Sail away! New technology in cruise ship design

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  1. Why would anyone want to be crowded onto a small contained space like that? Those pools have no room to swim in, there are so many people… This looks miserable to me; I kept waiting for it to tip over. Though I like the recycling bit…

  2. God…too big . I'll never go on a cattle boat that big . Like smaller more personal ships , not thousands of people running around .

  3. As ships get larger and larger, and much more gimmicky – they tend to cater to a lower caliber of passenger. If you want video games and water slides and wet t-shirt contests – STAY HOME! Go to your local mall or amusement park. And for people who claim they get sea sick – STAY HOME!!

  4. I hate carnival, my vacation last year was on carnival splendor to Mexico.The ship was so old my room was worst than a cheap motel dirty sheets,the food was probably the worst.We still tried to make the best of it since we were on vacation.

  5. Don't buy into these 6k passenger ships. Bigger is worse. I thought Disney lines for rides were bad.
    If you don't plan every minute forget about doing it.

  6. These ships are so huge, it’s almost like not being on a ship anymore. I’ve never been on a cruise, but doesn’t that take some of the fun out of it?

  7. Is there surveillance cameras to account for the many people that going missing at sea or the accidents that happen….? I'm sure not I wonder how many people will disappear a yr on these new ships…. beautiful ship indeed. Peoples safety should be the primary.

  8. These are so toxic!!! I get that you want convenience, but at what cost? They have been caught dumping their waste and all they do is pay a fine, how does that help undo the damage done? Please educate yourselves on what these actually do to the climate and the ports they go into.

  9. I did my first cruise in oct 2018 and became a fan right away. Since then i booked 6 other cruises all the way into april 2021. #Carnival #CarnivalMardiGras #CarnivalBreeze #CarnivalParadise #CarnivalLegend

  10. All the technology in the world still can't save our shorelines from these behemoths ruining it.

    My thoughts,
    not yours.

  11. I just sailed on the OLD Carnival Celebration ship that now sails for Bahamas Paradise. If these three companies were smart, they'd build NEW SMALL ships!

  12. Yes, I was dumb enough to go on 13 cruises. NEVER , EVER again. They nickel and dime you to death, the food has gotten worse, (Celebrity, Holland America, Carnival, been on them all.) The value is no longer there. If you are lucky, you will spend about 6-9 hours only in a port with thousands of other passengers banging into you. The last two cruises (H.A.) they skipped two ports of call with some excuses that made no sense. They continue to allow selfish passenger to get up early and leave a towel or book on a chaise lounge chair at the pool and not occupy that chair. In other words, they hog every chair around the pool and you have no where to sit. This is the same on ever cruise line. But if you like being stuck on a floating Circus Circus with a group of idiots, then cruising is for you.

  13. Disney Fantasy is a solid cruise line. No B.S. it's perfect for adults with or with out kids. Its bigger than the others and recieve better quality food as the larger of the four cruise lines.

  14. LMAO they used the Costa Concordia photo as an example of a "freak accident". It was utter criminal incompetence of the crew that murdered people. The ships captain was sentenced to SIXTEEN YEARS in prison. What an embarrassing piece of TV.

  15. Didn't mention the main use of the platform is for smoother tendering. Also used for special seating at restaurants.

  16. Could they find a reporter With any kind of knowledge on tech? "Does the light and sound sync up?" Really…..

  17. How about spending some dough on anti viral causes…some screening… some something.. I don’t care how big it is… I don’t want to get I’ll on a vacay… offer extra insurance… make it appealing

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