Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – San Diego

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – San Diego

Geoff: Well, we can talk about our day, right? Geoff: We started our morning uh, in the office. Geoff: Working.
Gus: Yeah. And uh, then we promptly left there. Gus: And went straight to the airport to get on a plane.
Geoff: We got on a plane. Gus: And flew to San Diego. Geoff: Sat next to two. Fucking. Cunts. Geoff: That refused to turn their electronics off through the entire goddamn flight. Gus: Like, I don’t understand it.
Geoff: I don’t understand it either Gus! Gus: I looked over there and like, the bitch was using her iPhone, right? Gus: And-
Geoff: Using her iPhone! We’re fucking fly- we’re taxiing! Gus: And I was like, ‘that’s totally an electronic device right?’ Gus: And the flight attendant comes by and says “You need to turn that off ma’am” And she’s like “Oh yeah, that’s right.” So she turns it off. And we get off – we’re five feet off the ground and she pulls her SLR out and starts showing – she’s taking pictures of the woman next to her! Geoff: She’s taking flash photography as we’re taking off on the plane. Gus: If that had gotten into the rear view mirror of the pilot we’d’ve been toast. Geoff: That stupid bitch and her dumb friend put all of our lives in danger.
Gus: It was- it was- Geoff: Why do we have rules as a society, Gus? You know what? Fuck it. I’ma take- I’m not paying taxes anymore. This lady showed me – ‘yeah, I’ll just pull out my fucking camera I’ll pull out my iPhone, I’ll pull out my fucking vibrator.’ ‘I don’t care that I’m putting 245 people at risk. There are small babies on that plane but whatever. Who cares? Because I wanted to look at photos of my dog.’ [Gus laughing] Geoff: So, I’m not gonna pay my taxes anymore. I’m gonna shoot a cop.

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  1. Technically, the only danger of phone usage on a plane is using multiple cell towers, because you're moving so quickly in and out of range. The signals don't actually mess with the communications on a plane, because their radios operate on different frequencies. Everything else on the plane is entirely separate in the way it works, so it is impossible to affect those instruments with a phone…
    but yeah…
    rude and irresponsible, nonetheless.

  2. I'm sure that Airplane Mode was created to make more ignorant aviation crews and staffs dumber than ever. Flash photography has nothing to do with sabotaging an airplane. Common sense? So not common. 😂

  3. I had a shitty flight when I was 10 and their were a group of kids in front of me and my dad while we were taking off the kids just started jumping up and down. It's safe to say I was terrified.

  4. i finished all 271… i NEED MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  5. I lobe how this argument is totally irrelevant now because planes our devices dont cause that much of a problem anymore

  6. Using a camera on a plane isnt a problem, especially if you're way back in economy seating, but yeah, anything that uses wireless signals should probably be shut off, at least during takeoff.

  7. i know im way late, but pilots have rearview mirrors? theres not a window at the back of the plane to look through

  8. I'm done…299 minute and thirty second clips of nonsense and I'm done my life has been wasted but guess I'll die now ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  9. Even though the only reason you have to turn off your electronics is because incoming signals can cause interference in the pilots headset and can cause them to not be able to hear air traffic control properly.

  10. PLease someone tell me if these are all actually worth watching. Are they a Camp Camp level of satisfaction, or more Marble Hornets or Tim Burton level that leaves you empty and guessing, and in no way whatsoever feeling good?

    Apologies in advance to people who are also fans of whatever I just dissed.

  11. I just finished all 330 episodes in this playlist in one day… wtf do I do now.
    Guess I’ll go convert to Christianity and read the whole bible tomorrow

  12. Just finished watching 381 episodes (backwards) they were amazing!! Love Rooster Teeth and hope to see more of you!!

  13. That momment when you realized there are 400 Animated adventures, and you have prob watched all of them.

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