Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Bulking Up

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Bulking Up

Michael: Dude I have been fucking eating so much food lately You fucking found me eating yesterday Trevor: Your’e in the corner just – Jeremy: Busting- busting into Jersey Mike’s Michael: Literally we went to Jersey Mikes, Lindsay and I went to Jersey Mikes yesterday on the way home And I was like I’m gonna get some food on the way home Like there’s not a lot of stuff, you know, because we live outside of Austin There’s more options in Austin So, I was like let’s get something while we’re here, we’ll go to Jersey Mike’s We go to Jersey Mike’s But I was like, do I get like a footlong, or like do I get like half a sandwich to eat on the way home And then another half when I get home And I was like, I could go for like a hot sandwich right now and I can eat it on the way No I Ah fuck it I’ll just get one- I’ll just get one sandwich Fuck it So Lindsay orders her sandwich And then I’m like, “I’ll take a giant uh like – thing it got salami and cheese” And he’s like, “Okay cool” And he’s making the sandwiches, and as he’s fucking making them – I already ordered the giant – I’m like “Ha- you still got the grill on though?” And he’s like, “Oh yeah grills still going” Cause like they shut it off sometimes like two hours before they close – like some places And I’m like, “How long would a- how long would a chicken cheese steak take?” And he’s like, “Oh like no time at all” “Get me a regular of those too” So I got – so I got a fucking giant sandwich and a regular sandwich So as soon as that happens Lindsays like, “Alright he’s making the food” Shes like, “I’m gonna use the bathroom” So she goes to the bathroom and I’m like, “Alright” He finishes making all the food I get handed it all I’m like, “Fucking start eating it here” So I sit down I start eating my chicken sandwich In Jersey Mike’s with my footlong sandwich next to me to take home And then Jeremy walks in the door and I go, “SUP” I’m like right at the front door And he goes “WOAH … hi” Jeremy: I went like, “Oh no” Michael: Yeah you’re like, “Oh no” Jeremy: Oh no And then I went up to the counter And then as I was ordering Lindsay went behind me and she was like, “They’ll let anyone in here” Michael: It’s just so funny – then Lindsays like, “Alright let’s go” I’m like, “Alright hang on” [eating noises] “Alright see ya later Jeremy” and I took my sandwich and I left Jeremy: I got two regulars, I got two regulars And I would have felt bad cause I feel like Kat would have yelled at me cause I got two subs So I ordered three subs, one for Kat and then two for me And then I went home and I quickly ate one of them before she got home Ryan: Nice
Jeremy: and threw away all the evidence [Michael laughing] Trevor pretending to be Kat: Jeremy why is there an extra wrapper in the trash

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  1. My favorite part of the whole video is Michael chowing down on the sandwich, taking a huge breath, and then chowing down again. It's so relatable!

  2. I had a meatball sub from Jersey Mike's, was good but the sauce to meatball ratio left me disappointed it had too much sauce

  3. never had jersey mikes. Have a coworker who loves it and she recommends it but i tried jimmy johns first and it was ehhhhhhh. kinda skeptical tbh.

  4. So is jersey mikes nice. We dont have them in the uk. Is it like a texas thing or is it a national thing like subway

  5. Michael says he eats his chicken cheese steak with the foot long salami cheese next to him but in the animation it’s the other way around.

  6. This might be the first time an RTAA screws up the details. Micheal says he ate his cheesesteak at Jersey Mike's and had his large sandwich next to him. Yet in the video, the opposite occurs. Interesting.

  7. why wouldn't he just grab the 18 Inch sub and eat half there and half later? It's roughly the same amount of food for less money

  8. What you do Jeremy is you order 2 for you and 2 for her so when she refuses to eat the 2nd one you get to have a 3rd sandwich

  9. I love that the grill is a George Foreman grill. Great call back to Brandon and Burnie rtaa about them going to the BBQ place.

  10. As someone who works at Jersey Mikes I can attest to the price of a giant being only like 15 bucks because it’s 16-17 inches. Instead of 12.

  11. If you look close enough when he orders the chicken sandwich it was the smaller of the 2 but when he says he starts eating his chicken sandwich there he's holding the salami one?

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