Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Mooning Over Shoes

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Mooning Over Shoes

The first time I was ever mooned was when I was four years old. How do you… who moons a four year old? Here was the thing. In my growing up I grew up in a lot of bar situations because my parents were like, it’s late 80s early 90s you still take your kid to a bar in Texas. So we went to this comedy club, I remember and it was just my dad, my mom And we’re watching this comedian who was like not really He wasn’t really great, but every time he tell a really bad joke a GROANER He’d put his pants down and moon the audience. Well my parents didn’t know this, and I didn’t know this… So when he pulled down his pants and started doing that… I bawled I was just so upset and so tearful I mean they had to take me out. My parents, you know, had to set down their drinks. I go outside. I’m very upset, very upset The comedian eventually comes out and sits down next to me and my parents are like can you you know say something to him? The comedian… I’ll never forget this he says don’t worry. It was fake. That wasn’t real what you saw up there It was that wasn’t my real butt, it was a fake butt, but I was like it was fake. He’s like yes That wasn’t that wasn’t real I was like Oh, wow, okay, then that’s okay, and then it wasn’t till I was like 13 or 14 and thinking about it later. I like how you were still thinking about it Because it affected me! I was like. That was a real ass. Okay, I wonder. What was going through that comedian’s mind like he’s doing his bit He drops his pants, and then he hears like a kid crying *Child-Like Screams* OH GOD! [Static] If you could have a business on the moon, what would it be? Moon shoes, easy. *Faint Laughter* People need shoes To protect against the rocks Huh? Moon shoes? Yeah No, no think about it! I’m trying. Look man!… Brandon, I’m trying to get there They can’t bring infinite shoes with them to the moon You got like… two pairs of shoes, max! So where, how are you making these shoes??? I don’t know I have a business! I’m sure there’s something. He’s importing them. They’re so quick to that… …I would have… a movie theater. A movie theater on the moon? Ok. Watching a movie on the moon like a drive-in [agreeing nods] If you had a drive-in you had like the you know the earth in the background and that was your view, like that’d be cool I guess if you have to have a drive-in, then I’m making Moon Cars Yeah, you make the Moon Cars, and um you know how but to get into the car to walk to your car You can’t just walk in your bare feet You gotta wear the moon shoes man You gotta get moon shoes This episode of the RT podcast is brought to you by moon shoes [Static] [RT Outro]

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  1. That was amazing how all of you are like a family hope you guys are having a great life and just live

  2. That was amazing how all of you are like a family hope you guys are having a great life and just live

  3. Business on the moon? Easy.

    -Fresh Air Inc.
    –Sell re-breathers
    –Sell air-filters
    –Sell tanks of oxygen, nitrogen, etc.
    –Repair re-breathers and air-filters

  4. I've watched this video atleast ten times and I just realized he said comedy club and not commie club.

  5. I didn't think you would start advertasing a company like moonshoes, smh, is money that hard to get these days

  6. I'm pretty sure if we had a colony on the moon we wouldn't be walking around OUTSIDE! We'd have indoor stations all connected to each other so we never have to go outside. And if we ever did go outside, we would wear space suits. So the moon shoes idea is totally obsolete. I mean, I guess we would still need to wear shoes inside the station. But wouldn't those just be regular shoes? There's no need to call them moon shoes just because they're made on the moon.

    Further proof that Brandon doesn't think enough.

  7. Instead of moon shoes, how bout oxygen tanks? Sure you can find a way to make money off of a necessity that everyone needs

  8. A thousand years from now Moon Shoes incorporated will use this video as an advertisement before movies at the drive-in Moonvie theater

  9. So Brandon's logic is that you need shoes on the moon to product from the rocks. If you're out on the moon's surface, you'd already be wearing a full spacesuit. And surely you'd change out of this once you step inside the colony.

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