San Diego Food Tour - MASSIVE BURGERS and CRAZY TOSTADAS in California, USA!

San Diego Food Tour – MASSIVE BURGERS and CRAZY TOSTADAS in California, USA!

good morning I hope you're having an amazing day it's mark Wiens I'm in San Diego California and today my brother-in-law should be arriving very soon but we're gonna take you on an ultimate San Diego food tour we're gonna eat some legendary places we're gonna get some trendy places we're gonna eat some amazing food we're gonna share it all with you in this video and we're getting started for breakfast too right now yeah you're gonna love it okay we go for your clock okay what do you normally order okay cool thank you yes because your other shirts let's F Derek how's it going good see everybody again gonna be back and this is my sister Pam we are gonna start it's called Northside Shack and yeah they're known for their acai bowls this is the place we're going we're gonna begin now I'm gonna go with the organic acai base but then you've got all the copies to go with the bananas the strawberries the blueberries the blackberries the mangoes the organic hemp food granola we got to get the large size we're gonna sit here and dig in but this thing is gigantic look good it's like that it's definitely the height of my face yeah I don't even know where to start with this see those limbs there's granola there's bananas down there I got the acai which is a it is a type of berry from a palm tree I think especially from Brazil and did you get we did the acai and then the dragon fruit as well oh it's happening so we did the half and half so you can see that bright pink dragon fruit down there it's our drag attire yeah same difference area absolutely even beautiful mixture of fruit on top everything is incredibly fresh we have delicious delicious fruit so oh nothing they had just a little bit of honey they kind of sprinkle over every oh we have oh thank you takes out a little bit of that but I especially want to try some of that acai which is you can see that that redness down there that deep red it's kind of frozen so it starts to melt as you keep on eating it this is fantastic I think I would go here every single day if I lived here good good treat to have in the morning for breakfast to say the least I just pulled out a supreme bite here just about everything is on this bite there's well there's even a raspberry over here on the other side that is incredibly good and incredibly refreshing the next place that we're going it's one of it's probably one of the most legendary places to eat the most well-known one of the most popular places to eat in all of San Diego okay oh yeah it is a cold day today in San Diego and then after that aasaiya knew it and it was frozen it's cold I got the chills right now but we're gonna go back to the house we're staying in Oceanside we're gonna relax for a little bit because the next place will open in about an hour and a half from now oh yes that's actually pretty comfortable I love the van seat couches but we have a little bit of time before the next restaurant opens which is within walking distance to where we're staying so we decided to have a quick cup of coffee here at home whoa Jehu it's called hodad's and it is this is one of the most popular one of the most legendary restaurants in all of San Diego there's a bit of a lineup they're about to open in about 15 minutes and we're gonna eat that the burger just looks insane we're gonna do three double bacon cheeseburger baskets can we do two with fries one with onions you can see all that the stickers all over they have license plates it's just fully decorated and graffiti'd out with stickers yeah wow that thing is fully fully blooming I have absolutely no idea I'm gonna eat all of this fighting not only not only how but you need a strategy this is a burger where you need a strategy it's gonna be one of those where you like light at the top and then you're gonna bite down at the bottom maybe the ultimate jaw opening to Paddy's there's bacon there's melted I think we got cheddar and then I got the basket with onion rings and their onion rings are also known to be very good Derrick also got the same thing but his basket came with fries it's like a flower in full bloom seriously it's gonna dislocate my job that's insane yeah like three to five pounds you could do exercise with this burger it is size of my son guess is that burger bigger than your head I had to put my face into it a little bit of my nose Wow really yeah it's awesome you get that really crispy bacon the meat just sort of crumbles I got onions on that bite onions lettuce tomato add some good acidity to it definitely that job nicely done derek wroe that's coming along nicely juices are leaking out at the bottom everywhere oh yes look at the bottom of my favorite started enough it's starting to become soggy just filled saturated with the juices that are squeezing out of the bottom of the burger you can tell everything is very fresh to order strengthen I don't know why I don't know this meant to be like you have to just fully extend your job and even then you have to play your whole face into the burger then you just get soft all over our whole face I'm trying not to I'm trying not to okay okay I'm gonna do the perform the dangerous stunts of setting the burger down though and going for an onion ringing you got to be really careful not to topple over your burger you can see how crispy and golden brown they are people onion rings are awesome yeah they are really crispy they're just that juicy mushy dissolvable onion within the crunchy wrapper I think the owner came around and she said it's very dangerous to take off the diaper which is the the paper here but mine is just sort of dissolving off but I'm gonna I'm gonna hold onto the diaper s as long as physically possible well the Joey sauce is good a little bit salty has attained a kind of vinegar eNOS to it as well we had a little unfortunate a tragedy here below I an onion fella onto my backpack what happened with my strategy is that eventually all the meat got pushed to the end and then I lost my bottom bun ended up with just a tomato and lots of juice and then my diaper is just completely soaked last night I got a few vegetables left oh yeah you said that pickle fears Cheers feels like I've used lotion on my hands from all of that choose those burger juices in that sauce yeah definitely was a good choice highly recommend I'm kind of stumbling out of hodad's that burger will disorient you a little bit but I'm just my fingers are covered in sauce my the camera is covered in sauce my backpack is covered in burger and Eric just said I have a little burger on my nose – oh yes he is correct okay who did you like the burger from here we're walking back to the house we're gonna jump in the car or the van and we are gonna drive over – I think it's in close to downtown San Diego but this is one of the restaurants that I am most looking forward to trying I know Derek has been there already or we talk about next stop next stop we made it to blue water seafood and grill this is one of the best places in San Diego for seafood Pam and Eric have been here a couple times already but this will be my first time and they said usually the line is always out the doors order up at the front and then you sit down at a table and then they deliver your food so it's sort of like I think a lot of people do take away too but it's a nice place to sit you can see all the fresh seafood in the cabinets all the fish of the day and a selection of different seafood it's all very fresh and now it's we're just trying to decide what dish to order I think I got some Messiah on my arm from this fully coated and food from today there's lemon we got the spicy sauce with it with it is ready to dig in they're just melting yeah how about we hit it with a little bit of squash the lemon a little lemon I think the first one we just do lemon and then the second one we go in for that spicy sauce I like it all these are a little a little one bite beauties absolutely refreshing yeah that's so good with that squeeze of lemon absolutely they're just disintegrate in your mouth all you do is grab it and then your head back okay this is yours this is your first choice there you ready here you go once so hold it up to your mouth to the background either come out ready ouch ooh Julie that's my nephew Jay whoo that's his first oyster I think he likes it for my next oyster I'm gonna go with the sauce and I think it's acceptable just just kind of pour this for the saw son okay that's good and since we have already had a gargantuan burger today about an hour ago we decided to get one full plate which comes with rice and it also got a piece of fish just a la carte just just just the steak now both of these are gonna be local so we have the black DC bass here that's blocking for the marinade and then we have a lemon ginger and a lemon garlic yellowtail so yeah definitely excited about both of them great support oh yeah that just not over beautiful cooked up maybe a little bit of rice just because some of those juices are in there yeah it just flakes off black into black sea bass hands-down my favorite it's just incredibly fresh that's what you noticed from your first plane the seasoning is very minimal yeah absolutely but it just has a little bit of a paprika kind of roasted flavor to it yeah a little bit of something edgy a little bit of pepper that's on it lightly salted it's perfect it's all about the freshness a tiny bit of lemon there to complete the bite with the avocado pits la notte that creamy actor with the vet oh it's so good not gonna make me try you have to yeah looks just like steak just like poor foot fantastic the avocado does definitely add another element to it you know brightens it up just a little bit this one is the yellowtail I'm gonna squeeze on some of that lemon this one who's cooked in lemon butter I think you can see just the juices of it over down here you're starting to get maybe into the belly or part it looks a little juicier down there goes I'm going I'm going down the bottom side down there probably some of the marinade as well so might be in there yes definitely flakes off quite a bit as well Wow it definitely tastes the lemon plus the garlic as well immediately takes very light and then it tastes juicy at first but then it starts to get a little bit dry I mean that's the way that's the texture of yellowtail you could almost be chicken breast yeah with a little bit of a different texture that's a good call yeah chicken breast will definitely good yeah good equivalent yellowtail is awesome but I think the blackened black sea bass wins though mother both both incredibly good and I would have loved to try everything in that entire seafood cabinet well that is the blackened black sea bass Wow we're on our way to a place called communal coffee Derek and Pam have been there already but it's we are in desperate need of a cup of coffee and then also we're gonna try something that looks really good is there avvocato toast maybe to go maybe two cups I like the way you think what's interesting about this place is that it's a half flower shop half coffee shop okay thank you I went with an Americano hot americano is completely for my wife and not for me even though oh yeah yeah again I got an Americano let's try the americano oh yeah very very smooth and kind of kind of I mean roasted but fruity at the same time it is kind of hot I do need to put it in a cup holder wait did you actually order it for yourself kid right along with the coffee we saw the avocado toast on the menu we had to order it it is it's so dainty but so beautiful yes one piece of bread toasted the I love how they slice the avocado perfectly and just layer it on this might be my first official trendy restaurant avocado post ever done I've eaten it thousands of times at home but I'm never gonna find out and this is the best one to get out I'm having flashbacks to the burger we just movie missed a hit that's not the first time today we've taken a bite like that prosciutto gives a great saltiness so awesome you've got both the creaminess of the yolk and the creaminess of avocado with that crunchy toast on the barman total saltiness simple and from the prosciutto I like the little yolk I can't get it back up it's stuck on the table we're just washed avocado and some milk and wash that down with coffee we get to enjoy the smell of flowers yes oh yeah the aroma of lavender Connor noses on our nostrils from the flowers the roses as I continue to drink it I keep tasting new flavors there's some definitely some fruity tones in there some nutty tones I think it's a very light roast but a really good coffee really good atmosphere ambience in the coffee shop nice friendly staff and that avocado toast be sure you order it with everything fine I'll stop a little stretch this is a seafood truck it's called nine seas or something on the menu called the crazy tostada the courtesy tostada which is what we're gonna eat what does that include everything here and one green sauce ceviche fish and one green sauce ceviche should we start it off with some juice some fish and some shrimp tostadas before the crazy tostadas arrive the lime juice in there the the pepper and then the fish is just it just soaks all that flavour up okay so we ordered the tostadas Lucas these are the crazy tostadas they're just it's just a pyramid of ceviche mix of seafood there's fish there's shrimp there's oh yeah on the menu they say almost all seafoods this is almost all seafoods piled high is a monstrosity of ceviche piled like a pyramid shell great kind of that tostada shelter to dip in and we could add some more salt we definitely will add more salsa as well but first god I just taste it as is oh man there's just there's just an insane amount of stevia this will be my first bite before we add some more salsa it's so awesomely good mix I got some octopus in that but the fish just it just juices in your mouth with that that acid lime juice mmm a little more salsa though yes that is the color I was I was hoping for all look at the color of that salsa right there this is a beautiful thing I was also at home it's so good with those dolls oh you taste some garlic in that South huh mmm and it's a little bit spicy – yeah house mmm oh that's incredibly good mmm wow that's so good but there's also have a good little kick to it mm-hmm the muscle and Eric was mentioning that the the juice down there the muscle juice was really good and I am gonna hit that with some of the salsa as well yeah how good is the juice the muscle juice and it has a little bit of a Leslie lime juice yeah no see I'm just maybe almost a little bit of a soy sauce flavor coming in okay I'm going in for some of that avocado okay now I'm just addicted to this salsa it's so good Wow yeah this is insanely good well if you think it's beautiful and you are amazed by all of the color believe me it actually tastes better than what it looks like yes yeah and it looks beautiful you know but it's even more beautiful in your mouth you three four angers five different types of seafood just on this one ship what a supply that crunch juice yeah just this is the best thing of the for me that just tops it off moves down come we've been eating for a while now and we're just now getting to the actual base of this tostada just a one lonely one lonely tostada down here that's just soggy a little bit we only actually finished one of those crazy tostadas there sujin and we got one to go and my my my mouth my tongue my entire mouth is like zinging with flavor that was so good that was such a mix that was gigantic we're full we're so happy we're so satisfied San Diego has been so good so I'm just gonna end this video right now I want to say a big thank you to Derrick and Pam for hanging out today for eating with me around San Diego and thank you for all of your recommendations in San Diego San Diego you have some amazing food I've fully enjoyed it and I'll leave all the information of the places we ate in the description box below so you can check that out and thank you very much for watching this video please remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it leave a comment below I'd love to hear from you and if you're not already subscribed click subscribe now and also click that little Bell icon and then that way you'll get notified of the next video that I publish thanks again for watching goodbye from San Diego

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  1. I would love to see him get mad just once or dislike something. Just so I can feel like it's not an act. Or maybe, if you're always filming at a restaurant they'll make sure everything is gold.

  2. This is a match made in heaven 😁 . Also want to say how completely unfair it is that he can eat so much food and stay do thin. I piled on 10lb just by watching

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  4. How does all you can eat for $99.75 make sense when a double bacon cheeseburger combo is only $14.50? You would have to eat more than like 7 combos for you to even break even on that, so why would anyone order it? If you are that hungry then just order more food and it will cost you less!

  5. Anyone been here to the nine seas I’m out here on vacation need some good ceviche and all the good stuff

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