(SEAWORLD) Journey To Atlantis POV Full Ride Front (HD) San Diego California

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  1. I love this ride! I went on it 4 times in a day in SeaWorld San Diego. You have to go on this if you go there. Tip: Don't sit in the first row (unless you want to get really wet), I sat in it on my first time and I was completely soaked, even while wearing a raincoat! 😂 There are actually driers you can use to dry yourself, but those cost $6.00.

  2. I was the first person EVER to go on the new Atlantis. It opened up ~2 weeks ago. It was a great experience because it reset during the elevator so it had kind of a Manta blast-off feel.

    Edit: I told the water if it shot me, it was gay… the water ended up being very gay.

  3. I remember this being the only thing that I liked about Seaworld when I was little, but now I am just beginning to realize how cool the animals are

  4. I went on there with my cousin and her friend when I was 7. I was scared for life and when the drop came, I started to force myself to laugh because my face felt like it was flying.

  5. When I first went on that ride my face was pure red in the picture and I was also screaming my but off

  6. This is not the same as The Floridan Sea world ,there is a sunken ship,temple,soren,coral,sea animals,and you go thru a hole

  7. Hey this is Bentley did Journey to Atlantis at SeaWorld but I don't like it very very very scary if you if you want it you'll get scared easily so hope you like the

  8. I went on this when I was 6 because my cousins told me it wasn't scary it was for little kids… YEA RIGHT I almost DIED

  9. When I went on this ride the first time, I was like: "What's going to happen?" And suddenly the drop happened!! Oh my gosh, it was an experience that I will never forget😄😄💗💕

  10. I thought this ride was the same at all the parks and went on the one at Orlando and I was very spooked because I did not sign up for the darkness

  11. I went to SeaWorld san digeo and this was the first ride i went on when i git there and it was a school filed trip i had a blast with my friends

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