Sapporo Ramen Alley Adventure ★ ONLY in JAPAN #49

Sapporo Ramen Alley Adventure ★ ONLY in JAPAN #49

Sapporo! It’s the capital of Hokkaido and it’s also famous for having the best bowl of miso ramen in all of Japan. But what makes it so good? Probably because it’s so cold out here Nothing warms you up like a hot bowl of ramen. And when you’re here, you can not miss this place, Ganso Ramen Yokocho or “Ramen alley”, it’s filled with old ramen shops with history going back to the 1950’s! It’s ramen time! Let’s do a quick drive by of Ganso Sapporo Ramen Yokocho, the original ramen alley Its history goes back to 1951 Millions of bowls of ramen have been served here There are 17 shops in the alley serving all kinds of toppings, sometimes in creative ways The first place I tried is called Menya Kunimitsu and they have this, the Hokkaido-mori Ramen, loaded with seafood The Big Hokkaido Ramen has a big price tag for a small bowl But the crab legs and massive scallops make up for it Corn and butter are a Sapporo ramen theme as well (intense ramen slurping starts) Just look at that big scallop Good ramen! But maybe too complex and 1600 yen seems too steep a price for me to try it again. Once in a lifetime and DONE We’re going to try this shop, they have a classic bowl of Miso ramen COME ON This is Aji no Kanryu, serving traditional bowls of ramen since 1965 It’s what I’d call the Sapporo Ramen Alley classic It’s a big, inviting shop located at the entrance of the alley Let’s get up close and personal with Aji no Kanryu’s popular corn-butter ramen. The moyashi bean sprouts are pan fried then the “Tonkotsu” – pork bone soup stock, which is made daily and mixed with chicken and ten vegetables is added. Then the homemade miso, blended with the soup, to match perfectly You add it like this, in a ladle, so the miso doesn’t burn on the bottom. Mix that up. Then, get the noodles ready. Sapporo egg noodles. Yellow in color, and devastatingly beautiful Add the miso soup and moyashi to the bowl the toppings Negi and Menma Chashu steak a little sea weed oh, don’t forget the butter and corn… a lot of corn! Eat it fast. Slurping is a sign to the Chef that you like it. So slurp! Simple CORN BUTTER RAMEN. But there is nothing simple about it. The taste is a world of awsome. You won’t get bored with this one. If you wondering: “WHY?” Here’s your answer: The thing with the butter corn ramen is that you have this added taste from the ingredient: the corn, the smell, the sweetness of that, as well as the extra fat from the butter it really adds to the galaxy of flavors inside this ramen This Miso Ramen Miso Ramen is famous in Sapporo But what is it?
And why? I heard that Sapporo Miso Ramen …it was a while ago… was introduced at a department store during a Hokkaido Fair and from that became a big hit. That’s how ramen in Sapporo has an image of miso. An honest Ramen Chef Sapporo puts the soul in each bowl, no matter the ramen “ITADAKIMASU” So, eat another bowl. Miso Ramen Sapporo style A lot of celebrities have come to Hanaryu looking for that perfect Sapporo ramen Including this guy I was surrounded by celebrities who have come to eat here But who cares about them?! It’s all about the RAMEN, man! And they make it good. CORN, BUTTER RAMEN
In the bottom of my stomach. Complete. We’re not done yet. Let’s move on to another shop. The alley has so many kinds of ramen that it can be hard to pick a place to start. There’s no reason to limit yourself. Expand your mind and taste buds more with variety. I was in the mood for… spicy And this place had what I was after. This is TESHIKAGA RAMEN There is usually a line at the door but there aren’t many people in the early afternoon It’s famous for its char grilled CHASHU pork steaks They have a special ramen only available here SPICY GRILLED PORK MISO RAMEN Yum! No more butter and corn Time to get serious A massive grilled pork steak with extra diced spicy pork GINGER NEGI WOOD EAR MUSHROOMS and a half boiled egg that melts in your mouth HANJUKU TAMAGO, baby! Wow! Now, that’s a bowl of ramen! TASHIKAGA uses three times more TONKOTSU – pork bone and boils it at low temperatures for over 20 hours The taste? Add here my: “Ramen is a galaxy of flavors! speech plus. I wish it were a little bit spicier But not bad at all! That char grilled meat taste and the CHASHU won me over I like the counter service here. It can get social Met some skiers from down under on a ramen run. Simply awesome. Thumbs up for the SPICY GRILLED PORK MISO RAMEN SAPPORO in winter brings a lot of snow. What can one do on a cold day like this? Well… The best way to stay warm And survive a snow storm, is… eat another bowl of ramen. Well, not quite a snow storm. But it’s a good excuse to keep going so, when you’re in SAPPORO put RAMEN on your list. Next time: we unbox one of Japan’s luxury fruits the white strawberry Japan makes 80% of the world’s deserts strawberries Making it a paradise for berry lovers So, how does a ten dollar strawberry taste? Subscribe to find out.

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  1. Slurping isn't meant to show appreciation to the Chef, it developed as a way to better savor the aroma of soba/ramen. Typical American that doesn't research.

  2. Actually, slurping isn't a "sign to the chef that you like it," it's simply a way to cool down the noodles and is also a tradition passed down. As said by many japanese in an interview I saw, slurping is just something you do. Now from where the concept you described came from, there was a Japanese language notebook that introduced an American stating that slurping was a way to compliment the chef, and in the notebook, a Japanese person responds and says that's not the reason you slurp. I used to think that too, but it's just not true.

  3. do you have a video on the food kiosk karts in japan? i've seen not many in real life(then again, i've never actually been to japan) but i've seen them featured regularly in anime and tokusatsu series. it'd be nice to hear/see how they are in real life. if you don't already have one, you should totally do an episode on these.

  4. I am hungry to watch these wonderful videos, fortunately in Italy where I live the food is great, but my dream is to eat a bowl of ramen in Japan.

  5. Hi I'm a big fan of you channel. I been wanting to go to Japan to eat the food. I wanted to know If majority of food served over there is served pork? Like the broth. T
    Do they use alot of pork broth as well

  6. Oh my goodness, i found a local in chicago suburbs hidden place that serves tonkactsu ramen, first time ive ever had it, i am blown away, almost full but i cant stop eating it!

  7. Been to the ramen with the black bear sign at 1:00 – their seafood Hokkaido ramen was amazing! Had snow crab leg, scallop, chashu, corn and a generous slab of Hokkaido butter =P~~~~

  8. John: We're not done yet.
    Me: Waat? Three bowls already, and there's STILL room in your stomach? How big is your stomach?
    John: Eat another bowl of ramen.
    Me: WAT!

  9. Add my galaxy of flavours speech (which is about butter and corn). “No more butter and corn time to get serious”

  10. So, what do people that are allergic to soy eat. Sounds like all the great street food, ramen, etc. have soy in them.

  11. 1番行ってはいけないラーメン街

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