Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Burnie Hates NASA

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Burnie Hates NASA

[Burnie] By the way, did you see that NASA released more information about an exo-planet they found? It was like a full, lava planet… …And it was like, underneath the lava there was a layer of carbon. And then, everything flows in different directions. Depending on the season. And all that stuff. I’m like… You f- I can’t believe people are still buying this fucking bullshit. All the fucking flowery… Language. About what’s going on on that planet. It’s all. Fucking. BULLSHIT. It’s all bullshit. Because they release this fucking thing. The other day. About this planet. That’s made of lava with a layer of carbon. AND IT’S 150 GODDAMN LIGHT YEARS AWAY! And it’s like, I want to go… “HEY NASA, HOW MANY PLANETS ARE IN OUR SOLAR SYSTEM?” “Just a count?” They’re like, “I DUNNO. EIGHT?” “Nine? NINE??” “NINE, EIGHT? WHAT IS TODAY??” “WEDNESDAY?” “There’s nine!” “We think there is another planet! “In our solar system!” “But we’re not sure!” They’re like, “Bill over here was on the fucking telescope.” “And saw a goddamn SHADOW!” “TELL THEM ABOUT THE SHADOW BILL!” “I saw a shadow!=D” [Gibberish] “A ninth fucking planet!” We can’t even count the planets in our solar system. And we’re telling people… …What a fucking planet looks like… …130 fucking light years away. [Gus] I can’t wait for them to get like, super crazy with it. Like… So then below the flowing carbon layer… …There is a Happy Meal layer… *Burnie laughing* [Gus] And it’s just filled with… McDonald’s Happy Meals. We don’t know w-how they got there. [Burnie] IN THE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE… …There is a mountain… …And if you look at it in the right way… …IT LOOKS LIKE A DOG. [Laughter] IT’S AMAZING!! [Outro Music] [RT Animation Outro]

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  1. It does make sense. As the exoplanet would transit the star we can use a spectrometer to analysis the elements it's composed of. The maybe plant in the solar system has barely any light reflecting off it and unlike the exoplanet cannot be seen by blocking star like. Therefore is incredibly hard to find.

  2. Just as an addition, that planet just sounds like a terrestrial planet that hasn't developed an outer crust and compressed the carbon into a clump in between the planet core and the outer layer of magma, which seems pretty reasonable, dunno how they got the info about the carbon mind, but hey, I'm no smientisht.

    That happy meal layer sounds super false though, we all know that the only fast food inside planets is Burger King, and maybe Subway, we never did prove the latter.

  3. Gotta ask, why do people still talk like Pluto is a planet? Like ok, its been 19 years now. 19 YEARS. It hasn't been a planet for that long. In science, its not disputed, at all. Great RTAA but this confuses me

  4. Am I the only one that thinks the person that works at nasa on the animation with brown hair looks like space kid..?

  5. I just want to point out that if they find another planet, it will be the TENTH planet in our solar system, not the ninth.

  6. The way I see it I understand burnies conundrum with his point of view lol but to be fair talking about how something is categorized is different from what something is made up of

    Categorizing a new term for “plutoids” was already weird but I mean from what I’ve seen and learned when discovering the makeup of cosmic bodies in space they take light reflection and refraction into consideration a lot plus not to mention information from whatever is surrounding the cosmic body too, equations and solutions can always have people come to a consensus but what thing people have struggled with for all time is similar opinions lol everybody trying to agree on making Pluto a something else or demoting it from planet status was a huge issue when I heard about it

  7. Burnie just sounds like an incompetent boomer sometimes. If he doesn't understand it, he can't believe anyone else can.

  8. Its actually pretty aggrivating they're being so ignorant about discoveries made by scientists with decades of training.

  9. This is why my cousin and her friends (all of whom are in elementary school) want to take over NASA, and rename it the SSAA. But they have to get a college education first. But don’t worry Burnie, they will not end up making up flowery language for what is going on in space

  10. Me: Goes to comments to find comments about Space Kid

    Finds comments about people screaming about this video that is clearly meant to be a joke

    Me: Oh ok 🙂

  11. I showed this to my Dad and he loved, he also agrees on NASA is full of it when they sound so definitively of planets so far away.

  12. Considering the amount of planets in the universe, it is entirely conceivable that there is in fact a mountain that looks like a dog, somewhere in the universe…

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