Saudi Arabia Travel Madina City Tour by Bus 2019

Saudi Arabia Travel Madina City Tour by Bus 2019

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  1. Thanks for video
    I.m bus driver.i came to saudi 11 times for saptco from turkey .between 1993..2006 year

  2. Rindu.. sudah seperti kampung halaman sendiri.. kota tenang terindah.. semoga allah mengizinkan saya suami dan anak ke kota madinah.. amin ya robb

  3. May the journalist rest in peace. MBS is a killer. No tourist would go there. Women of Saudi Arabia stay strong -may you escape one day.

  4. Good neat and clean city of madina but coughing sound so why bro and sis? Thanks to all of you for watching madina city.

  5. Bus mein pass baidhe shaqs ko patta hai ki wo world famous YouTube up loader ke pass baidha hai. Road par takriban sabhi tourist nazar aa rahe the jo Umra karne aaye hai. Place of " Battle of Uhud" ki kya aap alag video banayenge . Ek aur unforgettable safar aapke saath. Regards from N.Y

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