Saying Goodbye to the Person I Used to Be | Kid President Travel Show Ep 5

Saying Goodbye to the Person I Used to Be | Kid President Travel Show Ep 5

– Man I told you we shouldn’t
have taken that van. Well, what we gonna do man? – Our next stop is Springfield, Missouri. My friend Kyle’s there. He’s working on a viking funeral for the people that we used to be and it’s going to be really cool. If we can get there. – Like boats, fire, flaming arrows? – Yeah, the whole thing. – Maybe we should do one
of those for that van. – Too soon, man Too soon. ♪ Here we go, here we go, here we go ♪ ♪ Here we go, here we go, here we go ♪ ♪ Here we go, here we go, here we go ♪ ♪ Here we go ♪ – This is happy like confetti and cupcakes and mouses wearing hats. And I want us to get to that. – [Robby] Well with the van broken down. Rest in pieces. We got another ride headed
to Springfield, Missouri. One of Brad’s good friends lived there. Kyle Sheep. Kyle is lots of things. Artist, cardboard enthusiast, inventor. Here’s his bike riding centaur costume. A few years ago on his birthday he had a funeral for his twenties. Now Kyle wanted to have another one. A funeral where people can let go of the people they used to be. That way they can become the people they’re supposed to become. When we met up with Kyle we got to hear him speak. – [Robby] It was really powerful to hear some of the things that other
kids put in the viking ship – I put being scared of roller coasters. – I’m always kind of like
afraid to go my own thing. – ‘Cause sometimes I may
have like a good idea, but I’m just like nervous to tell it on what people would think. – Always feel like I’m
never enough for anyone. – So I guess I’m just
afraid of being different, and not in a good way. – Things I want to do instead
I pick the safe option instead of going of
things I know I should. – It’s good to get those things out there because there’s other people that are dealing with the same thing. – And I just want to be myself and not try to be what
everyone else wants me to be. It would be really nice
to just kind of, like, think about that it’s behind me. – I definitely think that
our worst enemy is ourselves. – I used to worry what
others thought about me and that I wasn’t good enough, but all that stuff isn’t true, and I believe that I’m the best I can be and I will always be the best I can be. – I decided to really use Kyle’s project as a kind of curriculum to
teach to younger students. I got, I think, close to 200 in here. There are a lot of themes
that repeat themselves and as my partner Addy and I sat down and read some of these after
we were done with our project we were just so moved by all of the things
that were written down. All kinds of things that
were said differently but echoed the same ideas over and over and over again. – [Robby] People were
really honest with us. It made us want to be
honest with our own selves. – All right, ladies and gentlemen what you are about to see
has not been seen by anyone, except for me and a some of my friends, and also I posted a bunch
of pictures on Instagram. but besides that you are the first people in the world to see the viking ship! Ladies and gentlemen can
I get a drum roll please. – That’s amazing! – [Student] How? I don’t understand. – [Student] Hardcore! – [Robby] Seeing that viking
ship up close was crazy man. But the coolest thing
about that viking ship is the way it’s gonna help people. – People have asked me like after spending all this time on this are you going to be sad to see it burn? There’s something about
letting go of something, I mean letting go of this enables me to go pursue other products and
start new things and try. I have so many other
ideas that I want to do. So, I think that I will
feel a sense of gratitude for this journey. ‘Cause that’s what I feel now, and I think that when the fire starts and starts to build I’ll
probably just lose it. I’ll probably be just weeping because it’s been a real
gift to be a part of this. – [Robby] If you keep your
hands closed with the past you’ll never have them
open for the future. I’m getting ready for the future. What about you? – What are we gonna say on three, Kyle? – [Kyle] Burn it. – One, two, three. [All] Burn it! – [Brad] Thousands of people
have submitted their regrets and there’s still time
for you to do the same too if you want it. Let’s let go of who we used to be and become who we are meant to be.

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  1. okay but wow. i think i need to get with my friends and do something like this. thank you for showing this, what a beautiful and powerful project.

  2. Powerful time of year for this!!! Pagans believed that the veil between the afterlife and our world was thinnest at Halloween. It was their new year and called Samhain! It was a time to cast off the old! But also to honour your ancestors. Most rituals were about creating a more positive self. They believed that what you put out into the world came back to you three times stronger….so no one did curses. Happy New Year everyone! Blessed be!!❤❤❤

  3. I go to log rog high school and I remember Dr. McKenzie saying you were there but I didn’t get to go in the auditorium for some reason

  4. at first I was like "white people white peopling". But fire is a strong representation in meta. People don't really think of fire as healing, but it's definitely about death and rebirth.

  5. Never be afraid to re-invent yourself! You don't need to fit into anyone else's mould or even be like you used to be. EVOLVE and go your own path!

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