Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Beanie Baby Catspiracy

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Beanie Baby Catspiracy

Gavin: My cats love each other so much that, at one point recently, Columbo, the younger one got locked in one of the rooms and they were like communicating through the door And Smee can open doors, but this is one of the doors, where we’ve- We have a magnet on it so he can’t open it
Barbara: Smee proof Gav: Yeah, so instead of like, he tried to open the door for awhile We looked on the cameras and in the end he couldn’t do it so he went upstairs got a beanie baby And delivered it in front of the door it’s like ” I’ve done everything i can, but here’s a beanie baby Gus: I’m going to take off uhh the beanie baby will take care of you” Gav: Yeah, he’s like ” Look I can’t get in…but here’s this” “Good luck” Barb: Does he think there like..dead animals? Gav: I don’t know, if we lock them out of the bedroom he will go upstairs there’s a box of beanie babies he’ll bite one in his mouth or pick one or select one come down the stairs one in his mouth and dump outside the bedroom door and he’ll do that once a night and if we don’t move them, by the end of the week we’ll have a stack of beanie babies Barb: You should see how many he can stack up Do you think that he’s trying to protect you guys? Gav: I don’t know what it is, its kinda like some sort of cat behavioral thing i don’t think it’s that rare it just fascinates me Do you know what you need to do? You get this cat licker thing, you need to get on his level you need to give him a couple licks See if he lets you know what’s going on Barb: You should bring him a beanie baby
Gav: I’ll bring him a beanie baby in my mouth Crawl down my wooden staircase on my hands and knees Gus: I wonder what he thinks, what do they mean to him. That’s so weird.
He probably thinks that they’re confusing other people so he’s like i’m not Gonna, be here guarding, my, boy in the other room but they’re here you can’t fuck with them
Barb: Or maybe he’s just trolling you. Maybe he’s way smarter Gav: That’s the thing, is that so if the door is open he’ll sleep on the bed and that won’t stop him, sometimes He’ll just get like a cat idea where he’s just asleep on the bed and at 4 a.m. He just thinks, well i’m gonna go get a Beanie baby and get off the bed, go upstairs, into the office of said, grab one dump it at the foot the bed hop back on the bed and go back to sleep. But it’s like, the cat, with its little cat, brain, made that decision why

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  1. Kudos to everyone involved in animating this. The way they did it was just so hilarious. When it pans over to Gav's unimpressed face at 1:45 it totally got me. Class.

  2. He’s bringing you toys because he thinks you’re to stupid to hunt. Just like when cats bring you dead animals.

  3. I kinda want to see the video of Smee grabbing the beenies.
    Alternatively has Gav ever thought of putting a cam on Smee to see what he does all day from his viewpoint?

  4. Try throwing the beanie baby and see if he fetches it. It's how I taught my cat Marbles how to play fetch, along with his siblings.

  5. The cat was paying you. Basically giving you "food" in exchange for shelter. Loads of cats do it

  6. My cat gets all of his toys from round the house and leaves them by his food bowl. No idea why.

  7. They don’t understand cats, do they? They bring them because it thinks you are worthy of their prey, whether it is fake or not.

  8. Maybe it's comforting cause you always have a little animal watching your back :3 or at least that's how I think the cat sees it. That's how I would see it if I was a cat.

  9. My Grandmother always tells me "never try to fathom the mind of a cat. You'll drive yourself mad doing so"

  10. My cat has a little "stuffed Toy" (originally a Christmas tree ornament, shaped like a stocking with cats drawn on it.) That she loves. Every morning I find it in some random place And put it back where it goes.

  11. Well he is right.. its not that rare – its pretty common, but its still interesting. Theres some reason. Just like one of my cats puts his toys in the food bowl — but only when the foods almost gone. Its funny cus the other cats WONT EAT ANY OF THE FOOD around his toy. Its like hes claiming a section.

  12. Cats bring dead animals trying to feed their owners, it thinks the beanie babies are animals she has caught

  13. Sometimes cats think their owners are bad Hunters but they still love you enough to bring you something. This is why sometimes they bring you dead birds and stuff but I think your cat thinks Beanie Babies are dead animals to give you so you won't starve

  14. When my sister was in middle school, her cat would graciously deliver pinecones to her. My mom got so tired of stepping on them that she made my sister go outside, grab one, and bring it back to show to her cat. Solved the problem.

  15. so I watched all of 436 from the end card (because I saw this on fb) to come to the ACTUAL video and read the description and it actually be 463 🙂

  16. Burnie babies could be real merch… and have multiple design's due to Burnie's 70 different personas….

  17. I have read up on multiple animal behaviors for previous classes and if I was to guess the cat may be trying to provide for them in the one way it readily can. At least that would be my guess.

  18. Lmao my cat has a beanie baby called “bebe” that she cares around in her mouth!! Its so funny. Its a little pink beanie poodle.

  19. This is just a theory but I've read that some cats have that "hunter trait" where they hunt small dead animals bring it back to the owner like as a present or a trophy or something
    the best thing to do in that situation is to praise them or give them a little reward like "Yaaayy you did it"

  20. owning a cat is an… experience. u have to yell at them for trying to eat ants and when u try to get them to stop licking a dirty puddle (THERES WATER INSIDE) they bite u

  21. gavin trynig to understand animals is the funniest thing ever, first dogs and doorbells, now cats and beanie babies

  22. He thinks its food he bringing u food as a sign of respect and to show that u r the master. That's why dogs and cats do that

  23. My cat leaves his toys outside our bedroom every single night, too. I always thought it was like a gift, same as how they might bring you a dead mouse or bird. Or just an offering in the hopes we'll come out to play.

  24. It might be that the cat thinks they're dead and is bringing them to Gavin as a sign of sharing food. When a cat really loves someone they'll do that as a sign of affection.

  25. Gavin your cat brings a beanie baby before their about to sleep because the cat can't protect you or themselves when sleeping

  26. Even though this is one of the easier things to solve that cats do (they're trying to deliver "food" when it thinks others can't hunt for themselves), its still amazing to see Gavin try to solve it xD

  27. I think its absolutely suppose to be the domestic cat variation on gifts. Feral or outdoor cats will give you dead animals or things they've put the connection together that you like (birds are also like this) but domestic cats don't have access to this, so they make do. My old cat stole blankets and my current cat gifts me wires (usually old headphones)

  28. My girlfriends cat does the same thing. Itll meow when it brings something from the basement and if we dont acknowledge it, she'll bring more. We woke up one morning with 6 socks, and a flower in the living room

  29. XD I can only imagine how hard Gavin and Meg must have been laughing when they first saw Smee do this 🙂

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