Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Scary Kids Scaring Kids

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Scary Kids Scaring Kids

Gus: They’re at the age, right? They’re getting into mischief on Halloween. Burnie: JD won’t wanna go, JD’s at that age as a teenager when you still want the candy but you don’t wanna dress up and you see those fucking teenagers walking around, like “What are you dressed as?” “Oh, I’m dressed as a teenager ha ha ha” It’s like “get the fuck outta here, I’m not giving you any goddamn candy.” I think that JD might be at that age, but Teddy’s still, like, down with the costumes. JD was especially proud because he likes to have a scary costume that people react to. And one year, he had a costume that was basically a black cloak, and then it was a black, like, nylon mask, couldn’t see anything, and then he had these goggles he wore underneath, they were these big, red circles eyes. It looked like the world’s most evil Jawa. And, uh, we went to a house, and there was a little kid, like, 3 years old, dressed as Superman. And JD’s walking up the sidewalk to go to that door, and that little kid turned around to come down, kid freaks out, runs down the length of the porch, it was like the whole length of the house, and jumps off into a bush. Like, literally, that’s like JD’s happiest memory. Gus: Did he jump like Superman? Did he dive like he was gonna fly? Burnie: No, he just, like, totally ate shit into the bush. Barbara: Did he scream too? Burnie: Yeah, he was, he was crying the whole way. [OUTRO]

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  1. When I was a teenager, my mom bought and painted black sweatpants and a black sweatshirt as a skeleton. She did an amazing job by the way; it was so realistic. So I wore that and a skull mask that looked like an angry demonic skull. The eyes were solid black and it had a black hood too. I also wore dark shoes and black gloves, so I basically looked like a living skeleton from hell. I scared SOO many kids that night…. No regrets.

  2. Oh my god I had that EXACT same cloak and goggles costume as a kid! What was great is Heeley's were still a thing and I "glided" around in that costume and freaked a bunch of younger kids out. Greatest Halloween ever!

  3. Dude I'm older and I still dress up for Halloween I don't trick or treat but I still do it to freak out people both adults and kids for either fun or to help my younger cousins get some extra candy (also why does autocorrect not know what holloween is?)

  4. yeah….my last ever Halloween costume was my high school football jersey…
    don't grow up too fast kids :

  5. I remember one time i was hanging out with my friend, and this kid walked by. I then said "hey, that's a cool shirt! …… just kidding, that's not a cool shirt," and walked away. he then told his parents about it, so my friend and I were walking away laughing.

  6. I had that costume. It was the best thing ever when the little kids would immediately avoid my direction.

  7. Nobody cares if you like scary kids scaring kids. Here's something you won't care for. I like playing games

  8. I had that costume and did the same thing except I passed out candy and the kid ran away from the house

  9. next Halloween have your son wear a Tokyo ghoul kaneki mask and have a special contacts to make his eye black & red trust me he us going to scare the s#!t out of people

  10. At my old elementary school they would have like a Halloween parade were you come in costumes and you go around the concrete field and one time I wore a wolf man costume and all the little kids wouldn't touch me or get near me

  11. My god I wore the exact same costume when I was 11… man I feel old even though it's been what 4 years or 5…

  12. I'm the kind of teen who wants the candy, AND wants to dress up. But that's just me, I think I'm a one of the kind, the cereal number on my left ass cheek says so 😂

  13. I had the same costume, but I didn't use the goggles, I just used the black robe and instead of the goggles I used a dark knight mask(not Batman)

  14. I had the same costume and i just want to say the amount of kids that almost cried or ran to there moms was amazing

  15. when my brother was a teen he would just say he's a skateboarder with a pillowcase on Halloween for candy

  16. OMG I HAD THAT EXACT SAME COSTUME!! I was thinking about it when you started describing it lol it literally made a few kids run away crying

  17. I had that costume the goggles had lights above them and it weighed them down and once it fell off in front of someone

  18. Literally almost everyone knows what costume he was talking about, just go to any walmart during halloween and there they are 😂

  19. You know I have a 14-year-old brother and him and all his friends who are the same age are going is care Bears for Halloween and that’s not the worst costume hes done one year went as a duck and it is horrifying to be related to him

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