you can now use star code dentist to support me when you buy robots hey everybody real quick before we jump into the video I wanted to quickly announce the three dentists backpack design contest winners thank you so much to everyone who participated in the contest there were some really really cool designs out there but the three winners that were chosen to get a signed 2019 Dennis backpack are right up here on screen thank you so much I absolutely love these and all three of you have already been contacted privately where we'll figure out all the details of how you'll receive the backpack but anyways guys let's now just go ahead and and jump it away hey everybody and welcome back to time-travel adventures new map Wild West there it is put them real quick before we jump into that one guys look at this the next one the finale doesn't come out next Friday it comes out August 2nd you know what's another date that you need to remember is that on the 26th of July is the all-new Dennis backpack launch so you should go to Dennis daily comm and check out the countdown okay but anyways back to time-travel adventures I guess the the finale is going to be something big something crazy it's not just gonna be any other you know I mean already every update is massive and really really well done but then now the finale is gonna be like even bigger who pumped for August 2nd but here we are just jumping right into it the Wild West yeah 1885 ever so the wild wish there was my took my little line there the golden revolver wall very good Timmy Tim I didn't know you had a southern Western accent reader doesn't seem to be picking up any traces of the gem before we go grab a gun oh man this is gonna be fun I can already tell I'm gonna like this let's check Oh Bob let's head into town and start searching wait why don't we grab guns again wait that's a group of us came into this world we all picked up guns and now we're gonna rush into a town something seems a little bit bit fishy about all this or what's going on there some sort of bandit camp maybe mm-hmm this game is all I don't know what are you talking about dude time travel adventures you don't know what game you're in man well well well Oh shots being fired already look we have arrived at the town everyone needs to calm down stop show day my reader still isn't detecting the gem nearby okay time to go is sheriff where is he what are you talking about what sheriff Oh in here sketch sketch hey sheriff do you know anything about everyone needs to calm down everyone's got trigger fingers right now well why do we have guns in the first place seems like y'all ain't from around these parts huh you know I made know someone who could help you out but first I need you to deal with some bandits been raiding the tomb you can find them at the camp north of town now get out of my shop girl they were built with cheese man okay get it trying to be so rude about it well I guess that's that let's head over to the bandit camp I'm assuming that's over here when we saw those bandits he's coming this way okay here we go I got this Donita wait for Tim just mean my trusty old gun boom boom take that bandits I don't even know if those are the bandits I should probably check first gun slinger Chewbacca speedy look there they are okay there's them let's go let me how about it odo they've spotted us let's get ready to fight oh yeah take that Samson oh wow that's the creator of camping that you can't be they all lay wide that's right take this Chewbacca last Jedi was terrible huh and you gunslinger you're just some old gunslinger you don't even have a persona chimp Joe something you're always just standing around Rudi go you guns walking away there we go we did it now let's raid their camp with mrs. Tim watch what happened to mrs. chim reason I never helped is because I promised her I would never kill again oh well that explains it let's head back to town and talk to the sheriff hold on his wife just called mrs. Tim that's so weird if I buried someone whose last day with Dennis it's like what you call your friend's parents oh hi mr. and mrs. Joey seems you managed to do with those bandits and live cash I got a live up to my word there will be a guy coming to the soil tomorrow who can tell you were fine here okay thanks sheriff for now head unit get some rest what's got you gonna say anything he just got stand there looking like a wiseguy yeah I do like this old town western music though oh hello Peter hello we would like two rooms please two rooms there's like 10 of us what's two rooms that'll be 245 robox Peter are you kidding me absolutely not I've got it everyone don't worry thank you to me this girls saying there's a secret what's the secret up here what whoa yay there you go guys a little secret right there nice be careful thanks what are you talking about it was it paid attention oh here we go we got your brooms ah home sweet home everyone find a place to sleep couch dude three of us have to share a bed I mean come on there's other open beds man I'm gonna go upstairs and stay in my room what's yoga Dennis the ibid watch out whoa what was that oh no that's princess poppy what was that look Peter is dead what where's Peter are you talking about well ghost man I know you weren't from this time period boys is that meant to be a secret I have come to protect the ancient artifacts you're taking shoot that ghost shoot them you know one of you must be sacrificed now shoot the ghost come on wait I accidentally just voted a player I don't know who I just voted wait Peter oh my god ow what no decent tennis don't touch it otherwise you'll die no this guy was giving me advice no hope he said I'm so sorry I have been satisfied now I come back Tim are you okay wait now I'm getting stuck at the out ouch I've stuck at the door here's a better question and give me at his door no please oh thank goodness that was a weird night Tim you so dismissive man okay you got to care more about everyone's feelings and you know what someone dies it's kind of a big deal I mean I guess we did kill a swarm of bandits I mean look over there go talk to that cowboy – cowboy sweet dish which cowboy he's like all Cowboys I mean up there I know where the gym is Jim Jim oh this guy right here oh but I need you to do something for me first hey you gave us some tricks give me some apple juice too put the gun away okay I know you really want apple juice right now but that's really inappropriate if you beat him I'll tell you where the gem is oh no I wasn't paying attention again who are supposed to eat okay we have to win this duel oh wow there he is oh so cool otherwise we won't know where the gym is okay hey you yeah get them showdown everyone open fire Dennis you are 1,000 years too early if you think you could beat me wait so sketch is voicing the guy named Dennis good got him Oh No if you missed the green then you die whoa man that's pretty cool the bad guys name is Dennis nice ex that man had been causing me trouble card to be trouble for a long time the gym is on a train but you'll have one chance to get it over gaps to a Train Robbery oh man this is cool how are we gonna stop yeah how are we gonna stop the tracking of losing the ability to read you'll have to freshen up your stuff another breach maybe try blowing it up yeah great great answer that great way to solve all your problems just blow it up maybe that warehouse in town has some TNT yeah okay rest in peace Dennis let's go investigate okay we are here there are guards in the warehouse is this are we supposed to be doing this this dude's head is right up in there don't let the guards lights touch you if you were touched by the light you will die oh man I'm so hungry right now I'm sorry I just I need to get it out there and three names me okay guys here we go we're now on a secret mission she can't keep touch spray the Gertz lights so I'm gonna run this wait oh this is bad oh whoa we're good just don't come this way all right this is fine everything's fine no that T at T ha he's running over here just grab it I got it oh okay what now good job we found the TNT but now I just need it she'll like come back this way yeah we don't need to go all the way back go that's fine now let's go blow up this train okay where's the wait where's the train now we're falling Tim good Tim you're so fast no please wait for us are you sure we should blow oh wait wait what so what he's saying it but this person saying all right whatever you saying like what Tim mm-hmm you tell them Elsa whoa oh this is so cool so do we gotta go put the TNT right here before I became an expert time traveler Chapman traveler should call him that's a funny joke and then the TNT goes here oh so we gotta wait for it to it's probably gonna end up appearing there okay here I go place the TNT TNT on the check that did it oh do I get here the trade coming what running running running running we can't blow up the bridge before the train gets here do we like shoot the TNT then is that what we do I probably should get off as you get off the bridge and then try blowing it up there we go what do you do hello here it comes whoa out there and whoa too late okay we were already off the tracks man you sell down buddy how are we gonna get down there I think I saw way down before follow me now okay hmm interesting Oh Tim we can't keep up with those thick legs all right GZ so fast here we go Oh spook time it's the ghosts back seriously gamble right schandle I have except you Robbie Channing here we go I'm not scared of you or your bees I can't see anything I actually can't see a single little thing huh oh oh okay gotta climb up this way where am I going over there what are you kidding are you serious right now yeah all I just it's just that it's so dark it's so dark I can't see anything I already have trouble seeing in general now you want me to grab that rope are you kidding me yeah I'll grab that rope what that can't be real is that real okay okay okay let's try that again yeah okay okay okay now what now now where am I going where am I going man around here okay Jandal this is ridiculous keep in mind you have mobile players all right you ever think about that people on mobile is impossible I can barely do this Oh it's just so hard this is ridiculous okay it looks like down this hallways the elevator my golly a ghost ruins it behind us okay just take the guns out right okay I got it spooky spooky get inside quick okay get her down come on Elsa we did it just shooting the darkness just keep shooting I was afk this is really intense I like it I know where we stuck already stuck in the elevator shaft it looks like we made it out alive somehow somehow is definitely the right word let's split up and look for the gem my power reader is showing it's down here somewhere maybe like right there out in the open just so conveniently perfectly showing itself in the Train there you go what now another obby right here and past the Train what are you guys doing Sheriff whoa showed up shoot the shout you guys under arrest for destroying city property as well as for the murder of the innkeeper no it wasn't us man it was the ghost I swear deputy arrest these criminals now no please come on oh that's it okay we got y'all rested no that's just great well Timmy got a couple ideas I will swoon the sheriff anybody hold my hand hmm how do we break out place tea and tea why not let's just do it and find another way we can find another way oh wait what is this down here oh okay we should have said find another way I'll find another way has one okay yep you know what that's probably a good idea because we've got this and then we can now a lockpick must have been the last prisoner okay you know we got a lock pick this somehow no but what about just this guy over here alpert use the lock pick on the door did it now when we go to beat this guy up he just doesn't care okay quick we need to get out of here before the sheriff catches us run back to the teleporter I will grab the gym where's the teleporter it's this way we could do it Ted type D vitto where the gem is run join three of us left it's Jim no Jim what Jim he's so dead he's dying what I mean he's dying he couldn't be more dying oh never mind he's oh he's alive listen take the Jim from me I was wrong about you who you talking about Jin he tried to kill us this whole time I got the gem for you guys oh thanks Jim thank you the sad music I had to fight don't trust don't trust you Jin don't trust who did he die before he could finish his sentence I like it ladies and gentlemen August 2nd for the finale of the wrap-up of this story that is so crazy the finale the finale and then that's time travel adventures guys it's kind of sad I really liked time travel adventures I want more stories constantly well ladies and gentlemen that was the Wild West that might have been one of my favorite ones I know I've said that multiple times but they're all really great and it just keeps it just keeps on going with greatness so man just wonderful huge congrats splitting point Studios but anyways though guys go ahead and play this for yourself and get pumped for August 2nd that sounds great also get pumped for July 26th new Denis backpack I am so insanely excited for you guys to see it it's amazing I'm not gonna give anything away all right now to wait countdown on Dennis daily comm but other than that guys thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed please remember to leave the video a like maybe even subscribe if you haven't already yeah me and then you know that's pretty much it all um I will see you guys in the next one you

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