Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Movie Moments

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Movie Moments

Miles: Can I do a very quick… thing about the end of Infinity War? Miles: So I went to go see that movie, on a Monday night by myself, at like 7:30 or something. Miles: Towards the end- *finger snap*
-fucking Thanos does his little *softer snap* snaps.
Kerry: Yeah. Miles: And everyone starts disappearing, I’m like “holy shit, we’re doing this, okay, cool.” Miles: Cuz I-I never read the comics or anything. Miles: So T’Challa goes, and I hear like a few like- *soft sniffle* -a few sniffles in the audience. Miles: And then I hear a big one, two seats, to the side of me- *loud sniff and soft crying* Miles: And there’s this like, middle-aged woman there, just- like bleary eyed. Like she’s in- and I’m like “aw, man.” Miles: “Wow, she’s really into this, like that’s really cool-”
Burnie: Yeah. Miles: “-that she’s having this emotional connection with this film.”
Kerry: Yeah. Miles: But then she had to ruin it for everyone else, because as soon as you get that- Miles: “Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good.” You hear- Miles: *choked up crying* N-No! *laughter*
Miles: And like- Burnie: Yep-
Miles: I’m like, what the fuck? Miles: And of course, Peter’s going, and he’s clinging- he’s like, “I don’t, I don’t want to go,” and she goes- Miles: *angry crying* NO NO NO NO!! *sniffs*
*Gus cackles* Miles: *wheezing back laughter* And I’m like- Miles: A-And I’m trying not to laugh! I feel bad for like a number of reasons, but like- Miles: Dawg, she was in this zone! Miles: Like her only child was like going- I was- Miles: I wanted to go over to her and like, give her a blanket and cocoa and be like, have that talk with her!
Kerry: Yeah. Miles: That this duty’s to have with his son, man. Miles: I can’t think of the last time I saw someone… have that one. Alright, I’m done.
Gus: Th- The woman who- Gus: So the woman who was sitting in front of me, when I watched Infinity War, Gus: Like there’s a scene where, uh, Tony Stark gets stabbed. Kerry: Yeah.
Miles: Yeah, I-
Gus: Yeah, and I was like- Gus: Oh my god, they’re gonna- they’re gonna kill him right here.
Kerry: I wish that’d have been it. Gus: The woman in front of me goes- Gus: *loud gasp* NO! *Miles laughs loudly*
Burnie: I did that- I had that same reaction. Gus: And then the lights come up in the theater, she goes- Gus: “Well, that movie FUCKING sucks!”
*Miles wheezing and the rest laughing* Miles: Oh dude, have you ever been in a theater where someone tries to start a clap, and it’s just done, it don’t- don’t go? Miles: Oh, that’s a really uncomfortable situation to be in for like the- like the remainder of the film. Burnie: I was- I was in that situation with a friend of ours.
Miles: Oh no.
Kerry: Really? Burnie: Matt Hullum.
Miles: OH NO. Burnie: We went and saw the Star Wars-
Miles: Don’t tell me he started it. Burnie: -the Star Wars, uh, I think it was special editions, when they came out in theaters?
Kerry: The Star Wars… Kerry: Oh, yeah. Yeah.
Burnie: The original trilogy, but when they added all the garbage to it?
Miles: Yeah… Burnie: And, uh, you know, we went and saw New Hope, and everyone was like, yeah! Burnie: You know when you see the first- *clapping* -time Leia’s on screen, everyone’s clapping.
Kerry: Yeah. Miles: Sure, sure.
Burnie: First time, Hans Solo-
Kerry: For a second, I thought you meant like- Kerry: The 3D-
Burnie: Not gonna spoil anything about it, Episode 4. Burnie: Uh, but then- when we- in Empire, we went and saw Empire- Burnie: I wanna say they came out like, months apart, but- or maybe- I don’t know they seem like they were pretty close. Burnie: Anyway, we went and saw Empire together, and everybody did the same thing when they clapped when Leia showed up. Burnie: And when Darth Vader showed up the first time. Burnie: But then Boba Fett appeared on screen.
*Miles snorting* Burnie: And Matt was like, “YEAH, BOBA FETT!!” *resounding claps that slowly stops*
*Miles and Gus laughing* Burnie: NOTHING.
*continuous laughter* Burnie: Nobody was into Boba Fett except for Matt.
Miles: Aw, come on. Burnie: I know right? What are you gonna do?

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  1. 0:49 I have Bluetooth headphones, and instead of hearing the woman go “no no no no no” my Bluetooth headphones play it over with “battery very low, please charge now.”

  2. Infinity War was by all means a dark movie but in my opinion it wasn't a tearjerker, there was just this somber, doom-like feeling hanging over the entire movie. Like, when the snap happened it was obviously very sad, but then you realise that sure, most of our favourite characters died, but so did half the entire universe. It would be easier to fathom if it was earth, or the galaxy, but think of giving it your everything and then you lose and because you lose, literally half the universe dies. That's what I got out of Infinity War. Nobody at my theatre cried or did anything funny, everybody was just in shock.

  3. ok so y'all know how moth in my ear is next? i've been binge watching this for the past 2-3 days and i thought moth in my ear was season 5 not 8 so i missed an episode

  4. The lady that Miles is describing was literally me and my friends. I don't think I ever cried over anything else more than I cried over that.

  5. I had basically the same reaction as the lady in front of Gus xD the ending of that bloody movie was like running in a field of emotions

  6. I actually watched infinity war at my school
    It was an after school computer club and I had two hours while everyone else was playing games I just sat away from everyone with head phones in and watched it with the beginning speed up but about when everyone was vanishing someone came up behind me and started laughing and was saying who would disappear next making the experience not so nice

  7. When I went to see Infinity War, when the movie ended, I literally screamed “WHAT!?” at the top of my lungs. The lady in front of me was like ‘I agree’. I probably just voiced everyone’s thoughts, tbh.

  8. One of my friends accidentally spoiled IW for another one of my friends, then he tried to play it off and it was BAD.

    "no no, my vision died twice! I couldn't see for like 10 minutes at a time!"

  9. Anyone else see Downtown big brown and Uber ditch driver Jay money parkour kids and dad and other characters from this episode Darth Vader to

  10. The ironic thing about boba fett was that when empire came out he was the fan favorite character and he has sold the most figures out of all the other characters but the remake viewing no one cheered it's kinda funny really

  11. a little while back my sister and I went to go see a reshowing of the michael keaton batman. during the parade scene i instinctively start tapping my foot but i noticed that my sister was also getting into the music, so was the guy to side of me also tapping his foot and the people in the row right in front of me. It quite but if you look around everyone was getting into the prince music. it was fun.

  12. I still remember the credit rolled and I've never heard a theater so quite in my life after infinity war you could've heard a pin drop

  13. I watched end game I heard so many sobs and sniffles, I looked to my friend and whispered “listen closely you can hear the sobs of the weak”..

  14. I’m rewatching this RTAA after Endgame to explain one of the best theater moments ever.

    At the beginning of the movie, when Clint’s family gets dusted, everyone started crying, and all I thought was: “This is gonna get better, I know it.”

  15. Please tell me well hear more about this with Endgame now! The reactions I heard were so hilarious too and I want to hear everyone's stories

  16. Ive never seen a movie at the theaters and had people clap at the end


    Avengers: Endgame

    The funny part is, the guy tried to start a clap and no one else did (He only got three claps out before realizing nobody was joining him)

  17. Awws I've just been Infinity spoiled xD
    But since it's the RT people, I forgive ❤
    This now calls for a movie marathon!

  18. To be fair, I would have been the guy to clap for Wedge in Star Wars (dude’s actually my favorite character in the series)

  19. This happened to me in endgame. I couldn't be sad cus the girl next to me was sobbing like "no Tony no" and I was dying

  20. I wish I was the kind of person who gets genuinely choked up and sniffle. I love getting sucked into lore, but never really get emotionally invested. I’d like to lose myself in it

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