Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Movie Stories

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Movie Stories

Geoff: Y-You and I used to do this thing where like the Chronicle would post like, Geoff: “Early tickets to see a movie!” Gus: Oh, god…
Geoff: And we would go stand in line at a store for 4 hours, so we could see a movie for free early. Geoff: And so we saw The Punisher early,
Gus: Oh, God… Geoff: The Thomas Jane Punisher,
Michael: Fuck yeah! Geoff: And Gus had just moved back from Puerto Rico,
Ryan: No, no fuck yeah. Geoff: And the opening shot,
Michael: Oh, fuck yeah! Geoff: It’s like this gorgeous, Caribbean paradise,
Michael: A beach? Geoff: And it says, “Aguadilla, Puerto Rico”. And Gus goes, *sound of chair scooting back* Geoff: “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?! I JUST LIVED THERE FOR A YEAR AND A HALF!” “‘N’ THAT IS NOT ANYWHERE NEAR IT!! WHERE ARE THE TRASH BAGS?! WHY IS THE ELECTRICITY WORKING?!?!” Geoff: And he like, went on this rant and everybody in the theater was like, “what the fuck?” *Everyone laughs*
Gus: I, uh… that’s not even the worst I’ve ever done in a theater; Gus: One time, we had to go see Bewitched, remember the Bewitched rewake (remake)? Brandon: With Will Ferrell?
Ryan: *indistinct noise* Gus: I got- I got really drunk before the movie started ((but not cheesemaster drunk)),
Michael: Yeah, you did. Gus: And then I snuck in uh… bottles of Coke that were filled with alcohol, and um… Gus: I just kept drinking and people were laughing at it, and having a good time as people do at the movies, Gus: But I was so drunk and angry I started screaming at the movie audience; Gus: I was like, “WHAT ARE YOU ALL LAUGHING AT?! THIS MOVIE’S TERRIBLE!”
*Everyone is laughing while Michael says “Jesus Christ”* *Everyone is still laughing*
Gus: I had to get dragged out of that movie theater-
Michael: Whaaat?? *STATIC* Brandon: I almost got beat up in a movie theater. Brandon: Was watching Tropic Thunder, fucking asshole in the row in front of me kept answering his phone, Brandon: And obnoxiously talking to somebody to the point where I know you’re not doing this to convenient; Brandon: I know you’re just like, trying to piss everyone of us off. Brandon: So finally, I got so angry that I was like, “Can you get off your fucking phone?” Brandon: And the guy stood up, looked at me, and was like, “You want to take this outside? I’ll beat the shit outta you. I’ll beat the shit outta you!” Brandon: And I just kinda stood there and didn’t do anything; and I was just like, “Okay, okay, okay, ok.” Brandon: And he walks away, gets out of the theater, and as I’m leaving this guy comes up to me. Brandon: Kinda like, you know, looks… y’know, really nerdy shirt. Brandon: And he was just like, “I woulda had your back, bro. I woulda had your back.” *Hands slam on the table* *Everyone laughs*
Brandon: FUCKING. BULLSHIT. *Everyone still laughs*
Brandon: If I got punched in the face, nobody would’ve done a thing. Michael: Yeah.
Ryan: Alright, but he would have called the ambulance.
Brandon: I was the people’s! Michael: He would’ve.
Jeremy: Yeah, yeah. Ryan: He would’ve been there-
Michael: He would’ve called 911. *overlapping chatter*
Geoff: He meant- he would’ve found your back a– th– wh– where it was thrown in the woods and put it back on you. Brandon: It was immediately one of those things as soon as it, you’re like: “This was NOT a great idea.” “How am I… ssuss…” *Gus’s soft “Yeah.”*
Ryan: What’chu (what you) do is, “Yeah, let’s take it outside!” And he leaves and you just sit back down. *someone’s “Yeah, that’s right.”* Gus: He goes out one way, you go out the other exit. Like the fire exit. *multiple chuckles*
Gus: Just like, run to your car. Gus: j’st (just)… don’t look back. Ryan: And then hit him with it. (Gus agrees with “Yeah.”)
Michael: Jesu- *STATIC* ((Fun fact: the word like had been said a total of 15 times!))

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  1. "He would've found your back where it was thrown in the woods and put it back on you." For some reason watching that really made me giggle.

  2. I'm a James Bond fan and I really didn't want any unwanted interruptions so I brought a cell jammer with me to see Casino Royale. Two people kept holding up their phones during the movie and three left and entered during the movie. -_-

  3. i would have told him ya lets go outside wait for him to leave then sit back down then he would have to pay to get back in

  4. you really miss out on things when you don't have closed captions on… 2:17 (Fun fact: the word like had been said a total of 15 times!) good to know

  5. I remember i was watching Deadpool last year. This family comes in with 3 little kids. Two of them were fine but the youngest one wouldnt shut the hell up throughout half the movie. I've never wanted to drop kick a 5 year old a day in my life until that moment. Plus i was thinking "why the hell are they bringing kids to AN R-RATED MOVIE!?"

  6. Worst thing that I did in the cinema: Star Wars: Awakening of the force. They are on this giant death planet. The Millenium Falcon lands and I shout through the whole cinema, because I read about a piece of the script they published, HAN SOLO IS GOING TO DIE! They hate me for this. My friends and me were laughing our asses of.

  7. Moral of the story; never go to the movies with the RT crew. They'll get drunk, scream at the screen and steal your pizza

  8. ahh gus, your are totally correct about puerto rico, the electricity here sucks and theres trash everywhere in the beaches

  9. JESUS CHRIST! Yea, the ending wa fucknig funny! But there is like 20 topvoted comments saying the EXACT SAME THING! XD
    I've never seen something that ridiculous!:P

  10. The worst/best (depending on where you're looking at it from) was a man in New Jersey was pleasuring himself at a screening of the Emoji Movie.

  11. Sometimes I don't know if Jack or Ryan is talking, because they kind of similar voices, but when he say something like "Then hit him with the car", I immediately know it was Ryan. XD

  12. im from puerto rico and when he said "where are the trash bags?? why is the electricity working" i legit almost fell out on my chair laughing because right now like only 15% of puerto rico has electricity

  13. 2:15 we all know once he hit him jeff would come in and finish the job but then the guy would get up and run into a ditch

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