Previously : Thanks to a malignant scheme, truth came out. – I knew it ! Each and every truth… – About easing conscience… There is something I should tell you… It may be possible… I mean there is a tiny possibility that I’m not a 100% sure… that Thomas is really in Scotland. – What?!
– What?! End of the line – Do you recall my new belief ? – She thinks elephant are spiritual guides… this says it all. – You don’t have to be so condescending. I am pretty sure that this spiritual elephant-being revealed me that Thomas is in Scotland. 1 month before, Sri Lanka’s jungle (MUSIC) – But he has been seen to multiple places here. He has to be in Scotland. I was right ! I was right ! – OK. Let’s sum up. You had a vision… while you were meditating in the savanna somewhere. – It’s not savanna.
– Who cares ! … inspired by a spiritual elephant. Am I correct ? We are in Scotland now and for 3 days we’ve been following the lead of a drawing made by ghosts and people saying they might have seen him somewhere. Is that it? It’s totally insane! – If you present it like that… but in the end he’s here. – Don’t you agree? – Yeah! – Do you realize how ridicule that sounds ?
– She’s such a negative person! I don’t know how you bare it!
– They’re both as bad as each other. – Can’t she be happy for someone else? – Don’t you get how crazy it looks ? We gave up on everything just for you! – Blah blah blah – She’s right, you should be happy for her. – I will find him.
– She is your best friend. We’ll find Thomas. – I am happy for you. I’m not even mad for you two. you’re unsupportive! That’s insane!
– You really exagerate. – She’s incredible !
– Incredible! I will help you find him.
– Thanks ! You’re the best Marc. – This place is steeped in history of Scotland. (Music) – Why are you here by yourself milady? – I’m seeking for a fugitive.
– Who might he be ? – James Fraser. Sympathizer to the Jacobite cause. He’s better known as red Jamie. He’s wanted for high treason to the crown and incitation to rebellion. – Do you have a message for him? – Yes. (Music) – What are you doing ? – About that… there’s something I should tell you. – So, you love trees? – Yes, nature is my first love. – Is that a joke? – What ? What ? Don’t mess with me! Do you think you’re stronger than me because you have roots ? Haaa ! Ok, I might suffer from hallucinations… Well… I see Thomas as a jacobite rebel. I am being delisuonal. But his kilt, his socks, his smile, his eyes… He drives me crazy. I have to find him before I lose my mind. (Music) – Haaa ! Everything is in the right place! Look, the trees over there, the leaves on the ground, the bark, the wooden bridge over there. It matches with my vision. That’s what I saw ! I am positive ! – It’s happening ! Believe in yourself and go for it ! – Go !
– Ok ! Ok ! (Music) – Estelle ?! (Music) – Verdict ? – It was him but not really. He’s not him. I don’t know. – Well, I’ll be back. Are you Thomas ?
– Yes. – Just wait for a second. – Maybe he was in Ierlande, Iceland or Papua New Guinea, somewhere far away. I was mistaken. – No ! No ! He’s here! It’s him! I am so proud of you ! You found him! Go ! Go ! – Now is the right time! Go ahead! – Where you looking for me? – No, why would I? Do you have a package for me? No… it makes no sense. So you are a deliverer in Scotland ? – No, I am studying the endemic biodiversity of Scotland. – Really? Studying? – Yes, for my master degree I need to validate an internship. I took this deliverer job just to pay for my education. – How old are you? Twelve? Ha ha… – Well no… but it’s kind of surprising to meet you here… – Here or anywhere else really… Well I came to tell you… stop playing nice with me, it’s not worth it. I don’t deserve you. We couldn’t make it work, just stop! And stop following me, it’s annoying. And… stop wearing kilt, you’re so sexy. Wait… no,that’s not what I meant. You’re not sexy you’re hot! NO ! No. Get out of my mind! – Didn’t you hear somebody crying ? – No it’s the wind. – (rapid breathing)
– Estelle, are you ok? – No, don’t come any closer. Dont ! I need to tell you something, I can’t if you’re standing close to me. Turn around ! Turn around! – OK, ok… – No, I can’t do it ! – Estelle ? – Don’t talk to me. There is something I need to say, I can’t if you’re speaking… – Do you think it’s going well for her ? – Sure ! I know her by heart, I’m sure everything is going just fine. – You left you know… And I guess I never realized before how your presence filled my life with happiness. I know I never showed it to you. It’s how I am. When something good is happening to me, I keep it away. I protect myself… over-protect myself. that’s exactly what I did with you. But… I miss your smile, your arms… well I just want to reach them so badly. And I miss your midget jokes even though I never let you know that I appreciated it, but in fact I really do. That’s why I am standing in front of you. Well not really but still… I am standing because I want to tell you… I am sorry about the way I behaved. And… I don’t know where you stand now ? But I wish… you would… leave me a chance… But maybe it’s totally foolish of me. Maybe I misinterpreted the signs, you have never been interested in the end. I don’t know why I said that, it makes non sense. I have always been mean to you. Why would you want me! I am a jerk! I will finish my life like Bridget Jones eaten by german cheperd and that’s it! (Music) When I met Estelle she was totally self-contained, afraid of the world, people, life in general! And now she opened herself to spirituality, to love. She finally let someone in. I am so proud of her. I know that no matter what, her choices will be rationnal, reflected, human and above all really mature. – It all came out very well, I’ll stay and live in Scotland – What?!

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  1. Oh la la, quelle émotion, j'ai pas pu m'empêcher de verser ma petite larme !! Qu'est-ce que c'était bien cette saison 2, et vraiment superbe la chanson Around the world, it fits perfectly. Well done girls, you did an amazing job <3 and well done to the guys as well!!

  2. Bravo pour cette magnifique deuxième saison ! J'ai adoré suivre vos péripéties à travers l'Ecosse et espère vous retrouver bientôt pour
    d'autres aventures toujours pleines de rebondissements .

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