple hook no no no no I need no grapple hook okay here we go we got speed run this okay one jump back this way whoo that wasn't good okay oh we're in some quicksand wait don't tell me we're stuck no oh man oh boy let's try that again yeah all right all right okay okay okay so this time okay we got to do it backwards like this there we go man that's tough okay and then over here I don't want to risk dying don't worry I got this mm yeah man okay okay come on man okay okay we got this we got this we can do it we can do it we can do it we can do it we can do it man how many people just can't get past this part this is a really tough aah be right here yeah yeah yeah see there's a long jump right here yeah oh we're good we're good we're good okay was mainly just that jump actually there we go whoa oh whoa Manny Manny quit the slate shot up I didn't think you would survive what are you doing so with a little green beam ouch yeah whoa this feels like a Disney ride didn't I say that last time with the dinosaur one we really Jimmy oh no no no showed up flakes shot up stupid Manny The Mummy wake everyone run outside where's where though I will hold dance okay Thank You Timmy it's just me and props up now props up we got this that Slig killed tib we don't know that just made him dance who is this guy legit man P which power was unreal legit man P what's happened why are you dying slowly now now legit Matt be pleased nice fine Diddy had called my interdimensional radio hello Gennaro wait doctor time a my doctor time I think so Gordon I've made contact with you hello doctor time Tim has set off his cold distress beacon what was that Earth's plant find it locates Tim fall over the path oh man what is happening okay we gotta find Tim who's legit man P and why he did it we couldn't save him all right where's logically the best place to go to find Tim this way I suppose follow the trail come on props up what do you know you got first sweat we gotta go save the universe quick follow the trail over here is he coming props up the time is nigh see this trail goes off of this way for some reason perhaps another easter egg no whoa what's going on here it's the guy over there's name's Jake no well there's some guards no how are you gonna get past them hey Jake what's going on man who's this guy I can help you get past thank thanks man but first you need to do something for me okay sure man anything who's that guy over there he's not from this time go back to the Oasis and find my monkey oh you lost your monkey Jake I'm so sorry I lost it when I was having a bath Jake can you calm down we'll find your monkey okay go back to the Oasis at fight bite Bucky hey cheese man going this way are we it's not the Oasis wait a second what's that over there wait today well see that that's me over there is my name what am i doing over there hello okay okay okay go go okay things are getting a little bit creepy now why is there a clone of me over there is that supposed to be happening I don't know I don't know pretty spooky is that the monkey over there right by the water mr. monkey hello very good great we have found it and let's get back to Jake instructor time return the monkey to Jake so what I'm wondering is how crazy of a coincidence is it that dr. times last name happens to be time and he's a time-traveling scientist kind of like how dr. strange his last name is strange and he's also a strange man mm-hmm you go Jake yes you found my monkey hey you know Jake I'm just happy that you're happy okay tell the guards ice it you okay here I go they'll open the gates for you keep things shakin came on over there oh you just what I don't like thanks okay and here we are detecting Tim's distress beacon Oh okay we need to go into another cheese oh boy okay it's coming from inside that temple okay props up I like bacon what are you talking about – we need to find the key for it the records show that the key is inside oh that's not good okay a pyramid with a blue door a pyramid a blue door oh there's a pyramid with a blue door over there okay oh so it's inside the pyramid with the blue door and then we got to come back this way okay what happens if I shoot this guy with a slingshot okay take that take that Prop Shop yeah yeah I'm just kidding just messing around I'm just having a good time oh there's a cave over there what is that cake Eve when I asked this guy what's that Eve props up should we maybe go check out this cave real quick he says yes props up what's good it to be Oh Oh probably come here later or not okay here I go some sort out out okay everybody we're going into the beer I'm assuming that the point of that is for an extra Easter egg thing and it's this obvi that you have to do but it's a very difficult oh here we go the keys right here Oh careful props up okay everything's fine filling up with sand what do we do oh okay okay so we need to get over there yeah okay you know this way props up zoinks he says the props up Robb's up nuke it up here props up okay I just keep running pumps up are you there props up yeah huh this is so difficult what I can't see anything that one that was so fast oh hello props up lol I have roebucks too we did it we survived yes props up teams distress beacon is fading quickly get to the temple entrance no come on props up I don't know the bacon is fading what are you talking about props up why are you so obsessed with bacon or did you just buy this epic staff weapon props up is that what you're trying to tell me right now hmm sure why not you wouldn't me both you know guys gets the moral of this story so far is to get through any challenge you just got to pay robux all right here we go I have a feeling we're gonna have to fight this mummy man Manny you could say wow so cool man I love the design of these temples they did such a good job don't tell me it's another maze oh okay okay all right all right all right not going there sorry whoa all right you over here and we know left is left is right we all know this okay all right so trying to open up definitely not definitely gonna go like this way okay so we do actually want to go in the direction of the spook that is scaring but okay I say we keep going don't take but want take this one here yeah this feels right this definitely feels right mm-hmm I have never been more sure of anything in my life left though no right and then ladies and gentlemen not quite there yet wait for it yes oh this is so scary whoa okay I'm gonna go in here come now props up oh oh the spooks okay all right spook warning guys be ready grapple hook absolutely not I will conquer this Ave no problem oh no it says props up I got this for props up we can do it yes there we go okay I don't want you wasting any of your precious robux props up whoa hey whoa it's Timmy rooks your precious guide German now slingshot you boy yeah take a little bit of this huge turd no now he's done I won't believe it Timmy Timmy please I'll give you CPR this is how it works right you just stomp on them until they breathe hello keep slingshot from you oh I told you I would be back now I know look I have created the ultimate monster no Jim please Jim I have combined a gem with Manny no Jim not good gosh and thanks to Jim what are you more alive but you're a mummy right we get it man no I'm all right okay I got this your epic staff what bitch oh wow well I didn't work what's going on goodbye good luck killing Manny waha man you suck Jim no one likes you either Manny oh wow okay scary oh my goodness he's just running right at me okay all right you two calm you need to calm down okay you're being too loud Wow got a little a OE attack as well doesn't he okay all right all right I'm doing this for you today take this little bit of this Oh scary oh no he disappeared boom there is no does a slingshot dude I feel like that the slingshot has more range oh I am so dead well that's all right oh no but I don't have the epic stuff anymore no props up props up you can do this you can come back from this goodbye sess props up come on 450 health 425 okay let's do some basic math here so if he's got 400 400 health left and I you 25 damages shot four divided by 25 is 4 times 4 which is 16 you have 16 more times 15 13 more times ok don't fit 14 14 is the number that goes before 1500 right get get it man jeez honestly though this actually kind of works for whenever you guys whenever you guys play this you know you don't even need the staff you just gotta train them like this so you keep a running around in a circle and then shooting backwards he does manage to catch up but especially if there's out multiple of you then you can probably just do that kill them right quick see like I'm just gonna keep doing the same thing you know it seems to be the best strategy especially because he's just chasing you as long as one person is doing that then you know he might be Gucci 50 okay and then one more shot come on take that yeah Manny whoa gem all for me we have to try to save Tim Timmy Timmy are you okay use the gems power on him okay here I go maybe it will bring him back to life I am alive sheesh Timmy I think you'd be a little bit more grateful and I almost died multiple times for you thank you all for saving me look man he's dead Tim Tim I know okay I know he's dead all right we need to get out of here before anything else happens objective leave the temple okay just wait why am I on going this way old man isn't gonna start collapsing oh oh that would be pretty sick what's this over here though I can't help but feel like this is some sort of warning only go this way if you want to collect the artifact oh man that is a lot of as a lot of jumping oh ouch well I'm glad that they gave you the heads up there okay let's go again this way and this way yes good I'm assuming it's gonna start collapsing right no no that's fine I mean I suppose if you only have one life it is already kind of an objective to just get out of here you know it's happening it's scary in here am I supposed to go I'm supposed to go this way right right right right right right okay okay okay oh boy the maze again all right boo or there gonna be some spooks maybe some spooks in here now hmm because I'm people are gonna be like ooh I'm just I'm just backtrack I'm just going the same way so so everything's familiar right that's not the case at all you're gonna backtrack and then that's how they get you that's when you least expect it and there we go I'm gonna go this way I feel weird the gym through my veins Jim Timmy let's get out of here Timmy are you ok I mean obviously not Timmy I mean wait a second you were brought back to life I mean I'm not even remotely surprised that you're struggling right now ok Tim here we go goodbye Egypt goodbye mummys goodbye mani goodbye Jim probably not we're probably gonna run into Jim in the next time travel adventures which is gonna be the Wild West it looks like I would assume there's a cactus there's a revolver the full cowboy hand that's pretty cool ladies and gentlemen that mummy mystery one that was great that was honestly maybe one of my favorite ones they were all so good mr. Mars was really good skull sanctuary is so good though skull sanctuary is actually might be my favorite one I don't know money mystery was really really good though mmm would have been cool if they had some sort of like like we're kind of traps and stuff going on since there are the pyramids like maybe some spikes or like a big boulder rolling down through a cave my webcam just shut off but anyways though guys that was mummy mystery the all-new time-travel adventure swept I hope you guys enjoyed if you did please do remember leave the video a like maybe even subscribe if you haven't already and don't forget to use the star code dentists whenever you're applying roebucks because it supports me it supports the channel I mean your own after you there's a bunch of other start codes you can use as well I think like most roblox youtubers at this point it took me a really long time to get one but most roblox youtubers have their own start codes so whoever you want to support users start code but that's pretty much it guys again thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the final

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  1. 9:30 I'm Egyptian so I was so triggered when he named and Egyptian guy name coz that not an Egyptian name

  2. Denis rember the video when you got fans dream items can you get me a pinchy the crab for my Denis costume thank you

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