Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Miles Runs from Zombies

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Miles Runs from Zombies

Miles-I was really disappointed, because a few years ago, I learnt that, If I were in a zombie apocalypse, I’d die. I’ve, i’ve always assumed, but that thought was essentially confirmed, when I did the Austin Zombie Run. Oh, yeah? Essentially how it worked was, um, there were, you would get a card at the beginning of the thing, you’d meet at this bar, it gives you clues, as to where you needed to go. and there were two types of zombie there were normal-they were actors they were all actors obviously.. umm Kyle- No they were REAL zombies in this zombie run, MIles Kyle-come on Miles- but they had walkers, and they and they had runners well, we were fucking awesome. we were super stealth, incognito mode like we’d hear other peoples’ screams and know its like “no we cant go through there, we cant go through there.” but um. as soon as we got to this one area where there was a bridge and on the other side of the bridge was a little-uh- courtyard kyle-ya miles- and at the bottom of the courtyard was a safe zone but there were zombies ALL over the place and we meet up with this one other guy what was fun was interacting with strangers cuz its like youd see in the movies we’re like-we’re like “hey. you’re out here too?” and he goes “ya theres walkers all over the area” and we’re like “oh ya?” he goes “ya ive been watching them for a little while.” so we talk and we’re like “ok we’re gonna make a break for it.” one two three GO! and we take off and we sprint across the bridge and we’re sprinting towards the courtyard and that’s when i hear our third stanger friend go “RUNNERS RUNNERS RUNNERS!” and i look behind me and i see sure enough there’s two zombies behind me they are like busting ass and i CAN SEE- I CAN SEE where we’re going its right in front of us and i get so excited and then i tripped on my shoe lace and i tripped so hard, that i did a frontflip and landed flat on my back and the fucking actors actually broke character and went “woah woah woah hey hey hey.” “dont bite him. dont bite him. “lets see if he’s cool and i told him like they helped me up, like like i was bleeding and shit and i go and i go “just bite me.” “its how it would have actually happened.” just do it!

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  1. Please just do acid, shrooms, and molly all at once and go on an adventure and then tell that story, or just do some DMT and tell about that…bet itd be funny as all hell

  2. That's why I have Velcro shoes. Never know when you have to run for your life. Now if only I could maintain a run for more than 15 seconds. God I'm fat 🙁

  3. I think what would be more pathetic is that if it was an actual zombie apocalypse and when that happens, the actual zombies would actually take pity on you just to see if you were okay.

    I'd be asking to get bitten at that point.

  4. I want this to happen during a RWBY episode.

    Jaune trips on his shoelace while fighting one of the villains. As he waits for his inevitable death the villain asks him if he's alright, in a genuine tone. The scene pans out to a larger view of the setting the battle takes place, as you hear a voice yell "OH, COME ON!"

  5. im still butthurt about signing up for a zombie run then the company went bankrupt a month before and didnt give refunds, fml

  6. Surviving a zombie apocalypse isn't about outrunning the zombies. It's about outrunning the person next to you.

  7. and two guys got tackled that met up with me also runners were chasing me and walkers walking from corridors and I like wall ran around a alley way and dayumn it was intense I am a very good Parkourist? what would you call me like a parkouer or something like that

  8. i did one of those runs in LA but it was a 5k run and wore nothing but a black morphsuit and finished the run under an hour

  9. Hey Sarge do you have a "zombie plan"? hehe
    Zombie plan? I don't have A zombie plan
    See, I told you-
    I have THIRTY-SEVEN different Zombie plans!

  10. You heard it here folks!

    You want to survive a zombie apocalypse? Just trip so bad that the Zombies feel bad for you.

  11. I've been in a zombie run and I'm a natural sprinter so I played a runner zombie. I must have been horrifying to the people I'd chase down.

  12. Over the summer I was a counselor-in-training for this LARP camp I go to, and the first two weeks were sort of like that. We would dress up as zombies and attack campers, and the campers would do all kinds of missions and try to kill as many zombies as possible. It was really fun.


  14. guess you can say he got tripped up~

    maybe shoelaces are his Achillie’s Heel~

    Bet the actors got fed up with his “Graceful” flip

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