Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – The London Poop Chronicles Part 1

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – The London Poop Chronicles Part 1

For you from us that’ll be $15.95 please. There was a disgusting moment before On The Spot where I had some disgusting farts, like they were bad You always have disgusting farts No you blow it out of proportion, I know when there are especially- There are times times you Michael warns us, that’s when you know it’s bad Yeah it’s like… she doesn’t know, Jeff knows when there’s a moment we’re like Oh! this is, this is bad Yeah you get those like I farted in my car the other day when I got out and I got back in my car two hours later, and I had to roll the windows down Yeah it was one of those right, so we’re backstage before On The Spot Actually Gavin was there. I had a heinous one you did it right in the ice bucket it was like- I was like- aah I farted and I looked at Gavin I was like you do not want to come over here It was contaminated ice don’t touch it And then two seconds later somebody walked up And I went I’d be out- I’d back out of here, Gavin just farted It’s just really funny to me I’m convinced she walked away believing you a couple minutes later we go down and we’re backstage right before On The Spot starts And I could feel another one coming on and I was like oh this is bad so I just slowly back away from everyone else and I just let it rip in the corner and I was just like Do not come near me this is- John Risinger And then John… Who can’t- who can’t smell Just walks next to me his brains broken, he’s a broken man, so he comes over next to me and I’m in it And it’s awful. it’s like if you’re taking a bath and you shit in the tub and then you don’t get out of the tub DONT! N-N-N-NO Yeah, it was like that It’s like, you know! I wanted to leave but I didn’t want it to follow me so I’m just in it and I’m over in the corner and John just walks up next to me and I was like what the fuck are you doing and he’s like Idiot, I can’t smell and I was like Still! Then he gets down like near… my anus.
On his knees! On his knees!
Why?! and he’s like *sniffs* (What the fuuck!) And it repulsed me and I go listen this is like if someone goes I can’t smell but puts a piece of shit in their hands And goes *sniffs* like it almost made me throw up.
Yeah me too! I was gagging. As John was like *sniffing* “I got nothin” *sniffs* I got noth-
I’m like you may got noth- but Lindsay you’re ju-
You gotta stop. I’m sorry. Lindsay-Lindsay just went “blehh” And I went “John you’re still breathing in tiny particles of poop!” Ha! And he goes “Ya I can’t tell” He went down on his knees and sucked it in! John Risinger and his infinite need to fill his God hole with our acceptance essentially ate Michael’s poop today. You work harder! You stop loafing! You click that link! Now!

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  1. I have a friend who cant smell, it effect his taste so much that he has to douse something in hot sauce if he wants to taste it.

  2. The minor details are what makes these so much better
    Little eye movements
    Lips at certain scenes
    It’s all nice a fluid I love itttt

  3. I get that these gus ads are supposed to be annoying and capitalist grinchy, and I just want to report that it worked, they are annoying

  4. There IS a medical disorder called asnosmia. It is a condition where someone has no sense of smell, which also affects their sense of taste.

  5. The first gus ad is the best worst one yet. At least they put Gus's horrible ad at the end of the video this time. He still maddingly annoying.

  6. Gus's alter ego is Mr 4 Square lol check it out on google image search or whatever they have the same shaped head/hair lol

  7. Youtube did not notify me about this video….i wonder which part of the subject matter got it defunded and 'hidden'

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