Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – SUV Stunt Kids

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – SUV Stunt Kids

Bernie: Probably one of the reasons why I didn’t push it too much is I was so in my head about something that I saw in the parking lot In the same parking lot as the Jimmy John’s is a grocery store. Bernie: It’s going to be hard to explain-
Gus: I know the exact parking lot you’re talking about. Bernie: You do?
Gus: Yeah. Bernie: There’s this white SUV going by, and when the white SUV is going by the grocery store, I guess there’s kids in there that want to go in the grocery store, and it wasn’t going like 40 miles an hour, But it was going on a steady clip through the parking lot- -kids just start bailing out of this car *Chuckles* Like it- it doesn’t stop, like the mom’s just like “All right!” “Just, er like” like they’re playing PUBG like “everybody jump!” Gus: *Laughs*
Bernie: “we’re over the school,” And they just start bailing out, like tumbling out of the car, One girl, this little blonde girl, literally like her window wasn’t even all the way open Bernie: She’s like wedging out of the back
Gus: Out of the window?!
Bernie: and she jumps off this SUV Lands on her feet and then does like a roll and then runs into the grocery store.
Miles: No, Miles: No, no
Bernie: I literally pulled up on the parking lot and I waited because the person was parking gets out It’s a dad and I’m like sitting behind his car and I go “What was that?!” and he goes “I don’t know,” “I don’t even know” I go “I mean your kids are like action stars!” I go – I go “they can jumped out of a moving car” and he goes, “I don’t know why they did that! I have no idea” I go “Your kids are awesome.” He goes. “Heh, Yeah” *Laughter* Bernie: Once he realized I wasn’t making fun of him-
Gus: Yeah
Bernie: -for his kids. They were fucking incredible. Bernie: All these kids just bailing out of the car
Gus: *Inaudible*
Miles: *Laughs* Gavin: Sounds like in GTA where you hit the button that like kicks everyone out of your f- personal vehicle Bernie: Does that work?
Gavin: rolling down the *Inaudible* Gavin: Yeah!
Miles: Oh, that sounds fun.
Gavin: Jeremy does it to me all the time when he’s in his flying car, and I would go tumbling out of the passenger seat
Miles: *Laughs*

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  1. Is RWBY going to become another show we have to watch on roosterteeth's website, I hope not after losing camp camp and red Vs blue

  2. am not sure if it is the right place for that but in the RWBY playlist seems to be a little missing peace. The Chapter 12 from Volume 5 isnt there and got me a little confused after watching the entire Volumes in One go. Someone should fix that maybe XD.
    A Fan of the Series 🙂

  3. My uncle almost convinced me to do this while he and my mom were dropping me off at school when I was in like 4th or 5th grade. I just know this was when I was very gullible. My uncle told me that my backpack was a parachute and my 8 year old mind goes, "he's right because he's an adult" so I open the door and get ready to jump from my mom's car that isn't going so fast that I'd get seriously hurt, but she slows down and tells me to just walk out the car like a normal person. Like, I know that my uncle didn't mean for me to jump, he was just trying to spice up my morning since I had to go to school and thought that this would be a good way spark my imagination. I don't think he knew that I would take him seriously.

  4. the best thing about this is how Gavin is bordering on bragging about getting thrown out of a car in gta. He is so ok with the abuse he gets.

  5. My brothers and sisters and I would do this to our mother grandmother or father if they took us to the grocery store that had a toys r us next to it.

  6. I'm so glad this was finally made into an animation. I was on an international flight when I heard Bernie telling this story and it was so hard to not make a ruckus

  7. I tried this when I was 6 yrs old and my mom ran overed me…and then it put in reverse….no this is not a joke, this actually happened

  8. i still find it funny that people always argue that this company "needs to pay it's workers and it's family" when it's a huge company whose owner has a tesla, they make tons of animations, make tons of podcast, and technically own other channels…all to get me to pay the monthly subscription for Roosterteeth first

  9. That awesome when the kids just started jumping out of the car, just being fine while running into the school or where ever they're trying to get to.

  10. My dad when ever he dropped me off somewhere would jokingly say he slow down a little and for me to barrel row out the care those kids literally did it

  11. Waiting for Bernies Parental Situation Climax when i suddenly remembered imma guy hes a guy the mom driving is a guy and nobody cares.

  12. I was once walking and my step dad was driving past and offered to drive me but Me been 14 at the time I told him to roll the window all the way down and drive at 10mph I ran along side and climbed in thought the window my stepdad couldn't believe I actually did it and let's say my mum wasn't impressed as I had scuffed my new shoes doing it

  13. I remember when my mom used to own a minivan
    I was in elementary school at the time and my sister was middle school and my sister and her boyfriend at the time were also in the van and my mom was driving, we went to drop my sisters boyfriend at his house and when we got there we were slowing down and we made the joke “Kay now jump out” and we didn’t mean it but he actually opened the sliding door and jumped out while the car was still going, he was fine but we never made that joke again

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