Saoirse Ronan’s hilarious prank call won her a holiday! 😂 – BBC

Saoirse Ronan’s hilarious prank call won her a holiday! 😂 – BBC

Cos Saoirse Ronan,
you won a really good prize. Yeah. What did you win? I won a trip to
Florida when I was a kid. Ladies and gentlemen!
APPLAUSE Thank you. No, that’s good.
Tell us how you won it. Well, I won it when I was a kid and I had never entered into
a competition like that before and it was the first day
of the summer holidays when I was, like,
nine or ten or something. And Gerry Ryan, who you know, was
this very well-known Irish DJ… He’s passed away now,
but he was really incredible. ..and his show was like the top show
in the country. And Shrek 2 had just come out,
that’s how long ago it was, and he was giving away this holiday
to Florida. And what you had to do was,
you had to phone in as one of the characters
in Shrek 2 and tell Gerry why
you deserved the holiday. And I hadn’t started properly acting
yet at that stage or anything, but Dad was an actor,
so I was around, like, you know, improvisers and things like that,
and Mam was, like, “You should go in for it! Why not? “You’ve never been on, like,
a proper holiday.” I was, like, “Oh, God, OK.”
So we got a little notepad, like, tiny little notepad,
and we wrote down, like, a tiny little script of what
I was going to say. Just this short, little script,
and I got on and I think I was one
of the first kids on, and I did it as
the Gingerbread Man. And so then five days later, he phoned up and told me
that we had won. Well, you were on The Late Late back
in Ireland a couple of weeks ago. Yeah. They found this clip,
so this is, this is two little clips put together, it’s your
Gingerbread Man… Yeah! ..followed by your
reaction to winning. Yes. Very squeaky voice, just so
you know. Here we go, here we go. GERRY RYAN: Now, Saoirse
is ten years of age. Now, which character
have you chosen? YOUNG SAOIRSE: Erm, I’m going to do
the Gingerbread Man. Off you go, Saoirse. OK. IN AMERICAN ACCENT: Hiya, Gerry! The reason why I need a holiday
is because I…I… ..I’ve never had a holiday before! And you’re the only little girl
in the house, are you? Erm, yeah. Well, I’ve got news for you. Yeah? You’re going to Florida. Oh, my God! EXCITED SCREAMING AND LAUGHTER Thanks, Gerry! APPLAUSE When you win an Oscar, I want you
to react like that. Oh, my Goooood! Oh, my Goooood! I also got a blow-up donkey
halfway through the week, so that’s… I was like,
oh, I’m out of it, then, if they’ve sent me a blow-up donkey. I had this, like, this donkey
that went up to about there and I brought him into school
and everything. I was like, “I haven’t won the prize
but at least I got this.” Yes.

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  1. Nice to know genuine ppl win and not just relatives of the radioDJ’s or presenters as they’re called now.

  2. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say Saoirse Ronan is the most adorable thing ever and 10 year old Saoirse warms my cold, dead heart!

  3. You guys should watch Saoirse in I could never be your woman with Michelle Pfeiffer and Paul Rudd. She has that same squeaky voice with american accent. And even at a very young age, she's already a great actress! Also, is it true that she'll be working with Timmy again in a Wes Anderson film? I can't wait for that!!!

  4. Saiorse reminds of that one classmate, who always was nice looking, until she one day dressed up properly and everyone was stunned by her beauty. That’s what Saiorse did here.

    Just like everyone was stunned with Emma Watson at the Yule Ball in the fourth Potter movie

  5. One thing I don't get is that she said the competition took place on the first day of summer holidays but then she said that she brought in the blow up donkey to school… she got a couple of days after the competition???

  6. When she laughed nervously at the end and said…yeah, it was so cute. She seems like a very nice person well grounded. Parents clearly did a great job. Excellent actor as well.

  7. Here the clip from the Late Late Show Saoirse Ronan on Gerry Ryan's Radio Show | The Late Late Show | RTÉ One

  8. Good lord, Saorise looks like a fairy. Seriously, absolutely beautiful, like something out of a fantasy book. Amazing.

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