Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Gus’ Sharkdanko Interview

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Gus’ Sharkdanko Interview

So I had to go to Houston to do my Global Entry, right? It was an interesting experience. So I walk into this office in Houston, and the office is about the size of this podcast set, it’s tiny. Since this is a government office there’s signs everywhere like no cellphones and all of them were upside down for some reason. And it’s like one dude and I go up to do my thing And I’m talking with him and I guess he can see all of my information because they do a background check on you And he’s like “Filmmaker huh? “Yeah yeah yeah, I guess” “What kinda films do you make? “Well it’s complicated, y’know we do stuff on the internet. You make it sound like porn immediately. “It’s not porn, it’s comedy.’ “I love movies, I love watching movies.” “Oh really? “Yeah I’m a huge fan of Wes Anderson Movies.” “Oh, what’s that Wes Anderson movie that was filmed in Houston?” “Oh, Rushmore, I love Rushmore. It’s one of my favorite movies. “Oh I loved that. Is he quizzing you? I dunno. “Yeah, I really like good films y’know I really hate those trashy films.” “A friend of mine invited me over to his place for a screening of that movie “Sharkdanko.” *Chuckle* Sharkdanko? Yeah I was like “What?” He’s like “The Sharks and they’re flying in the air.” Flying the dankos? *Laughter* “Uuuh, ok?” “What’s your favorite film?” “I like Ghost World a lot, it’s a really good movie. “I don’t think I’ve seen that one. “It’s got Thora Birch, Scarlett Johansson “Oh yeah, It’s also got Steve Booskemee right?” He’s fucking with you at this point. At this point I’m like, is this a test like what you said? Yeah he’s fucking with you it feels like because he heard you were a filmmaker So he’s testing you out by throwing out by just throwing out something he knows is That can’t be a real thing they do Maybe, you don’t fuckin know. I dunno but I didn’t question it and got through the interview real fast Everything was fine but in my head I was like, “Was I being tested and did I fail some kind of test? You should have been like “Hey what’s that natural disaster where the wind’s going in a circle? “A Tordanko!” Steve Booskemee dies in a Tordanko What if I just started messing up government agencies like Like “Yeah I didn’t pay taxes to the iris.” See if he calls you on it. *Dope Music* *Jazzy Music*

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  1. I guess you could say that after the interview Gus was caught in a whirlwind of thought.

  2. 30 second ad that can't be skipped on a 2 minute video anyone but rooster teeth and I would have closed the video but I still think it bullshit

  3. Upside down signs?, a government office?, and a guy who's asking weird questions?

    Nothing wrong here

  4. "I thought it would be a better story of I left" someone finally said it aloud. I think most people do whatever to have a better story later.

  5. is it just me or is Gus the only person that looks exactly like his drawing because he has that scrawny figure and tiny wimpy arms

  6. hey Rooster Teeth a million dollars but, the moment you get it your life is displayed in RT animated adventures

  7. People do that sometimes on me they ask me what kind of films I make and I say to them I have to always keep it a secret because someone starts stealing my ideas.

  8. When i was getting my visa at the american embassy in Rio the guy kept doing something similar to me to try to test if i was really from where i said i was. Like, naming places incorrectly to get me to correct him and confirm i was actually from where i am.

  9. I feel the exact same way in a McDonald's interview I once had.
    Literally the dude did 80% of the talking.
    Like it started off great, he was asking relevant questions. Till he asked why I was taking criminal justice in uni. I told him, then everything went downhill from there, he started talking about an empolyee who was taking law, then he started talking about the sponship opportunitys that employees get for working with McDonald's and all this random information about how great McDonald's is for students. The whole time I was thinking "wtf do I say to this?" Then he went on about another topic still irrelevant to me or the job. Then he asked one more question and then said "sorry looks like we're out of time, thanks for coming" and that was it.
    I felt like him raving on about random crap really costed me the opportunity to work, cause my brother went in after and got the job.

  10. For a second I thought they were avoiding using sharknado for copyright reasons (yes I know copyrights don't work that way, my brain just worked like that for a second) and was like "didn't asylum make the majority of their film on ripping off blockbusters before making sharknado?"

  11. Who else looked up Gus Sorola after this

    And if u where going to it doesn't say film maker it's says actor

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